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Here's a review on Palgantong Theatrical Powder

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A few years back, when I was still doing theatre, I remember receiving Palgantong as one of my Xmas gifts. Back then, it was contained in a screw top tub and only came in one shade, translucent. I never really bothered to try it out as I was a Kryolan loyalist then but my gosh, had I known how wonderful this product is, I wouldn't have given it away! (Yes, I gave away my first Palgantong powder to a friend. I was THAT crazy)

Palgantong, my friends, is Japan and Korea's best- selling loose finisher-it is so famous that they refer to it as the "Star Powder". So how famous is this iconic powder? Palgantong has just sold 5,000,000 units in Japan alone-that's how crazy famous this product is!

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It is pretty obvious that Palgantong had revamped the packaging. Before, it was in a red, plastic jar and only came in one size. The packaging now looks more posh: It's in an acrylic jar with a flip-top cover and embedded mirror. It also comes in a new 10g size. However, I find that the width of the 10g jar is too small, and I always end up spilling some powder whenever I'm using it.

It comes with a soft, fluffy puff: I find that it helps blend the powder perfectly onto my skin, albeit its size is too small for my hands.

Here's a swatch of the powder: Beige Ochre is the darkest shade, and it's a warm beige color with an olive-yellow undertone. The olive undertone is very slight, and the overall shade just melds beautifully with my natural skin color, although I find that it goes on a little light on me. (But its lightness is the tolerable kind) Its texture is in between dry and creamy, but it's more dry if you're gonna ask me. It is unscented.

Palgantong's powders yield a slight tint, so I use a powder or Kabuki brush to diffuse the color and for a more soft focus finish. Coverage is light to medium. If you're going to look at the swatch closely, you'll realize that this powder is very finely milled--I even think that it's finer than most premium HD powders.

Palagantong has been well- loved by many for its skin smoothening properties. The secret ingredient of this powder is Ceramin, a special kind of powder from UK. Ceramin's particles are half the size of the particles commonly used in loose powders, and it yields a silky, smooth, and skin- like coverage. In addition to that, Ceramin is also a long- wearing product with superb oil- controlling properties.


Skin with a layer of Stila BB Cream+ArtDeco Camouflage Cream+Koh Gen Do Concealer

Notice that my skin looks a little bumpy, rough, and patchy. Witness the power of this powder:

With two layers of Palgantong Theatrical Powder

WHOA! Now my skin looks smoother, more even, and plumper. I like the fact that despite its very good coverage, it still allows my skin to project through all that layer of powder, thus imparting a natural- looking finish whether from afar or up close.

This powder is photo- friendly too! But if you go overboard, it could look a little chalky so make sure you blend it evenly! With this powder, I find that one layer would suffice most of the time. How economical!

I was wondering all this time why Palgantong had called this "Theatrical Powder." When I've compared it with stage makeup products, I've realized that Palgantong yields the same concealing and smoothening effects, and staying power of PRO loose powders, but the former is lighter in terms of coverage and feel which makes it great for everyday use.

Staying power is very good: It stays intact the whole day-I even think it seals liquid face products and improves their longevity even more. In my opinion, this is the only loose powder that has controlled my oilies for a very long time-around 7 hours maximum.

I love love love this powder and I use it everyday. I just wish they bring back the translucent version though.

I recommend it to people with dry skin because its texture is very soft despite the fact that it's a little dry, and to people with oily skin due to its fantastic oil control. It's also great for people who dislike retouching makeup every so often during wear. Well, I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a very good loose powder!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have this in Beige Ochre too! Like you, I always spill some product when I use it. Hmm, maybe I should transfer it to a bigger container? I stopped using it for some unknown reason but upon reading your review, I'll be happy to give it a second chance. Love how it visibly made your face smoother! :)

  2. your description is somehow like that of tarte's smooth operator but way way cheaper...will definitely try this once i ran out of my tarte..thanks martha!

  3. oh my! i am tempted to try this one! i haven't found a loose powder that controls my oilies. thanks for the review Miss Martha and Happy New Year! :)

  4. I remember the post you did on the difference of usual make-up to theatrical make up.. WOW! This powder is really a heavy duty one.. ;))

  5. 5,000,000 units sold in Japan? wow i didn't realized how famous Palgantong Products are. Its name sounds like Kalentong to me haha so whenever I hear/read Palgantong, I never really pay too much attention to it until now; price is also reasonable compared to HD products i know of. I wonder if this is better compared to graftobian.

  6. I need this powder! My face is super oily this past few days, I think this is what I need. I will definitely give this a try. :) Thanks for sharing this. :)

  7. Dodo Palgantong now comes with a new name 3W Clinic Professional :) I don't know if they changed anything in terms of ingredients though...


  8. wow!i been looking for a loose powder which dont need to retouch and retouch, thanks for reviwing this, now I know Ms. M!:)

  9. i need this where is beauty and minerals? do they have it in trinoma?

  10. Never heard of this brand before. I swear. Noob me ._. At first read, I thought it was a local product because its name is kinda...weird :) I love how it makes your skin lotta better and fairer! Have you tried Eshiko's translucent powder? Makeup artist, Gosh, recommend this and acclaims that this is the best translucent powder ever. Eshiko's finish is like airbrushed! Hope you can buy that soon for a review and comparison with this Palgantong :)

  11. i want this cyou're correct the name sounds misleading kala ko for stage make up lang. Where to mabibili

  12. I currently have Eshiko and I'm really intrigued how would it compare to Palgantong Powder. I need to buy a tub of this to compare it myself. Thanks for the heads-up :)

  13. Jas: hi there! Maybe I should do that too-I mean transfer it to a bigger container. :) Yes, I think you should give it another try! :D

    Orlaine: You're welcome! You can get it from Beauty and minerals. :)

    Miz eloise and Jenny: It's exclusively available in Beauty and Minerals. Please refer to the blog post. :)

    Desire: Thanks for the reco! :D Will try to get my hands on that soon. :)

    Felyn: Before pa :)

    Ohms: You're welcome! :)

    Angel: Still the same dear :)

    Kate:You're welcome! :D

    Issa: thanks and happy new year too! :D

    Marjorie: Yup! I highly recommend it! :)

    Marsiedmartian: Was interested in that product too but found it too expensive and I'm sure, there are other powder brands that are as good but not as expensive :)

    Yanny: True! I wonder how busy Palgantong's manufacturing factory was during that period? LOL! Haven't tried graftobian though so I can't tell. :p


  14. wow. i have also the eshiko translucent powder sobra ang rave nito sa gt, ( RAVE nga lng maybe bec its best suitable for those who reallyhas a nice skin to begin with! )
    and then this palgantong powder is superb also as in less amount of retouch

    and OT: ben nye is also good ( but for my experience i got pimps...) sobra rin rave nito before


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