6 Awesome Oil- reducing Facial Foams below P400.00

My highly consumable skin care product would have to be facial foams. I use it three times a day and even as a hand wash to prevent that tight, dry feeling I get from regular hand wash. I used to buy pricey facial foams to complement my pricey skin care products, but realized that it was a bit impractical for my lifestyle. While I believe that there are pricey facial foams that deliver, it's a product that I can easily let go because it's meant to be washed off anyway! :)

If you've got oily skin, here's a list of my most recommended facial foams that won't strangle your wallet. I've tried everything, and they work well at controlling excessive facial oil and keeping your face feeling fresh!
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- Definitely my most loved Pond's facial foam! It doesn't only get rid of oil, but also moisturizes your skin. It's got Black Charcoal, a known pore declogging ingredient.

- Oily skin, sadly, leads to troubled skin most of the time. If you get moderate breakouts but on a daily basis, I would suggest this product to you because it contains a high dose of Salicylic Acid (2%): Works great at reducing the appearance of cystic pimples, dries mini zits fast, helps decrease the occurrence of breakouts, and keeps your face matte and fresh, although can dry out your skin for a little. Don't forget to follow up with moisturizer!

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- A must- buy from Saizen's Black Charcoal skin care line. It lathers up pretty well and removes excess makeup effortlessly, makes your skin feel fresh but never taut and dry.


- A more affordable version of Alba Botanica. It's also in gel form like the former, contains Salicylic Acid, but doesn't have a very high concentration, ergo it doesn't put you at risk for dry skin. Works best at healing small zits and clarifying excess oil.


- If you've got oily-dry combination skin, here's a facial foam that's good for you. It's sulfate- free and contains moisturizers for the dry parts of your face, and has menthol and tea tree to take away excess oil and tighten up the pores on oily areas.

- If you're a believer of the powers of Black Charcoal, here's a bar that's made from pure Bamboo Charcoal. Camaru Naturals. Aside from its mattifying effects and zit- drying effects, it also clears out impurities underneath pores, but here's a word of caution: You might experience bad skin days when using this product because that's what it's supposed to do: to bring out all the bad stuff before it reveals clearer skin. 

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wanna try Camaru Bamboo Charcoal Soap. :) I'm into finding a soap that makes my skin clearer. Hahaha But i think i'll use it only in vacations :)

  2. Tried Body shop but it's kinda expensive. Havent heard or seen Saizen's Black Charcoal skin care line here in Cebu, where is it available?

  3. from your list ms m, i only tried the PONDS PURE WHITE deep cleansing facial foam.. =) its my sister's HG facial wash =) well, i love the scent and it really do deep cleanse my skin =) and it gives soft feeling on the skin after wash =)

    i want to try saizen charcoal facial foam (very affordable price), but its always OOS in Pavillion Mall, Biñan Branch =)

  4. Ponds doesn't work for me because my pimples keeps getting worse. I think I might be allergic to Ponds. Anyways, I've been using Celeteque and it's a great product :)

  5. Great! I have the Celeteque and Pond's in stock. Can't wait to use 'em :)


  6. I can attest to the effectivity of Ponds Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam. But I use this only every other day. My skin is quite unexpected kasi. One day, it's super oily then super dry the next. So I'm very cautious.

  7. I think i'll try the Ponds facial foam. I use the blue facial wash from Ponds since it works well on my skin, but I think i'll try the black one since it fights oil...

    And the Saizen wash too!!

  8. Maggie Pineda ManuelAugust 2, 2013 at 1:27 PM

    Ms. M, I was able to try the new st.ives naturally green tea faial cleanser (with 2% salicylic acid) and the scrub also (1% salicylic acid) and im impress because it is really effective, both are below 200 pesos... :) and alternately im using ilog maria's bamboo charcoal soap with honey... And im very very happy to try it and witness its brightening effect in a week for just less than 100 pesos... Its a wow.. :) thanks also for this review Ms. M, because of you Now i know other alternative products for acne prone and oily skin... ^^

  9. wow, i would love to try one of these.... :)

  10. I'm currently loving the Celeteque Acne Cleansing Gel (I just got a rash of acne from that time of the month, boo). I don't get acne a lot but I'm happy to report that this product works! My tiny zits disappeared in a matter of days!

  11. thank you so much for this post ms. martha! i am super in search of a product which will solve my zits problems..where can i avail the alba botanica acnedote deep pore wash and the camaru black soap? :)) more awesome posts Ms. M!!

  12. Finally :) I've been waiting for a post like this ! Your blog has really been a big help to me since i'm only 12 yrs old, I have a very oily skin and will be trying out Pond's po :) Thanks Again po for this post ! :))

  13. Finally ! Thank you po for this Post. Your Blog has been a big help for me, I'm only 12 yrs old and i have a very oily skin and will try Pond's. Thanks po again for this post :))

  14. I saw that Alba Botanica Natural Acnedote when I bought my vitamins at Healthy options in MOA last week. Definitely trying that out! :)

  15. I have oily skin but i rarely breakout. The past few days ive noticed pimples consecutively popping out. Good thing i stumbled upon this entry. Currently im using st ives. I tried using ponds but it doesnt work for me. Ive been looking dor the saizn charcoal line for the longest time but never had the luck to find one. Where did u got yours?

  16. Rmi: I got the Saizen facial foam from Rob Galleria. It's the biggest and most complete saizen store, I think. :)

    Betsbygolly: One of my fave acne- busting facial cleansers! :D

    Nadine: Hi and welcome to my blog! thank you! :D

    Micah: Welcome! Alba Botanica is available in Healthy Options. Camaru Soap is available via Camaru Naturals on Facebook-You can also find Camaru in Velvet Rose Lingerie Shangri-La Mall. :)

    Maggie: Hi and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing your fave products-I'll check them out. :)

    Issa: :)

    Becomingsleek: Hey, I love that cleansing gel too! Smells nice and I love the texture of the gel! :D

    Anne_22: Let me know how they fare on you! :D

    Nelabratinella: Thanks for the tip! :D

    Angel: Yay! :D

    Louise: Oh, doesn't match your skin's chemistry I guess. :p I love Celeteque too. :)

    Henley: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Charcoal facial foam is available in saizen stores. Camaru naturals ships their stuff and you can find them on facebook. :)

    Rhain: If you get to visit Rob galleria in manila, there are a lot in there! :D

    Itsmefati: Yes, and on days and months that you don't have to go out! :D


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