FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Spend VS Save- 6 Best Foundations for Walwal

Tomorrow's the day! All the sleepless nights I've spent organizing our much- awaited anniversary is finally happening and I am super excited, but sad at the same time. Excited because I'll see again my long- time readers and at the same time, new members of the pack, and sad because we only have four hours to celebrate and a year before it happens again!

But there will be more anniversary parties to come so let's all look forward to that! Today let's talk about foundations that will withstand walwal moments! Thanks Charisse for the question!

Ms. Martha,
I have yellowish skin; not too fair, not too morena. Please help me find a foundation for walwal or malling. I can't find the best foundation that matches my skin tone. Help!

 Hi Charisse!

Thanks for the question. You have three questions here: foundation reco for malling, for walwal, and finding foundation that matches your skin tone.

Walwal sounds good to me so here are walwal- tested foundations that can take you from sun up to sun dow, from booze to coffee. To my foreign readers here, 'walwal' loosely translates to the phrase "excessive partying"in modern Filipino language. 

Here are my favorite six from the spend and save category.

- A foundation that can take you from today's walwal to tomorrow's walwal. Seriously, this is super duper long- lasting and extremely lightweight; these are why this foundation is my current HG!

- Rihanna's debut foundation that took the world by storm because of the inclusive, super long- wearing Soft Matte Long- Wear foundation. It's buildable yet feels lightweight on the skin and has really impressive oil control.

- A classic favorite. One of the first full coverage, almost-24-hour foundations that I fell in love with and introduced me to the world of super long- lasting foundations. This has always been a reliable partner not only during walwal moments, but also during extra long events at work.

- The product that made me super curious about the brand. This foundation is surprisingly long- lasting and pigmented. In fact, I even see this as an affordable alternative to Kat Von D Lock It.


- Soft, pigmented foundation from one of the all- time favorite long- wearing drugstore lines. Colorstay is a comfortable whipped foundation that lasts long and ideal for those with a lot of imperfections to conceal.


- Pink Sugar's foundation version of the well- loved Our Lil' Secret concealer (the one in the tube that doesn't move!) is long- wearing, oil- free, lightweight, and pigmented. It's actually a good dupe for Nars All Day Luminous Foundation!

Hope you liked this list!

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