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Here's a review on Bobbie Cosmetics.

PRICE: Powder- P199.00; Lipstick- P85.00; Blush- P90.00; Eyeliner- P190.00; Primer- P249.00; Eye Shadow Palette- Around P150.00+
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading department stores


Bobbie is a local brand that is well- known for nail polish, but did you know that they have makeup already? I discovered this first when I dropped by Ministop (Yes! Ministop!) sometime around a year ago and got completely curious. My P600 afforded me an eyeshadow palette, powder foundation, blush, and lipstick! What a steal!

A year after, they have improved their packaging and range, and I'm happy to report that if you are a beauty on a budget, Bobbie Cosmetics should be in your list- it's super affordable, but quality is impressive, ha!


A new, local makeup brand from the makers of Bobbie Nail Polish. Bobbie Cosmetics is hip, fun, young, and affordable, fit for the everyday makeup needs of girls and ladies.

Dare to Bare is a face primer. It's 20ml only; it could've been fit for travel, but the cover can't seem to stay put.


It feels like a silicone primer with a transparent consistency. It has that innate silicone odor, but it isn't that bothersome. I like how this one mattifies my face instantly and gives it a smooth appearance. However, don't use with any acid- based product or solutions that have a peeling effect because it won't cling onto the skin properly.

Dare to Bare Duo Face Powder is a wet and dry powder foundation. This is actually the old packaging; it has been revamped already and offers refills for the compacts too. Good job, Bobbie Cosmetics, for saving the environment!

The powder puff is encased in a separate case at the bottom. The powder has a pretty buttery texture; pretty good quality for an affordable powder if you are going to ask me!

Eye Love It is a felt tip eyeliner. It's looking chic and good for an affordable eyeliner!

The applicator is a classic felt tip: soft and feels a lil' sturdy, though my experience with felt tip applicators is they tend to deteriorate after a few uses.

Into The Nudes is a neutrals palette. There are other color combinations offered by the brand.


Packaging is a hard carton with a magnetic closure.

Here are swatches:

L-R: Pale lavender, cream, copper, bronze, copper-gold, light gold, champagne peach

L-R: Rose copper, magenta, taupe fray, bronze gold, steel gray

The products come in a metallic finish for the dark shades and frost finish for the lighter shades. The shadows have medium to heavy pigmentation and are pretty smooth to apply.

Poppin' Cheeks is a powder blush with its own applicator encased at the bottom of the pan. The blush has a soft texture and pigmentation is medium to heavy. The shade I have is called Cotton Peach.

Onto the lipsticks: Berry Sexy (left) has a satin finish and Red Vodka (right) has a creamy matte finish. Both have a light berry scent. Berry Sexy's barrel got broken though.


The eyeliner has medium to heavy pigmentation and it is not waterproof, unfortunately. Good for everyday though and if you're staying primarily in air-conditioned places. It also tends to stick to the eyelash curler so allow it to dry up completely before proceeding with the rest of your makeup.

Left- bare skin
Right- two layers of the powder foundation

This is a pretty good powder. Coverage is surprisingly nice even if used dry and for an affordable product; I don't use it wet because I'm satisfied already with its coverage in its dry state. Besides, I'm not a fan of wetting powders.

The powder evens out my skin tone nicely and yields medium coverage. It feels light on the skin that's why I also use this to correct too white or pale foundations. Plus points because there's a shade that fits morenas!

I'm wearing the neutral shades from the Into The Nudes palette. Does the palette and shades remind you of any product? Yes, they remind you of Urban Decay Naked 1, especially for the brown shades.

Pigmentation is medium to heavy and lasts long if worn with an eye primer...yes, that includes even on oily lids. The shadows, given their metallic and frost finish, makes them very easy to blend on the lids. This is my other favorite next to the powder.

Poppin' Peach in Cotton Peach is a warm peach shade. It's great for warm skin tones and it adds a bit of warmth on fair skin. Finish is demi- matte and has micro shimmers, but they ain't that visible.


Pink mauve

Berry Sexy ain't a berry shade to me, but I love how it's an MLBB shade. Formula is smooth and hydrating, yields light to medium coverage, and finish is satin. It has a light berry scent.


Blue- based true red

Red Vodka is like MAC Russian Red, but just a bit warmer. When I first swiped this lipstick on my lips, I was like "WOW! How creamy and pigmented!" It's so affordable, but look at the pigmentation and shade - sooo nice! It's a creamy, demi- matte lipstick that has decent staying power and creamy, non- drying finish.

I like almost everything I got from Bobbie Cosmetics - they're so affordable, but quality is great; feels like I unearthed a treasure at the drugstore. I would recommend that you try these and in the following order: 1. Powder Foundation 2. Eye Shadow Palette 3. Lipstick.


