FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes for Wedding/Bridal Looks

Last Friday of 2017! Make it count! As for me, I'll make it meaningful as I'm on my way to Tagaytay to bond with the husband and his family...my new family (Awwww).

Before everything else, here's today's FMF courtesy of Eunice:

Hi Ms. Martha,
I've been wanting to create these natural bridal make- up looks lately. What are your top suggestions when it comes to eyeshadow palettes? I've been having a hard time looking for the perfect palette for the natural bridal look since a lot of palettes I know are just powdery and not as pigmented as I want them to be. I'm also having a hard time finding affordable ones that have amazing pigmentation and color selection. Your response would be very much appreciated. :)

Hey Eunice!

Thanks for writing! Oh, I know the dilemma. But thankfully, drugstore brands have improved so much nowadays and it's easy to find an affordable but pretty good eyeshadow palette to help you create the looks your heart desires. I'm sharing my top 6 affordable eyeshadow palettes that will help you cop wedding/bridal eye makeup looks easily and beautifully.

Pigmentation is medium to heavy and lasts long if worn with an eye primer...yes, that includes even on oily lids. The shadows, given their metallic and frost finish, makes them very easy to blend on the lids. 

The shadows yield minimal fallout; they would also need a primer for them to stay put, but I don't find this an issue because all powder eyeshadows need an eye primer anyway! This product, with its performance, quality, and finish, can be an everyday or PRO product, plus the color selection is pretty sweet! I'd recommend this to anyone who's looking for an affordable yet very good go- to matte neutral eyeshadow palette!

Photo credit: Pink Sugar official Facebook fan page

The eyeshadows have medium to heavy pigmentation, smooth, yield minimal fallout, and are easy to blend; I am amazed at the mattes in particular because they're quite easy to work with; matte eyeshadows can be such a pain to deal with, but thank God for Pink Sugar. 

Texture is very smooth, pigmentation is medium and can be built if desired but doesn't get to the point of looking vivid and bold, and the colors are true to the pan. There's still a hint of chalkiness with the powders, but it's quite forgivable- it's not as bad as the previous version.

La Palette Nude is your new, go- to, on-the-go eye shadow palettes because they're foolproof and universal, not to mention travel- friendly. I'd personally recommend Rose, but Beige is also nice to get because it's a collection of really nice nudes and browns.


- I haven't tried these eyeshadows yet, but a lot have been raving about them online. Maybe it's worth checking out.

Sleek MakeUP i-Divine is for the serious eye shadow lover who's looking for not necessarily an affordable eye shadow palette, but a palette with a diverse color selection and great pigmentation.

 Hope you liked my recommendations! Share your favorite affordable eyeshadow palettes!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have that sleek palette! kaso d ko masyado magamit kasi nga mahina ako sa blending! pero syempre ngpapalagay ako hehe...those eyeshadows are very glam and perfect tlga sa kahit anong okasyon!

  2. Whoa!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my FMF Question, Ms. Martha! This is helping me so much in narrowing down my choices to the best affordable palette I can buy out there. I never realized that there are some products from here that cost for about less than 500 PhP. truly affordable, indeed!!! Would looks for these and watch 'em the moment I get out of the house one of these days. Thanks you so so soooo much, Ms. Martha!

  3. I have DETAIL MAKEOVER ECRU AND AUTUMN Po medyo ma powder Po sya Kaya di ko masyado ginagamit mas Bet ko Po BYS hehehe... Per okay na din Po sya sa 699 Buy 1 take 1 Po NG nabili ko.

  4. Wow all of this list pala are affordable and has a good quality of eyeshadow, never knew some of the brand...just new to my ears! Btw all looks good from the color selection and their staying power, from the texture the way you desribe it po...hoping to try any one of them. Meron n aqng binabalak n itry dian avon or pink sugar... I will check first all the shdes s mall, pili aq ng mgutuhn ko n pink sugar because I read all good feedbacks, hehehe nacutetan din kc aq s packging nia...matagal n din kc xa s isipan ko kng itry o hndi now I convince more, thank u po s info Ms. Martha!

  5. The one from Pink Sugar and BYS looks good.
    I hope I'll be as good as you when it comes to blending, though. :)

  6. When it comes to applying eyeshadows, my problem is not just blending but color selection as well so it helps me a lot if the palette that i'll be using is just quads. Hindi na ako mahihirapan pumili kung alin ba ang mas bagay pagsamahin. Yun kasing maraming kulay na palette, marami rin choices naloloka ako haha!
    From your list, I would want to try the one from BYS. Nakakatuwa bumili ng makeup ngayon season, maraming naka sale at may buy one take one pa.


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