FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How to know if your Lucas Papaw is fake

Lucas Papaw- a 100- year old all- around salve that's a staple in Australia's households; it has had a resurgence and people are super curious about this product, making it one of the IT beauty products as of late. I encountered Lucas Papaw in 2012 and have been using it ever since. Every chance I get to replenish my Lucas Papaw stocks, I grab because this stuff is legit. I love using it on my insect bites and works well in soothing my lips whenever I get cold sores.

A couple of weeks ago, I got this email from Koji:

I would like to know if the original Lucas Papaw cream still has this triangular seal? I would appreciate if you could answer this. There's a lot of fake Lucas Papaw in the market today.

 Hi Koji!

Thanks for writing and OMG! I did not know that Lucas Papaw is being duped heavily nowadays! Ah, the price a brand has to pay when they get really famous! :(

After reading your email, I went immediately to Lucas Papaw's official website and this official statement confirmed that indeed, their proprietary product is being counterfeited. Read the statement HERE.

So why should you worry if your Lucas Papaw is fake or authentic?

I wouldn't be too concerned about the Papaw extract because it only makes up about 4% of the formula, but I would be very worried about the petroleum base used. Authentic Lucas Papaw uses pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly, which is the highest quality of its kind; it is filtered for so many times to get rid of virtually all the toxic substances.

Fake Lucas Papaw products may be using low grade petroleum jelly or heck, even a petroleum alternative called God-knows-what and it can pose some health risks.

How to determine if your Lucas Papaw is authentic or fake? Here are ways:


- Lucas Papaw 25g, the most popular size, has two distinct seals:

Lucas Papaw 25g, ca 2012

In 2012, this was their first seal. There's a triangular hole engraved on the exterior of the cap and a triangular plug that seals the tube. You combine the two together to open the tube.

Lucas Papaw, ca 2017

- In 2017, this is now the revamped 25g tube. The excessive seal design was replaced with a regular look; the tube is sealed with a melted plastic- like material on it to protect the product.

The 15g tube comes with a slanted applicator and the tube has a stick inside that inserts perfectly into the hole of the applicator. The hole does not bear any protective seal whatsoever.


- I saw the following photos of Lucas Papaw packaging in two popular Chinese e-commerce websites:

This is the first one. In Australia where Lucas Papaw is being sold, the product is being displayed like this: they are on a white plastic tray in 6's and you can either purchase one or the entire tray.

The second one is this. Sets of 4 Lucas Papaw 25g tubes on a cardboard packaging. I have never ever seen this packaging in my last two trips (2013 and 2016) to Australia. I've been to Coles, Woolworths, and Chemist Warehouse a lot of times during my stay and have never ever seen this set of 4s that some sellers are selling.

But there's a possibility that this is released sometime in or after 2016. We'll find out. I'll go to Melbourne and Brisbane this coming May to June 2018 for a vacation, and I shall verify if Lucas Papaw indeed came out with the set in question. I will update this blog post.


- So far, these are the ONLY products that the brand is offering. I got the screenshot from their official website. Also, they mentioned that they do not have a Facebook fan page for the brand.

Some other things you have to know:

1. Lucas Papaw products don't come with a plastic cover, box, or external packaging of any kind. You just get the tube. That's it.

Update: Followers on my FB fan page sent photos of Lucas Papaw with plastic seal being sold in Watsons. I believe it is authentic because Watsons does not sell counterfeit goods. It is possible that Watsons required the importer to put seals on the product to prevent unwarranted trial of the item and exposing it to contamination. Importers have to adhere to local distributor rules and regulations before their product can be offered on retail. However, I cannot say that this is the same for unauthorized distributors and sellers. It is always best to buy any product from an authorized distributor/seller.

2. Lucas Papaw has a very faint, creamy floral scent.
3. Lucas Papaw has a light yellowish color.

Click HERE to read my in- depth review of Lucas Papaw.

Thanks, Koji for the heads up; if not for your Fan Mail Friday question, I wouldn't know that my beloved Papaw is being counterfeited! O.O

I hope you all learned something from the blog today. Happy weekend!

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Naku kailangan talaga ingat sa pag bili. I want to try pa naman to for my own review too . But I have to make sure na tunay .. thank you for letting us know their difference ate martha ♡

  2. I didn't know Lucas Papaw until you featured it here and made it as one of your favorites. Then I get to know it was also used by stars. Anyways, I haven't tried it so I don't really know how great it is.
    But then, you also posted on FB page of TBJ Unite, the Naturals by Watsons very own Paw Paw. Hope ypu could do a review about it because it's way more cheaper and if it does really works.TIA!

  3. Grabe na talaga ang fake products ngayon para lang magkapera. Ako din po hindi ko alam na may fake pala na Lucas Pawpaw. Nakakalungkot po ito and sana wala namang baby na makagamit ng fake products. 💐

  4. Waaah! OMG! This is alarming. Kapag nga naman nagiging hype ang isang product!:'( So sad. Heard that Watsons already sells lucas papaw products better if dun nalang bumili but selected branches ang yata meron. :( Thanks for blogging about this Ms. Martha ♥

  5. Waaah! OMG! This is alarming. Kapag nga naman nagiging hype ang isang product!:'( So sad. Heard that Watsons already sells lucas papaw products better if dun nalang bumili but selected branches ang yata meron. :( Thanks for blogging about this Ms. Martha ♥

  6. There are a lot of Lucas Papaw for sale sa mga Chinese Drugstores in Mongkok, HK. Are these fake kaya?

  7. Thanks for this awesome post. This also serves as a caveat as well for those purchasing Lucas Papaw products. This is so sad, fakes being sold to unknowing consumers. Better buy from legit places na lang to be sure.

  8. Scary, pati ointments pinepeke na rin! Thanks for this!

    Filipinow | The Modern Pinay's Nipa Hut of Beauty

  9. Grabe soo alarming talaga..gagwin lahat ng pangloloko kumita lang sila hindi na nila inisip na pano na yung taong gagmit nito?hayy nakakasad..

  10. That is why ung iba super mura ng benta! Lahat na lang may fake hays! I have the tried the Dr.Pawpaw which I bought in Beauty Bar for a steeping price of 595 pesos and luckily Watsons also carry another one which was the line Naturals by Watsons - they have also a Pawpaw ointment and it's only 149 pesos. Unfortunately I haven't tried the real Lucas Pawpaw, I was hesitant to buy online because yes fakes exists LOL

  11. Been introduced with this brand after getting one from your loot bag ms m! I was really thankful because it was a good product! Who hate a multitasking product?! I didnt knew that there are fake ones 😢

  12. andami n talaga lumalabas n fake nito. thanks a lot at we just inform kung ano talaga yung tunay. siguro for the safety wag basta bibili kung saan saan lang.

  13. I use Lucas Pawpaw on my children and this is so heartbreaking! Buti nalang legit yung seller that I am buying this even if online.

  14. Wow thank you for this I didn't know there are fake papaw out there...I have to check my tube now.

  15. May nabili ako sa lazada, feeling ko fake xa kasi liquid yung laman nya, although same color pero liquid yung nakuha ko, hindi katulad nung ibang nasa picture na parang paste.


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