BEAUTY BATTLES: Best Eyeshadow Primer

You know what I hate about doing blog posts like this? I'm always pushed to settling with only one of the top products I love. Ugh! But at the same time, I love the challenge! It picks my brain and helps me improve my reviewing skills better and makes me more insightful as a Beauty Blogger.

Today, let's pit the best eyeshadow primers I've tried against each other. We have an eye primer version of the world- famous face primer, a favorite of beauty gurus, a cult favorite, and a top drugstore pick. Who wins?

Here's a low down on the products:

Smashbox Photofinish 24 Hour Eyeshadow Primer (P1,000+)- smoothing, color correcting, brightening, and locks in eyeshadow for up to 24 hours.

Urban Decay Primer Potion (P1,000.00+)- smoothing, evens out the skin tone, locks in eyeshadow, enhances color.

Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (P1,350.00)- lightweight, smoothing, enhances color, locks in eyeshadow, makes application smoother

Essence I Love Eyeshadow Intensifying Eyeshadow Base (P249.00)- smoothing, enhances color, prolongs eyeshadow wear, makes eyeshadow easier to blend.

Let the beauty battles begin!


Smashbox: Comes in tube packaging, making it hygienic. Compact and easy to lug around.

Nars: Comes in a travel- friendly size, but doe foot applicator doesn't make it hygienic.

Urban Decay: Comes in a long tube with doe foot applicator. Not that hygienic as well.

Essence: Compact, comes in an acrylic jar, labels get erased overtime, and doe foot applicator is not  that hygienic too.

SCORES: Smashbox- I; Nars- 0; Urban Decay- 0; Essence- 0


Smashbox: Light cream- silicone type that needs to be warmed up before it spreads nicely; spill- free, but tends to harden inside the tube.

Nars: light liquid with a matte finish, but the invisible coverage makes it hard for you to gauge if you have covered your entire lid. That, plus it doesn't offer any correcting benefits for the eyelids.

Urban Decay: gel- silicone texture that's very easy to spread, but tends to "suck" eyeshadow powder, giving you a bit of a hard time blending. It has a neutral shade that helps provide a concealing effect to the lids, making color appear much more vibrant.

Essence: Light cream that spreads and sets easily; no tugging while blending; has a light pink shade that provides a brightening effect to the skin; gives lids a smoother texture and blending eyeshadow on it is a breeze.

SCORES: Smashbox- I; Nars-0; Urban Decay-0; Essence- I


Smashbox- luxury.

Nars- luxury.

Urban Decay- luxury.

Essence- Congratulations, you can still pay your electricity bills while having eyeshadow on fleek!

SCORES: Smashbox- I; Nars- 0; Urban Decay- 0; Essence- II


Smashbox: around 8 hours.

Nars: More than 8 hours

Urban Decay: More than 8 hours

Essence: Around 8 hours

SCORES: Smashbox- I; Nars- I; Urban Decay- I; Essence- II


Smashbox: Economical because a little goes a long way, but it will take you a whole lot of time to use up everything. Great in locking in eyeshadow color, but has shimmer in the formula that some may not like and may affect the finish of certain eyeshadow products.

Nars: Easy to apply and use, travel- friendly, works like a pro in prolonging and enhancing eyeshadow, but it's just too small for the price and if you use it everyday, it will only last about 1 1/2- 2 months.

Urban Decay: Works great in prolonging and enhancing eyeshadow, but not accessible. Given the packaging, there's also the possibility that you might not be able to use up everything.

Essence: Has correcting properties, easy to blend and apply, provides a smooth base for effective eyeshadow blending, has decent staying power, and so affordable

SCORES: Smashbox- I; Nars- I; Urban Decay- I; Essence- III

All the eyeshadows featured here are amazing; they're my favorites and each have their own merits. But in Beauty Battles, there can only be one and for me, the best among all in terms of quality, staying power, packaging, and price, it's....


What are your favorite eyeshadow primers? Do share!

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I use my concealer as my eyeshadow base. But if I were to purchase one eyeshadow primer that would be the Essence for it is affordable it's within the budget. Plus, many of the beauty vloggers or gurus I've seen uses this primer and it is their drugstore favorite.

  2. Out of all these eyeshadow primers, Urban decay palang na try ko and I’m impressed with the color payoff ng eyeshadow sa lids ko. Hahaha omg Ms. Martha! Natawa ako sa decription ng essence sa price na part. I love that Essence won here. Bukod sa affordable na, good quality pa. ❤️

  3. Ohhhhh myyyy I need this blog!!! I have just known lately that their is an eyeshadow primer.. shame on me ๐Ÿ˜” and all the ones i see are expensive soooo this essence eyeshadow primer will be on my list for real when we go to the mall this weekend! Thank you soo much Ms. Martha as always.

  4. I'll go din sa essence, mura na Long lasting pa po. It's good to hear it from you Ms Martha,. So beautiful as always.

  5. Yes to essence! dun tayo sa affordable but as effective just like the high end brands. And I noticed that these primers only last like 6-12 months? So if your not using it everyday sayang ang high end brands.

  6. Omg ang ganda so luxurious ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  7. Akala ko pwede na yung regular primer for the eyes din meron palang for the eyeshadow! Ang bongga! Bet ko yung essence kasi pasok na pasok sa budget! ๐Ÿ’

  8. EH eyeshadow base are my go to before then ai discovered essence and there is no turning back.

  9. I Vote for the essence๐Ÿ˜Š when i really think of a primer(ay mahal) concealer nalang ok na as long i can put on my eyeshadow.But now we can put on primer by not thinking na bawasan ang pambayad ng bill because of essence.Thank's Ms. Martha

  10. I use my face primer sa eyelids ko and then concealer. Pero ngayon bibili na ako ng essence eye primer. Sulit na sulit sya

  11. Galing ng Essence kahit hindi luxury brand natalo nya over all ung mamahaling eyeshadow primer. Panalo pa kase makakabayad ka pa ng electric bill. Thanks for this post Ms M


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