FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Does Wearing Eye Glasses Cause Puffy Eyes? + Techniques for De-Puffing Under Eyes

Welcome to our first- ever Fan Mail Fridays for 2015! :D

My bad, I have completely lost the details of the person who sent this question via Blogger Contact Form-it doesn't help too that I am unable to access the older messages sent via this as Yahoo Mail deletes old messages without a warning! :p Lesson learned, I'll make sure to make a copy of the questions the next time around.

Anyway, a lovely reader told me via BCF that she thinks wearing eye glasses have caused her puffy under eyes and at the same time, she's asking for eye creams and remedies that target this problem.

First of all, thanks to you, dear reader, for this question. I'll be sharing my de-puffing tips and tried and tested eye creams that target puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles in a bit, but let us first tackle the more interesting question here: Does wearing eye glasses cause puffy under eyes? The answer is…Click READ MORE for that. :D

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I've read a few online medical journals about this and all of them said that no, wearing eye glasses does not cause puffy under eyes nor did the doctors involved have encountered a patient who blames their glasses for this. Personally, I think there is a slight chance that eye glasses can cause the skin on the under eyes to droop for a bit (which in turn magnifies the puffy problem) especially for those who wear eye glasses with thicker, heavier lens and frames that fall right on the under eye. But if you think your eye glasses are really behind those unsightly puffs on your under eye area and it's bothering you, you can opt for higher and thicker nose pads to prevent the frame from landing directly onto your under eyes.

Puffiness is a result of an excessive accumulation of fluids in a certain area and in the medical world, it is referred to as Edema. Edema is not only limited to the eye area-it may exist in other parts of the body such as the lips, legs, feet, cheeks, and arms. Edema is a broad topic and it's like chopping an elephant if I cover it in this blog post. Besides, I'm not a doctor. :p

So! Going back to the under eyes. There are a lot of factors that cause puffy under eyes, from genetics, poor diet, lack of proper sleep, stress, over consumption of salt leading to fluid retention, inherited/natural facial features, to dehydration. In truth, it is not an external problem.

Puffy under eyes may or may not be treated, depending on the factors I just mentioned, but good news: there are ways to minimize the problem:

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First, we have the good ol' kitchen remedies: A.) Put cucumber or orange slices on top of your eyes to refresh the area. B.) Place two tablespoons in a freezer and after an hour or when it's finally cold, put them on the eye area to firm the skin on the orbital eye. C.) Running ice cubes on your under eyes will also help as its temperature will cool down the blood vessels in the area.

Second, conceal them with makeup. Here's a tutorial.

Third, use eye cream. These may not directly target the root of the problem, but they will at least help firm, rejuvenate, and lift your skin so your eyes will look better overall. If the skin on your under eyes looks nice, maybe the puffs won't bother you so much!

I find that gel- based eye creams help a lot in making puffy under eyes look a little less severe because they have a natural cooling sensation that helps refresh the under eyes. Not only that, you can put your gel eye cream in the freezer too to mimic the temperature of ice and frozen spoons, but what makes it better than the latter is that it has added benefits!

Here are my favorite gel eye creams:

Or, you can go for cosmeceutical eye creams for double strength and potency. Here's one that I swear by:

Lastly, look for eye creams with cooling tips/applicators for daily de-puffing action sans the effort and mess of using cucumber and orange slices, spoons, and ice cubes:

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate

The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2-in-1 Brightening Eye Cream

L'Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream

I hate to break this to you, but there's not much you can do to remove those dreaded puffs on your under eyes, unless you undergo surgical procedures (that is for another blog post), but don't be sad because there's makeup and skin care to make it more bearable!

Enjoy the first weekend of the new year! :)

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  1. I believe The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate is effective. This one is also recommended by a friend :D

  2. I still do the cucumber trick. :) That works for me very well. I've used the Body Shop concentrate a nd that's pretty effective on me as well. Kinda pricey though. Haha. But it's worth it. I should take care of my eyes pala unless I can afford an operation. :) Super thanks for the suggestions!

  3. thank you for the tips ms martha this is just perfect for my upcoming makeup service on the 30th! the bride wears glasses like i do

  4. I've been wearing glasses for years and I agree that it doesn't cause eye puffiness. Though whenever I get puffy eyes due to other factors, I find using under eye patches helpful and convenient. :)

  5. I've been wearing glasses for years and I agree that it doesn't cause eye puffiness. Though whenever I get puffy eyes due to other factors, I find using under eye patches helpful and convenient. :)

  6. As an eyeglass wearer I do not think it makes your eyes puffy. I get puffy eyes when I am tired or lack sleep. I usually just wash my face with cold water and get a good night sleep or nap. And dont forget to drink lots of water or even better tea.

  7. I heard that wearing glasses for years will cause the bridge of the nose to protrude? Have no idea if it's any true. I have astigmatism glasses from way back, but pasaway ako and I don't wear them so often. I wore them all the time the first two years, though. I think na-correct na rin naman yung vision ko, since my last check didn't find any grade on my eyes.

    It's never caused me any puffiness, though. I think sleep deprivation is still a bigger factor.

  8. There are various Eye Bags Home Remedies you can do, from killing some unfortunate propensities to at-home cures that can help reduce the presence of bags under eyes.


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