Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation review: A breathable matte foundation

Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation 6 review.

PRICE: P1,800.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Benefit boutiques and counters


There are days when you want a matte foundation that lasts forever, a matte foundation that provides just the right amount of coverage, and a matte foundation that's breathable AF. Lately, I'm more into breathable AF matte foundations because I've no time for a full face so I want light matte foundations that are easy to blend and wear. I found these in Benefit's new Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation.

The newest from Benefit is Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation, a light matte foundation with soft, optical blurring pigments that provide a healthy, flawless coverage. The bottles are also cute AF; they look like happy, caramel- dipped marshmallows; so easy to spot in my makeup kit and seeing it definitely lightens up the mood. There are also 12 shades available and I believe, we have 10 available locally.

The foundation's flawless partner is Hello Happy makeup sponge that looks like an RT sponge, but only in pink. Compared to RT, this one feels sturdier; a lot less softer than RT, but definitely not stiff and hard. 

My shade in the foundation is # 6, a medium warm shade with a yellow undertone. It is a runny, semi- creamy liquid that is unscented. If you're going to use it with the HH makeup sponge, coverage will be much sheerer and more airbrushed- looking; I prefer using a brush with this foundation due to the already thin consistency and I don't want to thin it further by using a sponge; my HH makeup sponge works well with my heavier foundations so I use it more with those.

Compared to The Porefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup, this has more pigmentation and coverage; the former is more of a skin tint.

Bare skin

Two layers of Hello Happy Foundation

Coverage is light to medium. The foundation evens out quickly and easily, and makes skin look softer and smoother; it sets quickly and into a semi- matte finish. All in all, it's a foundation that's very easy to work with.

I only use a translucent setting powder to set this product. Lasting power is good at 3 hours before my skin oils up. For those with oilier skin, a primer is very much needed. It's very comfortable to wear and doesn't make my pores feel clogged despite the decent coverage.

Hello Happy Foundation gives that fresh, happy skin glow; I love how breathable and easy to use it is overall and that it requires minimal skill to work on the skin; this foundation saves me time, saves me brain cells, and lets me save face. Definitely happy with that!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ganda! skin-like lang ung coverage.. pero medyo expensive for me. :/

  2. OM this is the cutie foundation that got me with the pore minimizing property hahaha. Ganda ng coverage.

  3. OMG! I really want this one! Ang ganda talaga mas breathable pa daw to kesa dun sa Hello Flawless nila mygad

  4. Gosh, this looks so nice on skin! I just think that the mini version is very expensive for Php 800!! :( It looks similar to Happy Skin Air Serum Foundation, have you tried that one too? The longetivity is also almost the same. But this one looks bigger and has better coverage. :D

  5. It looks natural on u Ms Martha πŸ€—πŸ€— ang ganda 😍😍

  6. Ang kinis effect niya Ms Martha noh? Ma sight ko nga yan sa Sm auraπŸ€—


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