TBJ TRAVELS MELBOURNE: Best Restaurants in Melbourne Spend and Save

For our last day in Melbourne, let's go on a gastronomic adventure as I take you to the various top food destinations in the city, from spend to save! Are you hungry? Then take a bite!



Hardware street is one of the famous streets in Melbourne because it is lined with some of the best restaurants in the city like Hash Specialty Coffee. HSC's healthy, artisan approach to food made them one of the must- visit modern restaurant concepts in the city. My big favorite at Hash? Their special hot chocolate with fairy floss! Rich, creamy milk chocolate that you pour on top of the fairy floss; taste the symphony!


At Little Collins street, you'll find one of the most instagrammable restaurants of Melbourne: Chuckle Park. This dreamy laneway bar serves tasty bar chow and cocktails; if you're in for a heavy meal, just go upstairs to the main restaurant.

Below are my favorites from Chuckle Park:

Almondigas soup

Elote (Mexican- style corn)


If you head to St. Kilda, be sure to eat at Pink Flake, who unabashedly claims that they are the best fish and chips in town and I totally agree with that! Their grilled fish and chips (can be served fried too) is a super healthy and refreshing meal!


Just like Hardware st., Degraves st. is one of the popular foodie spots in the metro as well. RMB is an Italian restaurant that serves generously- sized dishes!


Just around Degraves st. is Brunelli's, one of the famous luxe dessert cafè's of Melbourne. They're pretty popular with their cakes and I got this sinfully sweet Rhum Cake and a fresh cup of coffee!


If you're at Hardware st. and see a long line of people by a restaurant, that's probably it's Hardware Societé, a famous breakfast joint.

This is one of Hardware Societe's tasty creations, french toast with pudding OMG!



Queen Victoria Market is a popular destination for foodies on a budget. If you see a food truck with a line, that's most likely it!

 Deep fried, delicious donuts filled with strawberry jam. Yum!


Melbourne's dry market, aside from selling meat, vegetables, and the likes, you will also find cheap food items here such as the huge 1AUD+ Borek sandwiches.


My favorite! Located at Flinders Lane, Walker's is a late night treat for those craving for something sweet; it's open for 24 hours and I love the jam- filled donut!


Around Flinders, you'll find small Persian and Chinese food shops selling super affordable food. Go for Halal Snack Packs (basically, it's shawarma rice), Borek, or Baklava.


Melbourne''s version of Mang Inasal; grilled chicken basted with Nando's special marinade and sauces. It's so good and it's my comfort food when in Melbourne! Nando's flavorful chicken and yummy side dishes are sure to keep you bellies and hearts full!


Located at Bourke st. near the Parliament House is a quaint Italian pastry and coffee café. Their coffee is full- bodied and delicious!!


If you are on a budget, look for Sushi stalls like this one for the 4AUD sushi rolls. It's a super affordable way to get full when in Melbourne!

That's the end of our Melbourne tour! I hope you enjoyed this and you've learned something new to inspire your next trips. Let me know which part of the virtual tour you loved the most!

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  1. Wow there are so much delicious food in australia! Can't wait to go there someday ❤ thank you for sharing your trip ate Martha

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  3. I love the cafes on Splurge! totally worth every penny that you saved up for the trip!


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