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Here's a review on Colour Collection Lipsticks

Price: P330.00/each
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I therefore conclude, Colour Collection is my favorite local lipstick brand. Quality's just too nice for its price and I like how all their lipsticks, regardless of the finish, don't dry my lips out. Speaking of which, they've just expanded their line and added more luscious colors in timeless formulas.


L-R: Pinkish Nude from the Sheer Line, Red Wine from the Satin Line, and Kissmark from the Matte line. The three lines have 15+ shades.

Sheer- light lipstick with a glossy sheen. Formulated with Vitamin E
Satin- Intense color with a smooth, moisturizing finish. Contains Vitamin E
Kissmark- Bold color with a soft matte finish. Infused with Vitamin E

Click READ MORE for the swatches and my review, and (off topic) know why I don't sport thin brows. :p



This shade is a pale, warm pink shade with a hint of coral. 

The Sheer lipstick is what I call "The Lipstick Your Principal Would Allow You To Wear In School". LOL! Because it's pretty sheer and allows the natural texture of your lips to peep thru, yet covers your them with color nicely-it feels and appears like tinted lip balm to me. It's decent, but my least favorite because I find the payoff a lil' streaky, especially for light colors like this one.


This shade is a semi- dark red with a wine undertone.

The Satin line is intense in all ways: intense pigmentation, intense moisturizing formula, and intense lasting power. I could have a regular meal, few sips of beverage followed with coffee and this lipstick tries its best to stay intact. It still fades though, but for a pretty affordable lipstick, staying power is commendable. Red Wine is a low profile kind of red, but still manages to get attention. Perfect for the discreet.


Kissmark is a bubblegum pink shade.

Want a very affordable matte lipstick that feels comfy and does not dry out your lips? Colour Collection's Matte lipstick line is your friend. Kissmark is a nice bright pink shade, although it's kinda' similar to Bianca Valerio's Confidence Boost Lipstick from the same brand. The upside is, it doesn't look tacky!

So why don't I like sporting thin brows? Because I look like a 15 year old with barely- there beauty arches! I loved sporting this brow look a long time ago, when my blog was still starting and whenever I'd attend events, people kinda' thought of me as someone who's too young to be entrusted with something big. When I started thickening 'em with the help of my trusty brow products, people started seeing me differently and more importantly, as the girl who can do the job! Ah, the wonders makeup can do to you and your life! :D

Anyway, what's your bet? Sheer, Satin, or Matte? I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. All 3 shades looks good on you, you have nice plump lips. Red wine is definitely a steal! I like the satin finish, perfect for a more mature look in the office. Actually all shades are very nice. :)

  2. I love the color of pinkish nude though I prefer matte finish in lippies. This would be heaven sent if it has matte finish and will not dry my lips. Hmmm, I really love how you pull of red lipstick! Sexy and classy. :)
    Hahaha, oh maybe yun ang rason kung bakit di ako masyadong sineseryoso ng iba kong client. My brows! I never know how to take care of them, I just leave them like that.

  3. Though i'm not a nude lipstick fan, the pinkish nude is a pretty color. Perfect for that "i don't want to look made up" look.. :)

  4. I have kiss mark!! i love it!!
    ganda nang consistency!

  5. I want the complete set! I think these three are so versatile.

  6. i love the pin shade! and i love that it's matte! :) they are pretty cheap for a lippie and i can see myself using them. haha. i envy you so much for having soooo many makeups! :)

  7. I really love the Pinkish Nude! Miss Universe peg shade! Who wouldn't want that? :D Unfortunately, it's so hard to find. There's no tupperware brand outlet near us :(

  8. i love all the shades in you ms m =) i dunno where to find a tupperware dealer.. (i want to be a dealer) they have good products to offer..

    packaging reminds me of avon lipstick (old packaging) and what i would love to have this is kung hindi nga sya drying sa lips i would love to have this =)

  9. These are my faves!! Pinkish Nude doesn't look a bit like pink but I like it. It's my current everyday lippie :)

  10. I have all three! :) I must agree that they're all great. My favorite though is Pinkish Nude. It's office-friendly. I like mixing it with a nude-r lipstick as it looks more coral than nude on my lips.

  11. Ravene: Yup! :) I totally recommend this line. :)

    BrownOso: Agree with what you said. :) This is a fool- proof corporate lipstick that working gals can wear in meetings or on any normal days in the cubicle :)

    Angel: It's almost coral for me. I could imagine how nice it is on your skin tone! :)

    Fati and Rhain: Please go to Tupperware PH's FB fan page and ask if there are tupperware resellers in your area. :)

    Tellie: Yup! And very pretty too! :D

    Mary: Thanks! :D Yup, Kissmark is a very beautiful shade. :)

    Maia Rose: Same! I love the matte line because it's so gentle to my dry lips! :)

    Pau B: Yes they are! :D

    Stephanie: Thanks dear! :) I have a brow tutorial here in my blog. Please look for that. :D

    Anne_22: Agree! :D


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