Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen CC Cream in Light Beige N02 Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Etude House Super Collagen CC Cream in Light Beige N02.

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Before the year ends, I promised to review all the face bases I have to 1.) Provide you guys a couple of options to consider if you're going to revamp your makeup kit for Christmas or the New Year 2.) Give some of them away to those who will have more use for it. Today, the first one to go is Etude House Super Collagen CC Cream in Light Beige N02


This CC Cream is the last step in the Moistfull Super Collagen skin care series. Designed to quench drier skin types, it is said to contain 30% collagen to plump and moisturize skin, plus has whitening, anti-aging, and sun protection properties-it also features Magic Color Capsules that claim to adjust the shades to any skin type. It only comes in two shades: N02 Light Beige (fair to light complexions) and W13 Natural Beige (light to medium complexions).


More about this long-wearing base on my blog!

The product comes in a simple acrylic bottle with a pump that really controls the amount of product that comes out of it.

Light Beige N02 is super light for my skin tone, obviously, but at least it doesn't leave any weird cast because it has a yellow undertone. Coverage is light to medium, has a semi- creamy consistency, and has a light floral scent, 


Two layers of the CC Cream

What I dislike about this product is it's pretty streaky-I always have to apply two layers to get a pretty even coverage, but I found out that there are two ways to deal with the streakiness: 1.) Use a pressed powder with light coverage-the little extra coverage will cover up the streakiness. 2.) Give it 5 minutes to settle because I found out that this product kinda' evens itself out on the skin if given a little time. (However, not everyone has the time!)

Does this product really adjust to one's own skin tone? Yes, it does, but only on those who belong to the fair-medium side of the spectrum. Check out my photo below:

Initially, this product looked too white on me, but after setting it with powder, the all too fair shade began to darken for just a wee bit, but as you can see in this photo, it is still lighter than my skin tone. This is not to say though that this product oxidizes on the skin (unless you have acidic skin)-I'm just pointing out that the Magic Color Capsules are somewhat working. Regarding overall performance, I think it's more of a BB Cream rather than a CC Cream because I feel that what it only does is even out the skin tone.

This product doesn't have good oil control so I won't recommend it to extremely oily skin types, but surprisingly, coverage lasts pretty much the whole day without caking and provides ample, lasting moisture to the skin. I only wear it on casual days, especially when it's cool because consistency is semi-creamy and feels a lil' heavy when the weather is warm. If you've got dry or normal skin, this CC Cream will work fantastic on you!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. that's what i've observed in etude products...just like my bb cream,it doesn't stay long for an oily skin like me....sometimes it doesn't even make it to the mid of the reading this post about the cc could let me know that i'm not the only one whom experience it...when i was in south korea,i purchased a lot of etude products that the saleslady give me some samples of their cc cream, but to my big shock it almost appear like a chalk powder blown on my face...i swear to that day that i would never be a victim of cc cream again. ...for me,martha the scores you've given on this product is fair enough...the feeling is mutual on this product. ;)

  2. For me, it's kinda not worth the price. :/ There are other CC creams that can do better for a cheaper price. Etude house moistful CC cream doesn't have lots of shade choices pa, so it's really tricky. Thanks for the review! :)

  3. I haven't tried CC Creams yet, just BBs but I think this will be nice for those who has dry skin :)

  4. Well this is a letdown for Etude House. So far, I have not yet been disappointed with their products. Would just like to clarify something Ms. M, I asked a BA before regarding the difference of their bb and cc creams and the most significant difference would be the coverage of the said creams. According to her, Cc creams are more of skincare products since it does not aim to provide coverage, unlike bb creams. So I guess the streaky-Ness of the product is forgivable? Please enlighten me :)


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  5. I can say it is really awesome. Coverage is good. But I think it is not worth the price. But I love the packaging. :D so cute!

  6. Abegaill: You're welcome! :)

    Julia: Yeah, the shade range has always been my problem with Etude House. Hope they'll bring in shades that will fit morenas!

    Itsmefati: Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

    Mica: Hmmmm, I'm not sure, but BB Creams are more skin care- based than CC Creams-the latter is actually made for color- correcting, which is a property of makeup. I agree though that CC Creams are not meant to provide coverage because you're supposed to use them with a neutralizing base. :)

  7. Can I say that you camera is definitely the bomb? When you said that there is an issue with streakiness, I can definitely see it on 1 of the pics. This is why I love your blog. QUALITY.

  8. I have tried this couple of times because my best friend has this CC and it works well because it looks natural on my skin. It just correct my skin imperfections. It's perfect when you have day events and you don't like to appear all made up but you are correct with regard to the oil control factor. Maybe the etude base products are really made for cold weather countries like Korea and Japan. I hope that in the near future since they have so many branches in Philippines they consider this issue as well.

  9. i like the packaging super cute.But I think it is not worth the price medyo expensive sya. BTW thanks for always giving us a good review.


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