Review: Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer in 3 (Medium)

Here's a review on Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer in 3 (Medium)

Price: P1,500.00
Bought From: Shiseido, Greenbelt 5
Other Locations: Please refer to Shiseido Philippines' Facebook fan page


I don't know why, but concealers make me happy. Maybe because I've been dealing with dark under eye circles all my life and this wonder product just makes me look bright- eyed and almost perfect every time? Perhaps, perhaps. Concealers don't only make me happy, but also acquiring them makes me happy and this explains why I bought this Shiseido concealer on a whim-Well, not really. (I'm not as impulsive as you think! :D) There's a teeny weeny reason why I bought it and that is upon swatching, I was amazed at its coverage and quality and went "Oooooohhhhhhhh. So opaque, so solid, so dreamy!" The qualities I'm looking for in a liquid concealer.


Currently, this is Shiseido's only concealer product. It was formulated to be used on the under eyes and facial area to camouflage any discoloration. It's apparently oil- proof, waterproof, and sweat- proof. Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested.


It's loaded with Silicone, Dimethicone, and a couple other -thicones so if you have a known allergy to these ingredients, it's better to stay away. It only comes in one size, which is 10ml.

Click READ MORE if you want a concealer that persists to look natural and stays forever! (lol) :D

The product is housed in a lightweight, solid plastic tube. I like my liquid concealers in tubes because it makes them very easy to use.

This concealer is a very creamy type of liquid-it's not really cream (in the strictest sense) in my opinion. Consistency is smooth, easy to blend and spread, non- sticky, and non- heavy. It is unscented too.

3 is a medium beige shade with yellow undertones. I was hell bent on getting shade number 6 (Honey Miel), but alas, it was out of stock. (Oh woe is me!) I wanted shade 6 because of its salmon undertone, the perfect undertone to completely conceal dark circles. We have 5 shades locally. (1, 2, 3, 4, 6) I went for this color because shade 4 is too dark, shade 2 is decent, but a lil' too light, and shade 1 is well, too light. Shade 3 is more of a tone- unifying shade for me, (not really for intense brightening and superior concealing) and I figured that it would be a unique addition to my concealer collection as most of what I have are either for brightening or camouflaging. Methinks Shade 3 will also suit dark- skinned girls.


Bare under eyes

One layer

If you've noticed, it has an exceptionally natural coverage-I've never used any liquid concealer that looks THIS natural. It settles rapidly and into a semi- matte yet non-drying finish that won't budge so I would advise that you blend it right away before it dries up. It has minimized my dark circles for a bit, albeit it cannot reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and fine lines, but the good news is it doesn't sink into lines. I also thought that since its quite creamy and opaque on my hand swatch, it would smooth out the texture on my under eyes, but it didn't.

Three layers

Most cream-liquid concealers, if you layer it on, tend to look unnatural, cakey, and absorption time takes longer than expected, but this one doesn't. In this photo, can you say that I've piled it on for three times? :)

Staying power is the greatest! It stays and looks exactly the same all day! I wore it once to a hardcore gym session, to a very hot day, and with a foundation that made my skin oil up like crazy and the concealer stayed unaffected. AMAZEBALLS!

I'm fine with shade 3 because it served its purpose, but I think I'll be happier if I got shade 6. Moreover, I also think that it would be lovelier if the shade selection is more varied. If I'm going to take away the shade factor, I'd say that this concealer is worth trying out because its overall quality-especially the wear time-is a force to reckon with--just make sure you get the shade that suits your needs best!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Great review again Ms. Martha. Oooh, i'm in a hunt for good concealer too. But i think i'll pass this one. It's pricey. :)

  2. Oh wow you layered it 3 times? This is totally worht the price!

  3. uhh why do they have to be soo expensive? :(

  4. Definitely worth its price. Thanks for the review Martha. Although I haven't been using concealer na, if ever I'd have the urge to buy one, I'm totally checking this out.


  5. the packaging reminds me of Mary kay Concealer but it only had two shade beige and ivory and priced lower for 300-400php

    i think i saw this also nung shiseido workshop na naattendan ko ms m =) and i think the instructor used #2 hihi =)

    i used concealer also as eyemakeup base =) 1,500php is a little steep for me =( but seeing the overall ratings youve given this product i think it was really worth the price, plus you even roadtest this on gym hihi thumbs up for this product!

  6. Bipolar Bear: Thanks dear! :D If you want something a lil' cheaper, but works something like this, try Zero Kuma. It's around 895php only, I believe. :)

    Rhain: Yup! Agree on the price part-it's soooo expensive, but methinks this will last me for more than a year because I only need a dollop in every use!

    Gellie: Welcome! Glad you liked the review. :)

    Cj: same thoughts! LOL!

    BrownOso: Yup! I even layered it for five times once, and it really persisted to stay natural! :D

  7. The coverage is really great! For the price, it's worth it. Thanks for this review! :)


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