Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base: Dupe for Tarte Shape Tape?

Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base Warm review.

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While everyone's going ga-ga over Pixi's Glow Tonic, I'm head over heels with their Pat Away Concealing Base. I just got this on a whim, but little did I know that I was about to make a groundbreaking discovery. Why isn't anyone raving about this concealer?? Or maybe there are, but I'm just late in the game? Whatever! This stuff is amazing and it's a close dupe of the famous Tarte Shape Tape!

Pat Away Concealing Base, according to Pixi, is their perfect concealer creation. It is a cream concealer with a rich, buildable texture while promising a natural, skin- like finish. It promises to be long- wearing and infused with antioxidants to help nourish the under eyes. Locally, Glamourbox, the official distributor of Pixi, carries 3 shades.

Here's the wand; Pixi said that they patterned it after the finger for an even application and to help with blending. I like how this big wand covers my entire under eye in one go, plus the extra flocked material delivers a controlled amount of the product.

L-R: Tarte Shape Tape and Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base

I've noticed that the look of the tube, the applicator, and also the finish is reminiscent of Shape Tape; here's a comparison. Both seem to have a rich, creamy consistency. Pigmentation is almost the same; the only difference is Shape Tape has about 10% more pigmentation to it, but truth be told, that doesn't make Pixi's concealer anything less!

Let's try out the concealer:

Bare under eye

With one layer of Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base

Warm is the darkest shade carried by Pixi Philippines; it's the most ideal shade for morenas like me. However, if your skin tone is deep, you won't find a shade that suits locally, but abroad, you will.

This concealer is very easy to blend, spread, and even out; check out the coverage and finish! It completely covered my dark under eye circle, but it doesn't look cakey at all! I also love the light smoothing effect it gives.

For comparison, here's a photo of me using Tarte Shape Tape:

See? Almost no difference with Pixi's finish, right???

Staying power of Pixi's concealer is GREAT; no caking, fading, and creasing during wear. I also love the moisturizing effect it gives because it gives my under eyes a soft, fresh look the whole day.

This stuff is amazeballs and I'm so glad I picked it up! If you want to experience the effect of Tarte Shape Tape without shelling out the money for it, get Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base!


Please visit PIXI PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about the product.

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  1. I love the finish Miss Martha! Will check their page out super thanks!

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  2. I find pixi eye products are a bit underrated this is the same thing as zero kuma's.


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