TBJ Travels Dumaguete-Siquijor Travel Guide 2: Cambugahay Falls, Salagdoong Beach, Balete Tree Tour + Itinerary + Budget + Vlog

Siquijor is dubbed as the island of fire because according to locals, the island would glow with pins of light at night, which were discovered to be moths. However, this was way back before modernization took over; urban developments in the island have affected the colony of glowing moths, which may have decreased the population or have driven them to the highest portions of the island.

Still, Siquijor by far, is one of the most pristine islands in the Philippines that I've been to. There may be developments in the area, but it isn't as crowded and commercialized as poor Boracay. One big reason is the island has unstable electricity supply, which may be hampering development; Also, it's a good one to two hours away from the nearest city, Dumaguete, it can only be accessed by ferry, and it rests on the path of serious typhoons that pass the country. But you know what? I don't mind the steady development at all if that means keeping the island as pristine as possible.

Welcome to our second day in Siquijor and this has been my favorite part of the trip: Island tour! Me and my husband spent the whole day experiencing the natural wonders that one can only find in Siquijor.

We started at 9am. First, breakfast. We had a hearty breakfast at Ba'ha Bar and good thing we did because along the way, there weren't a lot of cafes to stop by and eat in plus the tour was pretty active and eating a meal ain't a good idea before the tarzan jump at Cambugahay or cliff dive at Salagdoong.

For our tour, we hired a tricycle driver for the whole day; it's the only way to explore the island on a budget and is very popular among tourists. The drivers have a standard itinerary which you'll see as you move forward in this post.

TBJ TRAVEL TIP: When you reach Siquijor, there are tricycle drivers hanging around the ports waiting to take you to your resort. You can book an island tour with them right then and there. You can also book a tricycle tour with your preferred resort, although it will come out a bit more expensive because surely, they have their commission.


According to locals, this 100-year old Balete tree just mysteriously spouted fresh spring water from its roots and until now, they do not have an idea where the water is coming from. Enchanted indeed!

For only P10, you can get a relaxing time hanging around with Tilapia and Paet Paet that are waiting to give you smooth feet. I was initially afraid of the huge fishes, but they turned out to be much gentler!


Hapitanan roughly translates to "Happy we". A lone sari-sari store on a road bound for Lazi town turned their location into a famous stopover for anyone who's up for this touristy, fun shot. 

The owners of the store decided to have fun with their smartphone and a broom one day, and with an entrepreneurial mind, they thought it's a fun way to earn so they posted their photos on social media. Not long after, people then started asking about Hapitanan and the place became a hit!

Hapitanan only requires a donation should you wish to stop by and have your photos taken. You can purchase water and snacks here since it's also a convenience store.


San Isidro Labrador church or Lazi church, nominated to be a UNESCO world heritage site

Siquijor was colonized by the Spaniards and this is where they built the historical Lazi church (and this also explains why almost every local seem to have caucasian blood in them). Lazi church is one of the remaining authentic Baroque- style churches in the country.

It is no secret that apart from being called the 'island of fire', Siquijor is also dubbed as the 'mystical island' due to its long history of magic and sorcery, and the legend of the statue of Sta. Barbara at Lazi church is one of the mystical tales you'll hear from the townsfolk. 

Legend has it that Sta. Barbara had so many suitors, but didn't want anything to do with them as she is devoted to God. One day, she prayed to be struck by lightning possibly to escape her suitors and the pressure of being bound. Sta. Barbara then mysteriously ended on the belfry of Lazi Church as a statue and is said to serve as a lightning rod that prevented severe lightning strikes on land, which also explains why the statue is colored black. How interesting!

Just across Lazi church is Lazi convent, the oldest and largest convent in the Philippines. Normally, you can enter the convent, but it was close the time we visited.


5 minutes away from Lazi church and convent is the gem of Siquijor, the picturesque Cambugahay falls.

I can't find any words to describe how beautiful and captivating Cambugahay is; water that turns to bright turquoise on a sunny day and warm brown when it's raining. It's just so BEAUTIFUL. Plain and simple!

