FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Best Scents For Summer

Hope your Friday's super awesome! Here's a quick question from Joyce. :)

Hey Ms. Martha!  
I was wondering if you could recommend some nice scents this summer! It's really hot out! Even body mists would be nice. Thanks in advance. Stay awesome! 

Hi Joyce!

I sooo feel you. If I could bathe in perfume, that would be lovely because I feel that this heat is making me smell bad (Yeah, I'm paranoid just like that), but that would be a ridiculous kind of luxury! Anyway, here are my top summer fragrances for this year-the common denominator with these fragrances is they make me smell really fresh, but super girly! :)

- It's like a whiff of heaven in a bottle. It just smells so airy and baby- like that it can help you keep your cool when this heat is starting to irritate you.

- Sometimes, this heat can just make you complain and complain even on trivial stuff. Living Grace's cool and soothing scent will help you stay positive!

More picks after the break!


- Reminds you of your favorite childhood memories in summer. It's such a fun and playful scent, and the relaxing scent of Green Tea eases your mind.


- Guess what? Lunchtime and high tea meetings will still push thru despite the scorching heat. Times like this, I wear a scent that's super light but still apt for such occasions and L'Eau Jolie fits the bill!

- A sexy summer fragrance that isn't coquettish. It's still one of my go-to fragrances for summer up to this day. ;)

- My ultimate #LikeADonya summer fragrance. Jo Malone is pricey, but I really love her fragrances- simple, authentic, and utterly fresh!

Please share your top fragrance picks for summer. I would love to know! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Honestly, I'm trying to hold off until Philosophy has some sort of in-store promotion. (Kelangan ko nang magtipid! :( ) I would really love to buy a scent from them, but I'm in no rush as I still have EDTs at home that need finishing.

    Is there no summer sale in the cards for them?

  2. Where can you get Jo Malone in the Philippines?

  3. Gee! I've been actually thinking of buying a new scent that's going to compliment our hot weather, this is just the perfect guide! -Joy of www.gastronomybyjoy.com

  4. i personally love ocean fragrances... my go-to cologne since high school is Calgon's Turquoise Seas.. i just feel so fresh when i wear it... sadly, i can't find it anywhere anymore... :(

    i love gap's So Pink too!

  5. if only they lasted longer on my skin. I love how light and fresh the fragrances are! :)

  6. Matromao: That's why I don't go to sm megamall often. Too much temptation hehe! And H&M will open there soon...that's another temptation haha!

    Kikaysikat: That's true! I love Baby Grace as well, but I think it's discontinued already. :p

    Cat: Hey! I like that too along with Calgon Hawaiian Ginger :)

    Nicole: Hi there! I get mine from Cash and Carry. It's not distributed locally, unfortunately. :/

    Joy: Glad it helped you! :)


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