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Here's a review on Prada Candy EDP.

Price: $62.00 (Approximately P2,500.00++)
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Other Locations: Also available in Prada stores and select international department stores


I've always had this impression that the Prada brand, as a whole, no matter how it adds ruffles, florets, and extra buckles to its designs, will always have that clean, sophisticated allure. I guess it was just built to be that way. If Prada were a woman, she is a well- rounded one who metaphorically smells like power and success--This is why I love the brand-it has all the characteristics that I want to be or portray, at the very least. When Prada has released CANDY, the newest and perhaps most youthful fragrance in their perfume array, I was like: "Errr...Taking a dip in the pool called commercialism?" But deep inside, I hope not. It would be sad for a brand that I have long admired for its classiness to give in to faddism. 

The first time I smelled this product was in the Prada boutique at Peninsula Hong Kong. As I was going through (and admiring) the bags, my peripheral eye caught sight of this flashy neon bottle-I immediately knew that it was Prada Candy so I went to check it out to know if it is indeed the start of Prada's diversion. To my surprise, it ain't! *Breathes a sigh of relief

Prada Candy re-imagines the spirit of the essential Prada Woman: She's chic, sophisticated, alluring, but has a spark of sweet fierceness within. To me, it's beyond that: the fragrance aims to highlight an elegant kind of wildness and free- spiritedness.

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The fragrance comes in 3 sizes: 30, 50, and 80ml. I only ordered the 30ml size because it is what I could only afford at that moment. LOL!  The bottle is quite heavy due to its huge, ornate cap that's made with rubber and steel. The color of the bottle screams fun, fierceness, and craziness, but at the topmost part of the bottle, the cap, is a simple yet striking black dot, which to me symbolizes that no matter how modern it is to many, it will still echo the refined, timeless soul of Prada.

Candy is a pretty straightforward scent with a simple structure: Top note has an unconventional mix of musk, heart note has Vanilla and Benzoin, (an extract from the Benzoin tree with warm oriental incense- like scent) and the base note is drenched with sweet caramel, but I could smell a hint of woodiness in it too. It starts off warm and has an even warmer dry down, thus it is not an ideal fragrance for Spring or Summer. But I love it anyway because it's one unique candy- inspired scent, not to mention it reminds me of Salted Caramels, my fave candies. (Yum!) And the best part is, it's still aligned with the image of the brand. It's a good choice if you're going out on a dinner date with your clients or your loved ones, and it works as a playful touch to the little black dress. However, staying power sucks big time: It only stays on for a good 4 hours on me. :( That's so sad for an edp from a reputable brand. :(

Overall, this gourmand fragrance is subdued and grown- up, but with a flash of playfulness--it's not the teeny bopper and cloying kind. It's for those moments when you want to discreetly bring out the stylishly naughty side of you. :D

Is Prada Candy for you? Yes, if you are into sweet and warm fragrances, especially those that are like bon bons, but still smell like perfume. But if you're young and you want something that's ultra sugary and sparkling, this is not your best bet. I will buy it again despite its horrible staying power because it's one of the rare and few gourmand fragrances that I actually loved. Err--actually I only have two and the other one is Laura Mercier's Eau Gourmande in Almond Coconut Milk.


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i lurve it toooo seems nice and sweet scent i love the bottle!

  2. ang cute ng packaging, super girly and feminine, I'm one those bon bons..hihi, i may try this and budget my penny.hehehe

  3. very sweet concoction of ingredients. the packaging is super girly

  4. I already forgot the scent of this except for the caramel. But I hope to try it again, and see if it changes my perception. And maybe, compare it with the upcoming Prada Candy L'Eau.

  5. wow naintriga naman ako jan, i love gourmand? scents! ill def check this out lalo na ng sinabi mong vanilla din siya, i tried snoe body glaze un vanilla butterball ba yon and i loved the smell. kaya lang ang bilis mawala, illl def take a whiff of this

  6. Miz Eloise: Hope this one becomes available locally! :D

    Scentiments: Hi and welcome to my blog! :D Prada Candy L'Eau? Wow that's new! I'll definitely check that out too. :)

    Arya: True! :D It's very very feminine. :D

    Ruru: Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :D


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