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Dirty Jobs: Repairs, Renovation, and Home Services in just a few taps!

According to some tech articles I read, a lot have predicted that smartphone will be the next frontier in lifestyle and technology. Everything, from grabbing a ride to purchasing groceries will finally be done on mobile.

The future is now here with Dirty Jobs, an app that lets you fix, repair, and move things for the household anytime and within your fingertips.

Dirty Jobs is a proudly Filipino app where you can book services for your home such as carpentry, electrical repairs, laundry, renovations, cleaning, movers, and even event planning for parties. Dirty Jobs partnered with accredited suppliers in the industry to provide the services.

The app works through a bidding system; a user will book and bid a service; what Dirty Jobs will do is find the nearest service provider to customer; those with the lowest bid can still get a service provider that suits their budget and need.

The app was launched last week and we feasted over good coffee courtesy of Dolce Latte and yummy sausages from Fronen; the sausages are available in Rustans Supermarket and they're really good!

Dirty Jobs is a brainchild of three entrepreneur friends, Emyl, Part, and Miguel; the mused that they first wondered what if basic yet important household chores can be taken cared of in just a few taps and without them having to do it on their own, thus Dirty Jobs was born. This app is perfect for those who are living alone or are too busy to even bring their dirty clothes to the laundry shop!

For more information about the app, visit DIRTY JOBS on Facebook.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! I didn;t know it's a filipino app. Oh my! Good job!!!!!! Thumbs up for them and thanks for sharing Ms. Martha. You might also want to check Hey Kuya, it's like a personal assistant. But I haven't tried it yet hahaha. They just had their launch interview here at our office.

  2. About to dry but not available pa in Appstore..

  3. Hope that the app could provide contacts for housekeeping services too :D

  4. This is a nice app. At nakakatakam ang mga pagkain.

  5. In this modern world, technology became a part of our everyday lives. It's good to know that it helps us as we go through our daily routines.

  6. Love how so many apps like these are turning up! It really has made life more convenient, and it really jives well with the fast-paced world we live in now. I like how much easier can book plumbers or carpenters now! I usually just see their advertisements plastered across electric posts ("Tubero" etc, I know you know what I mean =)))) This network would be very beneficial for both the people who want the service and those that can offer the service. :) The fact that it's a home-grown idea is something that make me very proud as well hehe can't wait to see what else people can come up with! :)

  7. Cool app but how about the price tag? Perhaps this would be applicable to well-off persons... For us na simpling tao, we can do them all by ourselves :)

  8. Companies and brands are taking their services to the highest level to meet the demands of the modern living. This app will be very helpful to those who live in the urban areas and have a very busy lifestyle. I am curious with the price though. And oh, i'm happy to know that it is a Filipino app! Kudos to the developers!

  9. finally some good quality service, para hindi puro foreigners nakakatikim ng galing ng mga pinoy

  10. Good job for the entrepreneurs who thought of this. :) I love how we are getting more creative and how we think of ways to adapt to both the needs of the people and the current tech trends. Thanks Miss Martha! :)


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