FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Best Everyday Foundation For Semi-Oily Skin Types Below P1000

It's one of those wonderful weeks and thank God for it! Hope yours was equally wonderful as well. Sharing with everyone this question from Wendy:

Hi Martha, 
I would like to ask, what is the best foundation to use everyday? I am having trouble choosing one because of some review that say "this brand is the best foundation". I have normal skin, but it tends to get a little oily depending on the weather. Please help me. Thanks! 

Hello Wendy!

Awesome question! You know, your question made me wonder which is/are the best foundations for daily use-I've been using so much that I sometimes forget which ones I really like! Haha!

I've thought about this question thoroughly and now I've come up with a list. How did I choose these products? I read my reviews again plus used them alternately to know if they're indeed great for daily use and so far, I think I'm right! These foundations I've chosen are perfect for everyday wear because they all have a light, tolerable texture, good wear time, and have hydrating and mattifying powers to keep any skin type nourished and looking decent throughout the day and in the kind of weather we have. But you know, it's like any other advice that says "this is the best foundation" so please take some time to test these products so you'll know which one suits your needs the most. I added a twist by giving you a budget that you can work with so you wouldn't feel so bad in case any of these does not work for you. Click READ MORE for my recommendations!

- This baby has got the perfect yellow undertone (because it's not too yellow and not too pale) and gives the skin a very natural and glowing coverage. It has pretty good skin- unifying properties, although needs to be retouched often during wear to keep it looking fresh.

- This foundation has really good coverage and staying power, but it looks and feels super light on the skin! It's best for any skin type as it has a very comfortable texture, although shade range is not that good and all shades have pink undertones.

- When you're having your normal skin moments, Wendy, Happy Skin is a good bet because it really keeps skin moisturized and feeling soft throughout the day. Staying power is okay too and consistency feels just like moisturizer, but shade range is not that impressive.

- This is one of the nicest drugstore foundations I have tried to date because it's light yet covers the skin really well, has SPF, looks great under natural light, plus gives you luminous skin that is almost otherworldly, although it has a tendency to make skin feel oilier than the usual.

- In my opinion, this super affordable mineral powder foundation has got the best coverage to date. Since it's mineral makeup, it's gentle to the skin and won't clog pores, if clogged skin is one of your issues. This particular product has skin softening properties which makes it great for maintaining normal skin. If you have oily skin, I would not recommend it because it can aggravate this skin type.

Hope you liked this post! Please share with me your favorite everyday foundations! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Super like this post! Really really helpful. The ones I've used and I liked as well are the Facefinity, Happy Skin, and Za cosmetics foundation. When the facefinity was used for demo during the BDJ Social Fair, I was totally amazed with what it does. After the demo, I bought one already. I like the shade, it's just right on me. I love that it's long and lasting and it didn't make my face oily. It's affordable as well and a little amount goes a long way. :)

  2. Great recommendations, thanks! :) I like the FS Cosmetics two-way cake, nice coverage and controls oil for a generous amount of time. :)

  3. Good thing someone sent you this question, Ms. M! I've been wondering about this too and it's nice to see some sort of a rundown or compilation of the better (if not best) foundation for everyday use. Thanks to this post, I might get myself the MaxFactor foundation or ZA Cosmetics as I like a "barely there" feel of makeup. I'm a combination type though so I might require a few touch ups on ze T-zone, but nothing an oil blotter can't fix.

    Thanks for this! :)


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  4. I agree with you.The L'oreal foundation is loved by many!

  5. Aaah! Thank you for this, Ms. Martha! I was going to ask you the same question but I'm not sure kung na-fan mail na 'to so I bookmarked and read your reviews for Revlon and L'oreal foundations a couple of times. True Match got my attention but I've read your good review for Lucent Magique, so I'll give it a try too. :)

  6. I have to agree with Ellana Foundation, it works really good!
    A few dusting of this in the face and your look is set. Has nice coverage too, it's like good skin everyday!

  7. from the list below, i want to try happy skin brand (i really love your review on that foundation)

  8. Yes! Ellana is definitely an affordable yet great performing foundation. It does have great coverage which I like and it keeps an oily skinned girl like me from looking like a greaseball.
    i have yet to try max factor and l'oreal, I'm quite scared at using liquid foundation because my skin tends to oxidies it and I tend to be darker than my usual skin tone.

  9. Majorie: Looks like you have acidic skin. Not to worry, just go for a lighter shade always so when it oxidizes, it will more or less turn out to be your shade. :)

    Rhain: Hope you can try it out soon! :)

    Anne: Agree! :)

    Eena: Lucent Magique remains one of my favorite drugstore foundations! :)

    Azwa: Hello and welcome to my blog! :) Thanks for sharing your insight. :)

    Mica: Enjoy! Let me know how these products work on you :)

    Maikha: Hello and welcome to tbj! thanks for sharing! :)

    Abegaill: I soo agree with you! I hope many people will try Max Factor's foundations because no kidding, they really know how to make foundation! :)


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