My Fave Aromatherapy Oils That Are Relaxing AF

Back then, they were simply either White Flower, Vicks Vapor Rub, or Tiger Balm for our moms, aunts, and grandmothers. Now, they're called Wellness oils.

Before wellness oil were cool, I have been an avid user of it; I sometimes dab some on my wrist or sniff them right off the container. I simply loved them. I have the same love for fragrant essential oils as perfumes because even as a young girl, I loved anything that smelled good. What I love more about wellness oils is that more than the average inhaler or mentholated rubs, you have the freedom to mix and match them to your heart's content so you can customize a blend that addresses your needs plus you get to take advantage of the bevy of benefits these oils bring in one go.

Mindfulness is a keyword in beauty nowadays, so it seems, and I think this is why aromatherapy products are on the rise. People are now more keen on discovering, trying, and experimenting with wellness products, goods that soothe the senses, mind, and soul. I have always believed that true beauty is about taking care not only of the outside, but the inside as well and with the increasing popularity of wellness oils, I think we've almost come full circle!

Thinking of trying out wellness oils? I encourage you! No, I force you haha! Because they're amazing! Here are some of my favorites and why I love them.

PRICE: P120.00

- Zen Zest's the most affordable wellness oil I have. Their wellness oils conveniently come in roller ball bottle packaging so you can bring slip it in anything and take it with you wherever. The roller ball prevents spillage too. There are three variants: Grapefruit and Neroli to energize, Lavender and Sagewood to induce sleep, and Eucalyptus and Peppermint to uplift.

PRICE: Starts at P400
LOVE IT BECAUSE: You can customize dozens of oil blends! 

- Venus and Mars's recently launched Essential Oil collection features 10 high quality oil sourced from reputable manufacturers. These versatile oils can be used in skin care, as a stress reliever, and even for homeopathy uses. Since these are concentrated, you only need a small amount to get a garden- like surge of fragrance!

PRICE: P248.00
LOVE IT BECAUSE: Can be used for the skin too!

- More than a wellness oil, All Is Well can also be used as a body remedy like soothing the muscles or relaxing tired skin. Carrier oil is Coconut Oil so you get healthier, glowing skin in the long run too!

LOVE IT BECAUSE: Awesome energizing, uplifting scent!

- Sensory Therapy and I go a long way back. I discovered it through my mother and I loved the spearmint- type fragrance that's totally uplifting and energizing; still one of my faves after all these years. I feel pumped and refreshed whenever I get a whiff of its aroma, plus it has a cooling sensation as well that's why I love applying it on my pulse points especially on a rough day.

PRICE: P500.00 (10ml) spray
LOVE IT BECAUSE: Organic and love the unique scent!

- Neutraorganics Wellness Spray is one of my faves lately. This particular blend has balancing scent plus I've never smelled anything quite like it, making it a collectible for me!

There goes my favorites! Tried any of these? Share your faves too!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I hate the smell of white flower, un lang ata ang meron sa clinic nung elementary days gaddd! Good thing there are wellness oils already no need for white flower or vicks lol

  2. Vicks baby ako dahil madalas gumagamit ang mom ko nun. Sa list po, yung Zen Zest natry ko na sa isang officemate nung nag out of town kami. Pinagamit niya sakin yung Lavender and Sagewood dahil hirap akong makatulog pero need ko magsleep dahil full day kami the next day. Grabe ang sarap ng tulog ko. nakakarelax yung feeling! πŸ’

  3. Tiger Balm, Vicks Vapor Rub & White Flower grabe ang tanda ko na talaga. Hehehe. For the above mentioned products, wala pa kong natry, pede siguro umpisahan ko sa Zen Zest because of the price. Thanks for this post Ms M

  4. Yay! I don’t know that Zen zest sells this! This is sooo convenient and affordable. and yes to VNM.. they are a big help to wanted to started a hobby being an oilbularya haha! Hope you can share your mixes. :)

  5. Before i really hate when i smell something oil mga panghaplas ni nanay at ni lola i keep asking why they need to put everytime they go to sleep but now im on age in stage of a mother and a tita also my question is answered because its help them relax.

  6. Zenszest are cute gift/ giveaway idea.

  7. I've been seeing alot about oils and what it does. I think this would be very helpful for me and my family which most of us has allergic rhinitis, as for my hubby who comes home tired and stress form work at times. Thankfully you shared this to us, I don't know what and where to get one that is affordable. I'm excited to try one from ZenZest or ZenNutrients.

  8. Haven't heard of Zen Zest Aromatherapy Roller Oils but will definitely look for that esp. the Lavender and Sagewood variant. What I am currently using is the Efficascent Relaxing Oil. I just love how the Peppermint and Eucalyptus scent relaxes me and uplifts my mood.

  9. Meron plng aromatherapy rollers oil ang zenzest macheck nga minsan pg nag mall...kylangan ko nug lavender and sagewood praarelax at mkatulog ng mahimbing ...

  10. Ako naman si white flower talaga ang nagpaparelax sakin. Ewan ko ba. Love ko lang siguro yung fragrance nya. Cool and relaxing.

    I have seen lots of review about this product before. And yah. Will give it a try.

  11. Been using the Vicks vapor rub..will try that zenzest product kasi the price is really affordable naman..and mukang mas masarap syang amuyin kesa sa vicks na nakasanayan lang ng family ko..😊😁

  12. Me and my aunt call this as “Budol” because she always force us to smell oils then makakatulog na kami ng mahaba at malalim. Hahaha! I wanna try mixing or creating my own oil katulad ng mga nababasa ko sa ibang blogs kasi parang ang fun nya!! πŸ’–


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