FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Brazilian Waxing Tips for First Timers

Hello guys! This fan mail fridays query is so timely as I'm due for my Brazilian sesh too-I'm having it done tomorrow and it's already my 12th Brazilian session to date.

Let's cut to the chase as some of you-especially those who have been meaning to try Brazilian-might be excited for the tips already. The question is from Arnee and she asks:

Hi Martha! 
I'm thinking of getting a Brazilian next week. (Due to peer pressure and some very good feedbacks from friends who are claiming that it's such a life- changing experience lol) The problem is, I'm scared of the procedure thinking that it may hurt like hell. I know you do Brazilian (I follow you on Twitter and it's where I sometimes see your tweets about it) so I just wanna ask if you have any tips for a first- timer like me. I trust you a lot when it comes to beauty- related stuff so I hope you can help me! Thanks! 

Hi Arnee!

Thank you for the trust! There are a lot of waxing salons that offer tolerable Brazilian procedures, but the pain level will still depend on your tolerance-other important factors also include the type of wax that will be used as well as the technique of the aesthetician. Regardless of these factors, I still think that there will always be some form of pain involved because it's a plucking procedure! 

The first time I did it, I was literally clenching on the waxing bed, but in the end, it was okay and not as horrible as others say. (Factor also was, my pain tolerance is quite high) I'm totally with your friends when they said that it's a life- changing experience because once you experience how clean and fresh it is down there after every sesh, you'll inevitably get hooked. I'll be honest and say that the first time can be painful, but after your third or fourth sesh, you'll be fine because your body will be used to it already.

Is there any way to avoid pain during waxing? No, but here are some tips that will help make every sesh bearable and tear- free. Click READ MORE for the tips!


- This is the crucial step. There are a ton of cheap waxing salons out there, but the beauty of having it done in a premium and established salon gives you that feeling of security: They adhere to strict hygiene standards and more importantly, they don't just hire people and send them stripping hair right away-they train their staff! Here are my recommended waxing salons:

Wink, a relatively new player in the waxing industry offers affordable waxing procedures. The moment you step inside their salon, you're guaranteed that you won't get an infection after because the whole place is very clean!

Strip Manila is my go-to place for Brazilian. They're very hygienic and ultimately, their wax is awesome: It's very flexible, does not leave any residue, and does not cling onto the skin, making the entire procedure less painful. Quite pricey, but you're paying for the marvelous service. It's worth it!

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So now you're lying down on the waxing bed. Judgment day. The tendency of every first- timer is to contract the muscles on the pelvic area-I understand that it's a way of coping with pain, but in truth, it just makes everything more painful. When you contract your muscles, your pores and skin become tighter and more resistant, and the former holds onto the follicles and roots even more. When you relax, the pores become more open, the skin becomes more pliable and voila, hair comes off effortlessly.

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This is a personal preference. After every stripping action, I ask the aesthetician to gently press on the waxed part-this helps suppress the pain and calm throbbing pores. Asking your aesthetician to apply a soothing, alcohol- free toner or cleanser (if they have any) can also help.

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Follow the post- wax care instructions as recommended by your aesthetician. Your skin has just undergone an intense experience and it will be needing some serious TLC for the next few days.

Good luck on your first Brazilian sesh, Arnee. Have a great Friday, my lovely readers! :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I still have the Strip It! GC I got from your fourth anniversary giveaway and until now I'm debating if I will use it or not. Thanks for this post anyways.. :)

  2. oh my!someone brought this up finally!..i actually do shaving lang (LOL)..i thought of getting brazillian wax before but i was really hair has thicker course there any difference ba ms. m?i mean, feel ko kasi mas masakit compared nung iba na may thinner hair.kasi naman i do shaving kaya ayun.feel ko pagnagpawax ako, dudugo cya kasi manipis lang naman skin natin sa area na yun.haha!

  3. Wow. I just tried waxing on my pits. I wonder how i will tolerate the pain if ever. Thanks Ms. Martha! xx

  4. I want to do it but I'm scared. :( I have low pain tolerance. Haha

  5. i havent done tried waxing hair down there.. like CJ yes i do shave.. what makes me worry is that i noticed the hair became thicker as it grow =( im afraid trying but im willing.. yay tiis ganda! haha =) being hairless down there makes me feel clean and fresh.. really =)

  6. Krisella: You should! :D Just keep this post in mind before hitting Strip! :)

    Rhain: Oh once you experience waxing, you'll throw away your scissors na! :D

    Bipolar bear: Just keep these tips in mind. :D Good luck on your session if ever you decided to try brazilian! :)

    BrownOso: Try having your pits waxed first so you'll know if you can tolerate waxing. :)

    CJ: There will be some minimal form of bleeding on the pore area, especially if it's your first time. Don't worry, it's normal. This only happens around once or twice into the brazilian. Those who have thin and sparse hair will experience less pain than those with thick and coarse hair. For the latter, it's usually being trimmed to lessen the tugging. :)

  7. I'm so scared to try this. But thank you for this informative post!! :)


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