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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Me!!! I'm a fan of Bobbie Cosmetics... I discovered their brand when Kathryn Bernardo became their endorser of Chic Nails Nail Polish...

  2. And I agree with you po. Their products are one of the most affordable ones.

  3. Yesterday, I saw your September 2016 favorites, told you that it was my first time to see Bobbie Cosmetics palette, apparently, this is my first time to actually see Bobbie Cosmetics aside from its nail polish! Lol. Didn't know that Bobbie has makeup. Thank God you discovered it! Haha. Looking forward in buying this palette. Anyways, Berry Sexy looks good on you. I love how affordable these products are. :)

  4. Local brands is worth to try... will be supporting this by buying their products... I'm interested with the palette, blush and the red vodka lippie! excited to try them!

  5. I love the quality of their lipsticks--they're affordable but they have smooth and even pigmentation and they don't form that annoying white film on the inner portion of the lips. I hate the packaging, though. It's flimsy!

  6. Thanks for another great review, Ms. Martha!
    I've always wanted to try the lipsticks they offer but I haven't seen a lot of reviews about it so I had to forego the idea, but thanks to this review I might give it a try!
    The eyeshadow looks super bomb on you!
    Also, the primer is interesting though it sports ingredients I am not too familiar with. Do you think it'll be great for people with sensitive skin? :D

  7. Wow. Pasok na pasok sa budget ko to Ms. Martha. Ang mura na at maganda pa ang review. I like the powder, eyeshadow palette and lipstick. Pag naubos na ung makeup ko, ito nga ang matry kong bilhin.

  8. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 18, 2016 at 5:56 PM

    The flatlay is so pretty Ms. Martha! I actually don't know about this bobbie cosmetics, huhu I pity myself again but I saw this on your september favorites. I never thought that Into the nudes would costs less than 200 pesos only! The colors of the eye shadow palette are so pretty, very wearable and I also like the packaging of it.  I'd also like to try  the dare to bare duo face powder. The price of their products nakaka OMG! Very affordable and student friendly. Really a steal. Going to check this brand again when I have a time to go to the department store. Thank you for the review Ms. Martha! Have a good day!😄

  9. Those swatches tho! I was seriously hesitant whether I would buy something from this brand or not but I am all about that eyeshadow palette! It really does impress how our local brands are competing with the international ones. I hope that this would continue, it's not only affordable but we are also supporting product made by our fellow Pinoys and I think that really is a good thing.

  10. Cool name especially the Into the Nudes, reminds me of the into the woods movie LOL! Also I like to try the Red Vodka! It's so nice and sooo red LOL! Because you cannot have too many RED Lipsticks :)

  11. What I love about this is because it's affordable and it actually delivers. I wanna try the Poppin' Blush. I'm looking for an affordable blush in replacement for my Elf Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing powder and Poppin' Blush might be the perfect match. Bobbie cosmetics can surely keep up with the popular brands out there.

  12. Oh my! I've seen the prices and it's so cheap compared to other brands plus it is a local brand, how great is that? I want the eyeliner as I think it's not that soft I can easily put it on my eyeline hahahahahah as I really don't know how :D Pity me.

  13. Ang ganda ng packaging nila. Palagi ko yan nakikita sa department store kaso hindi kasi ako familiar sa brand. Pero mukhang maganda naman :)

  14. They look very promising for a drug store make-up brand! :)

  15. The primer looks sulit. Pasok sa budget. Sakto ubos na siya after 6 months, I don't like storing beauty products for over a year. Did you experience any breakouts or any irritation from this brand?

  16. super amazed with the eyeshadow pigmentation.. ang ganda.. i would rather get this palette kesa bumili ng fake na items two thumbs up!

  17. yie! I also saw this at MInistop, first I bought from their brand is the retractable lipstick then I noticed their matte lippies that are very affordable. IDK that they have eye shadow! This post just want me to hoard all!

  18. Looking good! :) Their concealer pots are also pretty popular for being heavy duty! I love their lipstick shades and they're super affordable. My favorite is the one in Taupe, it's like a browny-rose colour that's really trendy right now. They even have a micro tip eyebrow pencil eoth grrat shades, but they're always out of stock :( Overall Bobbie Cosmetics is a good local drugstore brand to try! :)

  19. I saw the pallete at MOA and I bought as a gift for my teen cousin and she loves it :D

  20. I've actually been seeing this since early this year (or maybe late last year) in Robinson's Supermarket! The packaging caught my eye as everything looks so cute and girly! I believe they have another palette with darker shades that might be good for making smokey looks. I only got their beige pencil eyeliner as I wasn't sure with the quality, but after trying that, I was also blown away. Maybe it's high time I try more of their products. The lipsticks look so good on you, I might grab those the next time I shop for groceries.

  21. I've been searching for their Facebook page or website, but I can't find any! Huhuhu may I know where these are available? :(


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