Sunnies Face Fluff Matte Lipstick: Complete Swatches + Review

Sunnies Face Fluff Matte lipsticks complete swatches and review.

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Millennial brand, Sunnies Studios, has ventured into the world of makeup with Sunnies Face. The first brand to launch under the sub- brand is Fluff Matte lipsticks. These cloudy matte lipsticks will be your new favorite matte lipstick!

Fluff Matte is dubbed as a modern matte lipstick. The packaging is in a dirty white shade, which I like because I like all things white and I appreciate that they went against the norm of black and silver lipstick packaging. The tube has a bit of weight to it; the cap is plastic, but the rest is metal. I appreciate that Sunnies Face has invested in the packaging! One thing I've noticed is the lipstick looks a bit smaller than usual. I felt relieved after discovering that at least the pigmentation makes up for that. See swatches below from a photo I grabbed from the launch blog post:

Though small, the lipstick at least has heavy coverage; it only took me one swipe of each shade to achieve the intense pigment payoff.

Fluff Matte has a matte, powdery texture with a cloud- like look and feel on the lips. It has no fragrance. It's buttery soft and doesn't need to be warmed up to get it going smoothly (unless if you store it in a really cold place).

Swatch time!


- Warm medium beige. A nude shade that doesn't wash out morenas, thanks to its warm tone. It's even a nude that I can wear on a daily basis. Goes well with smoky eye makeup or even a natural makeup look.


- Muted cool peach. A shade that's perfect for fairer skin tones, but I don't mind wearing this on some occasions too! This is a perfect summer or casual lipstick shade.


- Medium coral. Great for medium skin tones. Vacay is like the sister of Milkshake.


- Dirty peach with brown undertone. My favorite shade! It's similar to the popular lipstick shade that Korean beauty brands are into right now! I'm loving the vintage vibe of this shade and it's great for warm, morena skin!


- Light rose with peach undertone. Your pretty, girl-next-door shade.

6. 143

- Dark rose. A shade that truly deserves the name 143! It's a flattering rose shade that's sophisticated and pretty. No wonder a lot love this shade!


- Deep mauve with a rose undertone. My other favorite next to Baked. This is a pretty mod shade and I can imagine myself wearing this, wearing sunnies, and sashaying down the street haha!


- Orange red. My third favorite. I always have this thing for orangey red lipsticks and Hot Sauce is a great example. Because I find that morenas fare better in orangey red lippies!


- Blue- based true red. If you're looking for a dupe of MAC Russian Red, consider this!

The lipsticks have okay staying power: it comes off when you eat so you definitely have to retouch, but if you're just going to have it on, it stays. One thing that I like about it, aside from the lovely cloudy texture, is it did not dry my lips at all. However, if you have very dry lips, moisturize and exfoliate first as it highlights dry areas and so that application won't be patchy.

If I'll compare it with another modern matte lipstick, for drugstore brands, the closest would be L'Oreal's Color Riche Moist Matte lipsticks in terms of feel, but still there's a slight difference: L'Oreal's lipsticks are creamy and Sunnies Face is more on the powdery side; the latter also looks more matte. Another viewer (thanks, Annie!) also pointed out in my Facebook Live of Fluff Matte that it may be comparable to Colourette's Boss Babe lipsticks; it is in terms of finish, but Fluff Matte glides on much more smoothly and feels lighter; but between L'Oreal and Colourette, Colourette would be the closest.

Fluff Matte is truly like having a cloud of color on the lips! Good lipstick and not bad for a very first product from the new brand of Sunnies Studios. I highly recommend Baked, 143, Mood, and Hot Sauce!

P.S. Fluff Matte is out of stock at the moment online, but Sunnies Face is opening its first store at UP Town Center so save the date and line up!

Watch my FB live swatch and review about the product!


Please visit SUNNIES FACE on Facebook for more details about this product.

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  1. I'm inlove with all of the shades!

  2. Nudist and Baked are my fave on you! ALL of it looks so good too! I wonder what's next for their brand?

  3. Hi! where are they made po?

  4. Lahat talaga siya magaganda ang shades pero bet ko talaga ang Vacay At Hot Sauce.. Love your live mam martha..

  5. Oh lipstick lover here 🖐️ I love the shade of vacay,girlcrush and 143 ❤️💄

  6. Baked reminds me of Maybelline's Clay Crush! It's also my fave shade on this line together with the Major. It compliments our morena skin so thumbs up! Too bad its out of stock in Lazada, hope they restock very soon. And hopefully they release liquid lippies soon too. Hihi. <3

  7. Baked looks so good! Cant wait to try em! :)

  8. Hi! Can I ask what eyebrow product you're using? :) I love it!

  9. Loving all of the shades! especially nudist

  10. Bagay sayo lahat ng shades Ms. Martha..sigurado bagay sa lahat ng Filipina

  11. I love love love the texture! All the shades look so good on you :)


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