7 Fashion Fixes That You Should Have in Your Wardrobe (Updated)

Even if your clothes are pricey or cheap, when a fashion emergency happens, it just happens and it doesn't matter if you're wearing Chanel or Ukay-Ukay-I've learned my lesson the hard way. In one event, I wore this P5,000.00 dress of mine and guess what? The stitching of the shoulder strap has snapped, the strap has disengaged from the metal ring, and my left boob almost popped out from the dress. I knew that the person seated in front of me saw that boo-boo, but thank God I don't know her and seemed like she didn't care at all. :p Since then, I started buying wardrobe fixes that will prevent that mortifying experience (or any of the same degree) from happening to me ever again!

Safety pins are a given, but they're not enough as their use is quite limited. Also, they're not that safe and I think it's not classy if a safety pin is peeping out of your clothes.

So far, here's what I have. I might be missing a few, but I think I'm downright ready in case any fashion boo-boo happens to me. (And I can prevent them!) I'd like to think of these things as Insurance: They make you feel secure, and prepare you for any worst cases-I think you should have them too. I'll be discussing the importance of these nifty little things after the jump!

DISPOSABLE NIPPLE TAPES (Available in PCX boutiques and Bench stores)

This awesome invention just lets you wear revealing (especially backless) clothes without worrying about perky nipples projecting through. In my experience, they're much better than reusable silicone nipple tapes as the latter tend to lose its tackiness overtime. I used to use reusable nipple tapes, but after they fell from my backless top as I was grooving on the dance floor, I ditched them and went for these instead-it's less economical, but they're more dependable. My brand of choice is Bench Body's Nipple Tapes because it sticks all day.

INTIMATE BRA CONVERTER (Available in Beauty and Minerals)

This baby converts your conventional bra into a racerback without having to remove the straps. Best for those who prefer wearing straps with their brassiere for better support, but want something that will make their bras tank top- ready and fall- proof. With the Bra Converter, no need to buy another bra!

HOLLYWOOD FASHION TAPE (Available at Beauty Bar)

Here's the scenario: You liked this draped dress so much and you bought it. It was too late already when you found out that it looks better on the mannequin than on you. Don't worry, Fashion Tapes will change your destiny. You can style drapes, folds, pleats, and linings according to your liking by sticking these fashion tapes strategically within clothes or on your body. They can also be used to secure necklines such as V-necks, deep V-necks, boat shaped, and U-necks or shoulder straps that keep on falling off. The best part is, these tapes are invisible, comfortable to wear, and don't leave any residue on your clothes or skin.

DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR (Available in all Watson's branches)

I used to think that this thing is just an unnecessary item, until that typhoon Rosing (one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded in Philippine history) experience. Mom and I were stranded along Buendia and the flood was chest- deep already. We had to abandon our car and take a long, by foot trek back to Ayala to check in in one of the hotels to spend the night. My underwear was soaked in flood water and unfortunately, I did not have extra underwear with me. Thank God mom had one of these, and I was spared from sleeping in dirty underwear! That experience made me appreciate this item so much and I make sure I always have one in my bag especially this typhoon season!

You'll never know when your shoes will hurt your feet until you get to walk in them for hours! My Melissa wedge felt really comfortable when I fitted it in the store, but when I took them for a stroll, the mothaeffin' strap sliced by ankle and it almost bled! Now I can wear them comfortably with the help of these heel slings. I taped a strip on the back part of the strap, and it served as a barrier between my skin and the strap. They can also serve as a stopper for foot straps that keep on sliding off.

Got a problem with falling shoes? Heel wing is the answer. Just like Heel Slings, it prevents shoes from falling off your feet so you won't be pulling a Cinderella act in a party. As pictured on the packaging, they can also hinder the back part of your shoes from wounding your ankle.

HEEL CUSHIONS (Available in Watson's and leading department stores)

Unless your sky high heels is YSL Tribute, you'll be needing heel cushions so you can walk and stand comfortably in them for hours. I would suggest the Metatarsal pads since the pressure is always on the front part of your feet whenever you're wearing high heels.

Got more Fashion Fixes to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. I NEED THOSE HEEL WINGS! Where can I buy them and how much? I don't know if I have sensitive ankles or what, but all my shoes end up wounding the back of my ankles.

  2. love this entry ms martha! where to purchase these??? i need every piece :) thanks in advance :)

  3. All of my shoes have heel wings. Could not imagine wearing shoes without the comfortable barrier of heel wings. Noooo

    This is a great post! :)

  4. oh my gee! ang cute ng fashion tapes!where did you buy it ms. m?

  5. I've used the first two products and I will agree that they really worked as advertised. The disposable panties story is very convincing! I'm putting these in my emergency kit!

  6. hi Ms. M thanks for this :) ask ko lang po san po nabibili yung intimate and yung fashion tape po :) thanks.. keep it up!

  7. where can I buy heel wings & heel cushion? I've been looking for those items but no to avail. How much? Thanks. :)

  8. Great post, made me laugh because I´ve been there! Thanks for the tips :)

  9. These are some great tips.I will surely invest in some of these items! :) Especially shoe related. Thank you very much!


    i love this post.. very helpful! I first saw those nipple tapes on Bench Festival Mall in Alabang =) and yes HEEL WINGS for new acquired shoes! =)

    hugs ms m =)

  11. wow.. seems so helpful :) I might try some of those too :)

  12. I have one of those fashion tapes! I rarely use it but it's dang useful when needed alright. :D I need to get those heel slings and wings!

  13. I need the Heel Wings too! Where can I find those, please?

  14. Mona: Hi Mona! The heel wings, you can find them in Flatshop Greenhills. :)

    Paola Ysabel: Hello! Yup, that's true. Comes handy when I'm wearing backless tops! :)

    Betsbygolly: They sure are! :)

    Rhain: Thanks dear! :)

    Arisu Haru: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Glad you liked this post. :)

    Erian: Hi Erian and welcome to my blog! :) LOL! Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Heyitsmeyani: Hi Yani! The heel wings are available in flatshop greenhills, while the heel cushions, you can find them in planet sports, watson's, and department stores. :)

    Cyndicato: Hi dear! Fashion tapes can be purchased from Beauty Bar, the intimate bra converter, from Beauty and Minerals on Facebook. :)

    Becomingsleek: The first two are my faves too! :) And those disposable panties, I assure you, they're really useful when needed! :)

    CJ: Fashion tapes are available in Beauty Bar. :)

    Aviva: I guess it's the former. Anyway, heel wings are available in flatshop greenhills, although I don't know how much they cost-methinks they start around P300.00 :)

    Marsiedmartian: Hi there! Fashion Tape in Beauty Bar, Nipple Tape from any Bench store, Disposable Underwear in Watson's, Heel Wings in Flatshop Greenhills, Intimate Bra Converter in Beauty and Minerals on Facebook, Heel Cushion in Planet Sports, Watson's, PCX, and department stores. :)

    BrownOso: Thanks dear! :)

  15. I love how you wrote your blogs. Detailed and with HUMOR. thanks for doing this reviews. I enjoy reading your blog Ms. Martha...

  16. I need those heel wings and cushions! I love wearing high heel shoes that results to a lot of "paltos" marks. :(

    Thank you for this helpful article! :)

  17. love is when your mom gives you the only pair of disposable panties :) you have a great mom there :)


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