TBJ TITA LIFE: How to run a more sustainable home this 2022


TBJ TITA LIFE: How to have a more sustainable home this 2022
One of my resolutions this year is how can I live more sustainably, specifically ways how to integrate my activities so that the supposed trash that each activity will produce will be given a second or third life in order to minimize waste; perfect examples are recycling my PR kit packages and using them as gift/trinket boxes and donating makeup to those who need it.

Of course I understand that not everyone can relate to this because not everyone is a content creator so here are a couple more sustainable habits and activities for a more sustainable home this 2022.

TBJ TITA LIFE: How to have a more sustainable home this 2022

- My husband and I would avail of laundry services twice a month and we get at least 6 huge plastic bags from them every month. Since last year, instead of buying separate trash bags, we ended up using the plastic bags from the laundromat as substitute. This way, we get to minimize plastic trash and save money at the same time.

TBJ TITA LIFE: How to have a more sustainable home this 2022

We've changed all our bulbs to LED bulbs since they are cheaper, more cost- efficient, safer, consumer less energy than traditional bulbs, therefore cheaper and friendlier to the environment!

TBJ TITA LIFE: How to have a more sustainable home this 2022

- Old appliances, aside from having older technology that require it to consumer more energy, can cost you more because they may need regular maintenance that you're better off buying a new one.

If you have the budget for it, prioritize changing your old appliance and buy a new one so it's less maintenance for you.

And it's not just changing appliance-you need to make sure that it's built to be sustainable.

One great example of this is Beko and their appliances.

Beko's products, aside from being generally pocket- friendly, are built to last and with the technology of the future. 

Their refrigerators and coolers feature inverter technology and HarvestFresh technology; inverter technology works in all weather conditions with less energy usage. HarvestFresh technology not only consumes less electricity, but also helps prolong the shelf life of food to help avert food waste.

Their washers are built with the efficient ProSmart Inverter motor that uses 30% less energy than EPA standards and water level sensor makes sure that no water is ever wasted.

Beko dryers have closed- loop heat exchange systems that reuse the hot air during cycles, which helps conserve energy and gives you 50% savings compared to conventional dryers.

And as if these are not sustainable enough! Beko has also launched a range of eco-friendly appliances made from recycled plastic and fishing nets!

Aside from sustainable appliances, Beko also aims to achieve zero emissions by 2050, making them one of the most environmental- friendly appliance brands in the world.

Now you know which appliance brand to go for if you want to build a more sustainable home!

For more information, just visit BEKO PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

TBJ TITA LIFE: How to have a more sustainable home this 2022

- Since last year, we made it a point in our household that every time we will eat, we will only prepare and heat what we think we can eat...and if we feel like eating more, then we will just repeat the process.

This helps ensure that we prevent food waste and wasted cash as well. Food waste is one of the biggest economical and environmental problems; this practice helps us become more mindful of what we consume and more grateful in the process as well. :)

TBJ TITA LIFE: How to have a more sustainable home this 2022

- The rise of online shopping has also paved the rise in trash. I don't have data nor researched about the trash online shopping has been generating since the onset of the pandemic, but my family has been reliant on this mode of purchasing since March 2020 and I could truly say that we really generate a lot of trash every time we order!

Online shopping will be the norm for a very long time (or maybe even forever), but we can always try to minimize the waste we generate from it by maximizing our purchases.

One way to maximize online shopping is to order all your items from one store as much as possible to save up on usage of resources such as fossil fuel, plastic, paper, and electricity; if you order from multiple stores, this means your purchases will require multiple pick ups and packaging, which will all consume resources unnecessarily. When you shop from just one store, you save gas, paper, electricity, and all the environmental footprints that online shopping entails.

There you go! Hope you found this helpful. Here's to a more sustainable living this 2022 because we really need it!

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