Review: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Here's a review on Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Price: P700.00
Bought From: Makeup Love (Store will close down soon due to the death of Multiply)
Other Locations: Available in Digital Traincase


Expert Face Brush: Hi. I'm the EXPERT Face Brush- with emphasis on the word EXPERT.
The Beauty Junkee: Hi. Can I call you YEAH RIGHT?
Expert Face Brush: Oh yeah? Try me.
The Beauty Junkee: (Tries the brush)
Expert Face Brush: So?
The Beauty Junkee: (Bows down) I'M NOT WORRRTTHHYY!

Fear not-the brush is inanimate. The conversation was just going on in my head. 

Anyhoo! I've tried so many foundation brushes in my life and almost all of them are claiming that they can do a whole lotta stuff, but they didn't quite impress me like Samantha Chapman's Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, which I'd like to call Foundation Brush ver. 3.0.


The Evolution of Good Ol' Foundation Brush: There was the traditional foundation brush, the pointy foundation brush and finally, the Expert Face Brush. This brush takes care of the annoying things that we'd experience most of the time with the first two foundation brushes: Streaky application, limited foundation compatibility, and concealer removal.

Click READ MORE and know more why you should have it if you're a foundation lover!

Before I go to the actual talents of this brush, let's look at the technical aspects: It also features the same aluminum ferrule, rubberized handle, and ultra plush Taklon bristles of my Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set. The coolest feature of this brush would have to be its self- standing base: You can just put it on a tabletop and it won't get scratched or ruined even you don't have a brush holder-it's the first one I've ever encountered!


So, how does this brush solve our major foundation brush dilemmas? Simple. Samantha Chapman got rid of the edges of the traditional foundation brush and replaced 'em with a dome shape--it's logically legit because fyi, the shape of the brush affects the finish of any foundation-that means if the brush has a rounded shape, you'll get a more round and edge- free finish. Whenever I'm using a traditional foundation brush, I always have to cap off my application by patting a rubber sponge all over my face to get rid of streaks, but with this brush, no need for that. Such a time saver!

Regarding the prevention of concealer removal, this brush has tapered, thinner, gentler bristles at the tips so you're less likely to rub off your concealer as you apply foundation. Finally, it's compactness and height are perfect for any type of face base, be it liquid, cream, mousse foundation, BB cream or even makeup primer. It buffs everything onto your skin perfectly without absorbing the product, and optimizes the coverage of your liquid/cream/mousse face bases BUT-it's not that compatible with powder foundation-- Well, you can make it work, but it will take a lot of effort. Also, since its size is pretty big, it cannot effectively reach the corners of the face-that's okay with me because I use my fingers most of the time when concealing facial corners. Drying time for this brush is pretty slow too since it's quite dense, albeit it doesn't shed.

This brush may have a few limitations, but I'd still agree that Expert is indeed the right adjective for it as it can apply almost any type of face base. I've been using it every single day ever since I got it. I'm quite happy with my first Real Techniques brushes, and I'm definitely keeping an eye on this brand for new releases.


Notice: Makeup Love, the online boutique that sponsored this wonderful brush is closing down due to the heartbreaking decision of Multiply. Jun, owner of Makeup Love, had informed me that they decided to let go of the online store for now due to other commitments. Jun has passed all her products to Digital Traincase so if you're interested with this brush, please inquire via DIGITAL TRAINCASE on Facebook.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. one of my friend who loves make up have this,aside from a good quality of this brush,I think the skill is also consider.:)

  2. hi martha, Real Techniques is available in the Philippines na check Only 500 for this brush from the shop KALM Cosmetics.

    Just in case you need to inform your readers. :)

  3. I just ordered the core collection! finally. haha got it from Kalm Cosmetics! they're RT's official distributor here ;)

  4. Is this one better than the Sigma F80?? Which do you prefer, Real Techniques or Sigma?

  5. RT is love! Haha! There's the new duo fiber set too.

  6. I have this and the Sigma F84 (recommended by Jen of I like the RT brush much better because it's easier to handle, softer on the skin and buffs liquid foundation really well.

  7. Gaaad, Haven't tried any brushes from Real Techniques pa. Boo! Haha! But would love to soon. Thanks for featuring this and for reminding me how I'm so left out na. Hahahaha! :)


  8. Ohms: That's true-the skill also counts. :)

    Gelleesh: LOL! You're welcome. I think the official distributor here is Kalm Cosmetics. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ. Thanks for sharing! I got the F80 from Sigma-it's quite soft, but its use is quite limited unlike this fab brush! :)

    Somilge: Hi! thanks for sharing! :D Will check that out. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Great question. I've only tried one Sigma brush so I say, Real Techniques. I find Sigma a lil' bit overpriced, especially the sets. :)

    Raych and Anonymous: Thanks for the info girls! :)


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