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Here's a review on Charm Retractable Powder Brush

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Every summer, I tend to overdose on powder-be it loose or pressed powder, or powder foundation-because it's the time of the year when my skin gets extra oily, and my sole brush companion throughout summer is a handy dandy powder brush. Also, I've been wearing powder foundation lately due to my Barre3 classes and my go- to powder brush is Charm's Angled Kabuki Buffer but unfortunately, it's not quite tote-able-I could get a little careless with my stuff sometimes, so I dare not risk that fave brush of mine. I've found a counterpart from the same brand, and it's the new and improved Charm Retractable Powder Brush.


This fluffy thing is cute, but don't underestimate it for it can buff powder seamlessly onto the skin, and its compact shape leaves no powder wasted. 

The bristles are ultra soft and cruelty free. It didn't shed during the first wash, although it doesn't dry up quickly.

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How does it differ from the classic Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush? Well, this one is not ultra dense, which makes it perfect for achieving a lightly tinted, natural- looking finish with powder foundation, and for retouching the T-Zone. The denseness of the retractable Kabuki brush is awesome on loose finishers as it prevents powder patches and residues on the skin.

It's actually a mini version of the Angled Kabuki Buffer: Both have the same denseness, flexibility, and thin tips that give me an airbrushed, soft- focus finish, except that this one does not bear the fabulous angled shape of the latter. I also love using this brush on my Palgantong Powder because it's the only brush that fits inside its small pot!

Overall, I like this brush because it's a handy reincarnation of the Angled Kabuki Buffer. If you're a powder foundation gal, you will find this very useful because it works well with such makeup, not to mention it's easy to lug around too.


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love charm! I have the flat top brush and its so nice! Also love how irt seems to blur my pores. Kya lng medyo marupok un ferrule natanggal agad. Pero i wasnt worried kc nilgyan ko nlng ng super glue.question, how often should u wash ur brush

  2. I really found retractable brush useful at all times and til now I'm still longing to buy one for myself and for my growing profession (I believe it's really essential to have backup brushes). Since I don't have enough moolah to buy one, I use my angled blush brush from Marrionaud (which only costs 150+) as powder and blush brush. Just being practical :)

    Anyways, charm makeup brushes are really promising and has good quality. As I see your reviews are charm brushes, they are dense and works like pro even with its quite affordable price. Will be saving to buy retractable powder brush and it'll definitely be from Charm :) thanks for sharing ms M ♥

  3. Nice work done… You have shared very good information… I enjoyed your post.
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  4. hi ms martha.. i love your reviews about charm brushes.. it always makes me go crazy to have a set of it.. and im happy enough that im lucky to have a set once i had it.. i'll make a review too.. thank you for always inspiring me to blog..

  5. Oh I'll definitely trade my good ol' Kabuki brush for this retractable one from Charm!!! Its being retractable is so convenient because I don't have to put it in another pouch or container just to protect it. I can't stop dreaming of my own Charm brush set since my friend got hers. I'm getting addicted to touching Charm brushes because they're so dense and soft. And I also like the fact that it's made by a Filipina so way to go for Filipina entrepreneurs.

  6. Gotta have this one it's time to dispose my current kabuki brush. I love it's retractable and compact features. I usually use powder foundation so I think this suits me more than my current brush. Inquired already on their FB site..hehe! Thanks for sharing another useful product Ms. M.

  7. I like the fact that it's cruelty free and love the density of this brush based on that one pic you posted here. :) i still have my retractable brush but i will definitely try this out soon. because that other brush is shedding now whenever I wash it. :(

  8. Eloise: Hi there! Thank you for bringing up that concern regarding the ferrules. I'll let Sophie know about it. :) Ideally, you should wash your brushes once a week if you only use them personally, but if you're a makeup artist, it should be at least after every 3 days-that is, if you have clients on a daily basis. Bottomline, once a week will do :)

    Detsy: Sorry to hear about your brush. But hey, isn't that a good excuse to go and buy a new brush? lol enabler mode. :D

    Jec: YAY! I'm sure you'll love this brush! Let me know how it works for you. :)

    Kris: Yes! That's why I am so into Charm: It's a proud local brand, not to mention the owner, Sophie, who's one of my closest blogger friends is such a kind- hearted person. :) That also affects my liking for Charm. :)

    Rhaindropz: Aww...sweet! Thank you for being one of my long-time readers too. :) Hope you get your charm set soon! :)

    Desire: Yes, I do agree that's it's always wise to have back-up brushes in hand. That way, you don't have to wash your brushes often since you have others to use. Since you're a makeup artist, save up for the Charm Pro set. You will love it as it contains a lot of brushes that are really handy for professional use. :)

  9. And I realize that it's really essential to have complete set of makeup brushes (and backup brushes too) everytime I do gigs. Just this morning, I have to swish my angled blush brush in a wet tissue so I can use it for setting everything with a powder (to remove the blush). Hassle it is but don't have a choice as of the moment eh :| Sure to buy Charm if I'm able to save na ;)

  10. Usually if the packaging is too cute like this, I don't trust the product :) Haha. But based on your review, I might consider this, I like kabuki brushes!

  11. wow.. you even know na matagal na akong reader ng blog mo =) haays.. hope to meet you in person po =)


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