BLK K-Beauty Collection Review and Swatches

BLK K-Beauty Collection review.

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I already did videos for this collection, one on my Facebook fan page and one on my Youtube channel; if you're more of a video person, go ahead and watch them. :)

In this blog post, I'll write my final verdict on this collection. Read on find out which item from BLK Cosmetics K-Beauty collection is worth buying and worth passing up on.

BLK Cosmetics K-Beauty Collection is an ode to Anne Curtis' love for Korean pop culture. The collection features a new foundation product, lipsticks, cheek tints, and liquid eyeshadow.

K-Beauty Starter Kit (P997.00) features three products from the collection; the set pretty much covers the important features of the face namely the skin and eyes, and there's a multitasking product for the lips and cheeks. I like how BLK Cosmetics curated this box: from the selection, packaging, to design. However, I was told that the kit has fixed shades for all the products. I am okay with the tint and liquid eyeshadow as the shades are great, but the BB + CC shade included is the lightest shade, which obviously did not fit a lot of skin tones.

The box includes a cute sticker sheet as freebie; the tray where the products are can be removed so you can reuse the box to store trinkets, makeup, or small office supplies.

BB + CC Stick (P449.00) is a cream complexion cream; you can pretty much call it foundation. The product comes in three shades for fair, medium, and morena skin tones.

This is a dual- ended stick that has a flat top buffing brush on one end and the product on the other; very travel- friendly! The core features the CC product, which supposedly helps correct minor discolorations; the fact that it is lighter than the larger base is a giveaway that it provides a concealing effect and it does.

The BB product is the larger base; it's supposed to act as the main base; it's darker than the core product.

All- Day Lip and Cheek Water Tint (P249.00) is a gel tint; pretty pigmented and comes in four shades. I like the consistency of this one because gel doesn't evaporate as quickly as water (the liquid tints), thereby preventing streaks and patchiness.

Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow (P299.00) is more of a creamy liquid; it's VERY pigmented so you have to use it sparingly. It comes in 4 shades.

Lone shade on the left is BB + CC stick in Natural Beige, the darkest shade; it's a medium warm beige with a neutral undertone.

The three shades on the right, from top to bottom, are BB + CC Stick in Ivory, the lightest shade, All- Day Lip and Cheek Water Tint in Pink, a dark berry pink shade.

Finally, Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow in Gorgeous is a midtone brown shade. Suits almost every skin tone. Look how pigmented that liquid eyeshadow is!

The collection includes new shades of All Day Intense Matte Lipstick (P299.00) in Honey, Beautiful, and My Love.

The last product is Creamy Cheek Paint (P399.00) is as is: a pigmented cheek tint with a moisturizing texture and comes in two shades: Peach and Strawberry. The applicator is huge and fat, which is almost telling the user "Hey, I'm for the cheeks only!"; I like it because it's hygienic, plus I tried it on my lips and it doesn't look as good as it is on the cheeks.

Check out my review on BLK Cosmetics' first makeup products HERE.

L-R: Creamy Cheek Paint in Peach; All Day Intense Matte Lipsticks in My Love, Beautiful, and Honey

Creamy Cheek Paint is a milky liquid and feels a bit like emulsion; pretty moisturizing, blends easily, and very pigmented. Peach is a bright peach-orange shade.

All Day Intense Matte Lipstick are soft, creamy, pigmented lipsticks; this is a product from BLK Cosmetics' first- ever collection.

Let's try out the products:

In this photo, I'm wearing the BB + CC Stick in Natural Beige and Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow.

Natural Beige, their darkest shade, is obviously too light for my skin tone. On the arm swatch, it seemed dark enough to suit my skin, but when worn on the face, it seems better off on medium warm skin, not for deep morena skin tone like mine. I like the finish though: it's skin- like yet provides good coverage, sets into a dewy mate finish, and the brush that came with it works well not only with the BB + CC Stick, but also with other cream foundation. The product doesn't control oil really well, but at least it doesn't dry out the skin.

Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow is in the shade Gorgeous; it's something that I would see in Korean beauty brands; I like the shade because it defines naturally and gives that 'no eyeshadow' eyeshadow look. The product is a rich cream that sets into a matte finish and quickly at that so apply gradually and blend right away before it sets.

TBJ TIP: The liquid eyeshadow is best applied using a dabbing motion!
Here are the lipsticks:


- Warm rose-red shade. Gives off that "crushed rose petals" vibe.


- Midtone rose shade. A pretty everyday rose shade that suits a lot of skin tones.


- Warm vintage peach shade. My favorite because I love anything Peach lately and I love how it accentuates my tan.

In this photo, I'm also wearing Creamy Cheek Paint in Peach and I love it! It can be applied over or under makeup and either way, it works great and appears on the skin! I love the fact that this tint can be applied over makeup, my preferred way of tint usage. The tint lasts the whole day too and doesn't run off even if you don't set it with powder (as long as it's applied over powder). I love it!

Here's the K-Beauty collection mirror. Not sure if this is for sale or free for a minimum purchase, but I hope it is; it's so cute!

I think this is the best collection BLK Cosmetics came out with compared with the first one; the  complexion products have better color payoff now and even if I haven't found a shade that suited me perfectly from the BB + CC Stick, I saw that there's an effort to improve their shade selection so I know they'll try to do better next time for their bases.

The color makeup products are pretty good, specifically Creamy Cheek Paint and Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow. The lipsticks have good colors too!

From the line, I highly recommend Creamy Cheek Paint, Intense Color liquid Eyeshadow, and All Day Intense Matte Lipstick in My Love.

Tried these already? What are your favorites and what would you like to try from BLK Cosmetics K-Beauty Collection?

Prefer to see the products in action? Here's the Facebook Live first impression video I did:


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  1. The products look great but I hope they have lighter lip shades <3

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  2. Love the lippie casing, really classy. Would like to try the lip and cheek tint, pag naubos na yung current ko. Hihi. Super promoted talaga BLK these days, parang mapapabili ka talaga. Super pretty ni Anne ngayon. Parang mas naappreciate ko beauty nya after nya kinasal. Hehe. Btw, sana pwede imix with other shades yung starte kit nila. To make sure we can get the right shade. Thanks for this Ms Martha!

  3. Yung beautiful talagang beautiful ha! Type kong subukan yung Cream Cheek Paint kasi favorite product daw ni Anne from this collection. πŸ’

  4. I agreee! The Creamy Cheek Paint in Peach looks perfect on you <3 Makes me want to shop again! I also love the lipstick in My Love.

  5. Ang cute nga nung mirror! And mukhang promising ang line ng BLK ngayon compared to the last one. Would really love to try the BB Stick.

  6. I am not a K Drama fan but I am excited to try the BB/CC Stick the most! I love how BB can be so light weight and CC to correct some of my skin imperfections. Love this collection of BLK.

  7. Di ko pa siya natatry ,sna soon matry ko na hehehe...excited ako sa cream cheek paints nila ska liptints ..
    Thankyou po sa review ms.martha

  8. Yay. Ito yung bago ni blk. Nakakatuwa kasi super on trend din sila. Wanna try this also.

  9. Thank you for sharing us your thought about this new blk products ♡♡

  10. Another makeup hit foe Ms. Anne Curtis specially foe those KDrama Or KPop addicts. I'd love to try the All Day Lip and Cheek Water Tint and the All Day Intense Matte Lipstick.

  11. Ang ganda mo jan Ms Martha bagay sayo yung makeup na yan..hoping to having a BLK cosmetics..lakas makaKpop..ang ganda talaga..😍😍😍😊

  12. Blk needs to work up their shade selection for their bases.


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