Cambugahay has three levels: First level is 6 ft. deep, second level is around 3-4 ft. deep, and third level at 15 ft. Tarzan jump is the must- try activity at the falls and you can do it at the first and third level. You shouldn't miss it!

TBJ TRAVEL TIP: You're supposed to hire a lifeguard at the entrance before going to the falls. They only charge P100, but I encourage you to be generous because a lot of locals rely on this job for their livelihood. The lifeguards can take photos and videos for you too, and they're pretty good!


Salagdoong man- made forest

Our last stop for the day was Salagdoong; Salagdoong resort is a resort run by the local government; the income of the resort is being used to fund certain developments in the island.

Salagdoong is located in the town of Maria and has one of the nicest beaches in the island; it fronts the pristine, calm Mindanao sea.

This place is known for the adrenaline- inducing cliff dives.

I jumped the 20-ft. deck!

There are 20-ft. and 35-ft. decks. I did 20-ft., but chickened out on 35-ft. haha! My husband jumped both decks though!

TBJ TRAVEL TIP: Make sure you have swimming skills before trying out this activity. Most importantly, don't panic when you hit the water!
After Salagdoong, we called it a day and retired in our resort.

Now you have an idea of what to do when in Siquijor! Tomorrow, let's explore Tubod marine sanctuary and the hidden beach called "Little Boracay!"

**Cost is for one person only.
**Cost doesn't include lodging, airfare, food, shopping, and miscellaneous expenses
**Cost per activity may change depending on your time of visit.

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  1. Wow thank you for sharing with us your Siquijor travels. This is even pushing me more to travel locally hopefully within the year! Awesome post!!

  2. Fiona Aileen ValleMarch 6, 2018 at 10:04 PM

    Amazing, exciting at nakakakabang adventure. Love na love ko po yung mala Harry Potter na broomstick picture sa Hapitanan then yung cliff diving na ang tagal ko ng gustong subukan pero di talaga carry girl kaya idol kita. And super ganda ng falls parang nasa Laguna ka pero mas maganda. I am starting to love Siquior na talaga. 💐

  3. ohhhh wow! I love the first and last pictures! I can’t imagine doing that haha! You are as amazing as the province of Siquior Ms. Martha! I wish to visit there with my family in the future.

  4. Haay, nakaka-miss talaga ang Siquijor. Taga jan yung Mother ko and everytime magbabakasyon kami, highlight talaga namin ang Visita Iglesia and Salagdoong before kami umuwi dito sa amin.
    Nakakatakot talaga ang 35 ft. pero nakakahinayang pag uuwi kang hindi nakatalon! Do one thing everyday that scares you ang peg. Hihihi. basta high tide at hindi maalon go lang tubig naman ang babagsakan eh. hehehe! Thanks for loving Siquijor and Dumaguete ^_^

  5. Ohmaygaaad!! This was an epic adventure as what I've seen in your photos. I suddenly miss Philippines though. :D. I also plan to tour around Mindanao soon.


  6. Ang ganda ng place. Ganito talaga yung dream travel ko , yung may adventure. Sana matry ko tumalon ng 20ft. Nakapag try ako 7ft lang ata sa Verdivia Falls sa Bulacan. Sana soon makapunta ako dito :)

  7. I love everything on this itenerary, well except the 20ft cliff jump. Un lang 7ft sa boracay hindi ko na kaya eto pa kaya? OMG I'll passed out before hitting the waters HAHAHA. As for the harry potter effect, sana maalala k dalhin ang scarf ko LOL

  8. Wow..your day was so full it was tiring for sure but it was loads of fun seeing your pictures and the vlog. That Cabughayan Falls and Salagdoong is so beautiful. I admire your guts jumping off the 20ft. cliff much more to your hubby!

  9. Ang ganda nga talaga ng siquijor and nothing to be afraid of all the places & food very interisting talaga
    Soon that would be in our list of place to travel


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