FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Simple Ways to Up Your Makeup Game

This is my most sleepless week for 2017 and I can't wait for it to end, but in a good way; I've received a couple of blessings this week, but I need sleep LOL. Ending this week strong with Crossfit! How about you? What are your plans today?

Tell me all about it in the comments section below, but for now, let's answer this question from EZ.

Hello! The Beauty Junkee I really like visiting your page ☺️ By the way, I would like to ask you things.. My daily routine involves getting up early to prep my son and for work with almost less than 20mins to do my makeup. I am an Administrative Officer in our family business and I would like to up my makeup game yung medyo madam ang dating. I currently use the ff: loreal primer, loreal liquid matte foundation, face shop eyebrow pencil, kpalette brow mascara, colourpop lip primer, colourpop matte lippie in tulle. The problem is, How am I going to make my makeup last through out the day? How do I use concealer for my eyebags? And Can you recommend makeup products that I can get in the dept store? Im from South Cotabato and we only have SM here. Sorry Im blabbing, just excited with your response. Thanks!



Hi EZ!

Thank you so much, EZ, for being an avid visitor of my fan page! I really appreciate it. Btw, guys, I'm pretty active on THE BEAUTY JUNKEE OFFICIAL FAN PAGE too so do follow me there; I've a lot of cool stuff coming up, most especially videos!

Going back to your question, I've broken them down into the following:

1. How do I up my makeup game?
2. How do I make my makeup last the whole day?
3. How do I use concealer for eye bags?

Check out my answers below:

We all have our go- to products and I admit, I tend to use them routinely just because I'm already comfortable with them, but this sometimes makes the makeup process boring; makeup is all about discovery and it should be fun so here are 5 ways to up your makeup game.


- At least once a week, change up the products in your everyday kit; having new products triggers your brain to be more innovative versus sticking with the same products for a long time.


- Whether it's a pair of falsies, glitter, or doing the cut crease, do introduce products that you think you will never or rarely use to help you develop new skills, new appreciation for makeup, and also, for yourself; who knows? You might look fantabulous in glitter and applying falsies is not rocket science after all. Personally, I like using falsies every now and then for something fresh in my routine.


- Lipstick is always the quickest way to up your makeup look so I make sure to bring at least three, plus a lip tint for when I have to remove lipstick for some reason; you can mix and match to create new colors or change into a new color to inspire a new mood.


- Every once in a while and most especially if you can afford it, meaning you are finally able to allot money to your savings, investments, and expenses, then buy that highlighting kit that you've been dying to try. Admit it, acquiring new makeup is always a fun idea.


- Most Filipinos are afraid of wearing eyeshadows for fear of looking 'unnatural' or 'overly dramatic'. It's only true if you'll go for that look, but in truth, you can make eyeshadow look natural if you want to. Start with neutral shades of course and eventually, add a bit of color for more dimension.

How to apply eyeshadow tutorial HERE.

Apply these 5 simple ways to take your makeup to madam levels! :D

Going to your next question, HOW DO I MAKE MAKEUP LAST THE WHOLE DAY? Here is a previously written article that will surely help you out:

How to prevent makeup meltdown

For your last question, HOW DO I USE CONCEALER FOR MY EYE BAGS? Here is another previously written article where I discussed my technique in using concealer:

My Concealer Technique
Hope you enjoyed this, EZ - also you guys! 

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh my I'm guilty of using/sticking with the same products even if I do have tons of other products to try. With the lipstick I stick with Revlon Matte in Flirt shade kasi I think I look good on that but it's the same over and over again. Hahaha. Wala nga siguro akong risk to try something new especially coz I am really not good in doing my make up.

  2. malapit na rin ako mging ganyan...pero time management lng tlga lahat pero syempre it needs energy kaya para maiwasan ay dpat matulog tayo at least 7-8 hours at night..

  3. Thanks for the tips, Ms M. Need to update my makeup bag too

  4. It's always nice to read all your thoughts and sharing them to us,especially for the questions that others have. And taking us to ur blogging world were you also learn alot and got to update us.

  5. I also have been routinary when it comes to the makeup I wear to work. These tips are so helpful! I, for one have at least two lipstick tubes in my purse but have always used the pink one. Maybe I'll try something different this week. Red or brown maybe? ^-^

  6. I change my makeup kit twice a week to refresh my kit and my collection. :D This gives me a chance to use the products that I hoard and the products I am not using a chance to be used. Lol. I also have three or five lipsticks on my kit and two shades of blush atleast to change my overall look. Sometimes I bring a lip palette :) Since I am attending to a makeup school, i have tons of chances to try different looks and that helps. :) Thank you for all your tips, I will keep this in mind.

  7. I actually have three lipsticks in my kit and a lipbalm because i do think that lipsticks can make a huge difference and impact in your look.
    Thanks for the great tips!

  8. Thanks for the tips Ms M. As a full time mom, paisa isa lang ang bili ko ng makeup kaya un lang ang gamit ko. Hehehe


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