FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Tips in reducing oiliness

I'm still on a high after yesterday's wedding proposal; I mean, I've always known we'll come to that day, but man, it's really different if you're already in the moment; you can never prepare for it and the overwhelming feeling that will tide you over, but it surely is the happiest feeling and moment I have been in in a while. I would love to do it over and over again. :)

I digress. Our Fan Mail Fridays for today is from Renata, a reader of mine from Indonesia; she's asking about tips and products that will help minimize facial oiliness.

Hi Renata!

Thanks for writing to me; sending lots of digital love all the way from the Philippines! Oiliness is a constant problem of a lot of Filipinas including I; you can wear all the mattifying, long- wearing, long- lasting makeup products out there, but sometimes, there are just things such as environmental factors that make them fade faster than expected. Here are a few steps to add to your routine (and products too) that will help minimize oiliness.


- There's this common misconception that moisturizers should be skipped when wearing liquid bases because they will make face oilier. The truth is, lack of moisture is the reason why skin produces excess oil; it's a protective mechanism of the body that prevents the epidermal surface from getting too dry and vulnerable. To keep skin from producing excess sebum, use moisturizer and take an ample amount to prepare your skin before makeup; just make sure it is absorbed properly before proceeding with makeup. If you have oily skin, try oil- free, non-comedogenic, and gel or water- based moisturizers.


- Now that the weather is getting hotter and hotter (at least here in the Philippines), I firmly believe that a primer is not an option anymore, but rather a must. If you have oily skin and you want to keep your makeup intact for a few more hours, lock 'em with a primer.

3. SET

- You know, setting spray is like electricity: you don't really see it, but it works. A setting spray may seem like a trivial product that can be substituted by water, but as a devoted user, I could say that it really helps prolong makeup!


- Smart people pile on makeup when oil starts to show up. Brilliant people blot when oil starts to show up. Applying makeup on top of an oily surface can sometimes make face look cakey, ergo slick and greasy. Blotting is the best way to go; I'd also recommend that you blot an oily surface before retouching makeup on it.



- Most pressed powders don't have intense oil- controlling abilities so what I do is I finish the coverage with an oil- controlling setting powder. It works in keeping my skin oil- free longer and minimizing the oily feeling too!

That's all! Do share your tips on reducing facial oiliness

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have never tried using setting sprays as I my makeup is simple. It just usually involves the basics: liquid foundation, eyebrow powders, mascara, blush-on, and a lipstick. But, I use Ellana's loose powder both as a primer and a finishing powder. I just find it effective. :) Also, I agree that even if one has oily skin, they should never skip on a moisturizer (better if with spf) to repel signs of aging.

  2. I love silk secrets aloe vera. glad you recommended it. do you have reviews about neutrogena boost? would love to try that.

  3. Whoa congrats! I agree with the moisturizing part I even skip primer but never moisturizing because it preps the skin for makeup and to add, oily gals you don't have to cover your whole face with foundation let your skin breath and natural higlighters seep through lol!

  4. I just used pressed powder then retouch if necessary. Congrats again Ms Martha


  6. Having oily skin is something I have learned to accept gradually as a part of my personality. And as such, I've stopped looking for ways to keep my face matte all day. Instead, I've tried focusing on how I can make my skin more manageable. Having a solid skincare routine is the very core, I believe, of coping with oily skin. I never skip my moisturizer because I learned that oily skin is a side-effect of having very dry skin in the deeper levels of the skin, so in return we should keep our skin sufficiently hydrated! :) After a few weeks of following a regimen religiously, my skin improved and became combination normal and oily, from being full on oily previously! Nevertheless, I still always keep baby powder (my concept of blotting powder) and blotting sheets in my kikay kit so I don't look like I just did a full face using highlighter only! :) Definitely gonna try the priming using loose powder technique! :) Thank you for these tips Ms. Martha! <3

  7. I remember you saying to drink a lot of water to reduce oiliness, and yeah it does work. I noticed that my face is less oilier than those times that I have forgotten to drink water. Very bad me! Thanks for sharing this Ms. Martha.

  8. Benefit's Porefessional has helped reduced the oiliness in my T zone areas. Sorry for putting in another comment. He he.

  9. It would help if you have a skincare routine using products that reduce oiliness. I've been using gel or water-based skincare products for a while now. While it does not fully answer my oiliness concerns, it helps in reducing it. You just have to find the certain products that will work best for you. Get samples from beauty counters and try it before you buy the big ones. I also use powder as often as I can. It can be a hassle to keep on retouching but it helps in controlling oil especially if I'm out all day. Of course, primer! It helps a lot in keeping my makeup fresh- looking and intact.

  10. I highly recommend the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Essence, my sister's been using it and never failed to keep its promise of oil-free skin! :)

  11. Thank you for sharing this! I do pile up makeup when I'm beginning to oil up haha now I know that it isn't good, I stand informed hehe... I will now blot,blot and blot to get rid of the excess oil!

  12. My face is really oily. I've found that the combination of priming with gel moisturizer (IWhite Korea's Aqua moisturizer), Nyx Shine Killer, an oil-free base, and dusting on Ben Nye Banana powder is awesome. I use Kleenex blotting paper after around 4 hours (best I've ever used!).

    Started oiling up significantly less after I started using Rosken Bio Serum Skin Oil as my nighttime moisturizer. I just use like 4-5 drops for my whole face. It's light and my skin absorbs it quickly. Since then I haven't oiled up as much as I used to!

  13. I've been eyeing on the pore fessional one. Hahahaha. I don't know why but I guess I just have to own one.

  14. I've been eyeing on the pore fessional one. Hahahaha. I don't know why but I guess I just have to own one.


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