Julia Montes for Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lens

The eyes are the windows to the soul. That's why a lot of women nowadays are trying their best to embellish it by means of makeup, false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, and contact lens. Contact lens, without a doubt, is the easiest way to brighten up your peepers and change your entire facial look: unlike eyeshadows that need skills and eyelash extensions that require care procedures, contact lens is just as easy as wear, fix, remove. I'm sure you all know that the 'Doll Eyes' contact lens is the trend nowadays in Asia, but why so? It is because Asians, in general, have small, almond shaped lids and small eyes as well-they're beautiful and unique, but some Asian eyes could get really small-especially with Orientals-that the overall facial feature ends up looking flat. Doll Eyes contact lenses solve this problem by giving the illusion that the eyes are bigger than they are.

Back in the day, contact lenses were pretty steep. I was surprised to learn that you can get them at a minimum of P300.00! But I won't recommend that, unless you want to suffer from grave eye damages- speaking of which, check out this post I made about the hazards of wearing fake contact lenses.

The world's leading brand of contact lenses, Freshlook, is joining the 'Doll Eyes' trend with Freshlook Dailies Illuminate Contact Lens. Freshlook has tapped local celebrity Julia Montes as their brand ambassador, who also happens to be a long- time user of the said product.

Freshlook Illuminate is your weekly set of disposable contact lens. It's for those who wear it on a daily basis for beauty purposes, thus Freshlook made it very affordable-it's only around P600.00 for a set of 5!

As a premier brand in the world of eye care, Alcon (mother company of Freshlook) has engineered this one to perfection: It provides the important 4Cs in contact lens quality: Centration, Convenience, Comfort, and Color.

Centration- These lenses were designed to automatically adjust to the center of your eyes to prevent vision blur
Convenience- Since they're disposable, you don't have to go through the tedious process of cleansing and storage
Comfort- AquaRelease technology gradually releases moisturizing agents to keep your eyes hydrated, healthy, and never irritated
Color- comes in two colors, Rich Brown and Jet Black to naturally compliment the intrinsic eye color of Asians.

Furthermore,  Lightstream Technology, a safety feature that locks the color within the lens, prevents direct pigment-eye contact.

By now, most of you are probably wondering "Do you have photos of Julia?" Yes sir and yes ma'm, I have. Click READ MORE for the rest of the event, plus the Q&A portion with Julia.

The moment she graced the room, I immediately realized why this young lady's a superstar: She has this princess- like beauty.

Julia answering some queries from Bloggers and the Press

I had a chance to ask Julia a question, and I asked her how she wears the colors of Freshlook Illuminate. She happily answered that Jet Black is for regular shooting days, while Rich Brown is for more special events like awards and balls, or unless needed. Julia's natural eye color? Black. :)

The makeup portion was brought to us by Majolica Majorca. Aimee Unson, Chief Makeup Artist for MM had demonstrated the popular 'wide eye' makeup look of Japanese girls. Ira Nopuente of Style Bible and style blogger Val Chua were the models.

Say cheese...I mean, KAWAII, Ira! :D

Me with Val, Marj, and T.V. host and commercial model Janeena Chan.

Julia with her Freshlook fam.

I took home a pack to play around with. Here's a preview for everyone:

Hmmm...I'm digging this wide-eyed look. What do you think? By the way, Freshlook Dailies Illuminate Contact Lens is now available in all leading, authorized optical shops nationwide.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. your eyes looks suffocated to the lens m.

  2. So pretty!

    I don't have the heart to wear contact lenses. I'm so clumsy I'm afraid that I'll scratch my eyes out or fall asleep while wearing them.

  3. julia's so pretty!! :) so they have online store ms. m?

  4. I used to use Freshlook back in high school!

    Nowadays I use circle lenses, which are much, much bigger in size. Some of my friends find them scary, haha.

  5. how much is it ms. martha? do they sell it online? BTW, Julia is so beautiful!


  6. i miss wearing contact lenses =) medyo matrabaho nga lang.. you have to clean it and go back to opto for boiling =) so that it can lengthen its life =)

  7. Jenny: Hmmm..interesting observation. I think it's just because of the angle-tried to shoot it in an angle that makes it look bigger. :)

    Rhain: That's why I was never a fan of it haha! :D

    Zwitsy: Nope, you can only buy it from authorized optical shops. :) It's around P680.00, I think. :)

    Ari: Same! But be careful with those ultra large contact lenses ha, the ophthalmologist in the event said it puts too much pressure on the eyes because the size is unnatural.

    BrownOso: Same! That's why I stopped wearing it. :p

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