FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Top 4 Good But Very Affordable Concealers

Whoops! Late Fan Mail Fridays post! Because the better part of my day was spent on the busy streets, beating traffic from Q.C. for a meeting, to Makati for a quick boxing session, to Manila to drop off my mom in a party, and now I'm home. Whew! Wasn't even able to check my email the whole day today!

This sweet message (plus a query) is from one of my young readers, L.A.:

Hi Martha! 

I'm L.A, and I'm 16 years old. I'm a make up lover and I love using it, and  
making different looks, even though they said I'm too young for make ups :(  
I'm your reader for a long time. I love reading your blog supeeer! ♥  

Anw, I  just want to ask if you can suggest a concealer that is affordable or  
should I say that can be bought in drugstore/watsons (am I right?) because I'm  
just a student and I'm on a budget. Hihi. :) Also, one that is good for my skin 
and age because I have sensitive skin. I have tried some concealers and  
yet I get easily irritated and have result a redness on my face. -.- I hope 
you can help me ate! :( I'm one your admirers aAe Martha! And hoping that I  
can meet you soon. ♥♥ More blessings ate! 

L.A :) ♥

Hi L.A.!

Hello sweetie! Thank you for being a reader! I guess there's really no right age to start using makeup as long as you use what you only need and the right products for you! So go ahead, have fun with makeup! :)

Anyway!'s hard to recommend products to people with hypersensitive skin because they get irritations easily. (Unless they wanna risk it) To be safe, I'd suggest you go for hypoallergenic and allergy- tested products such as VMV Hypoallergenics and Clinique, although they're a lil' pricey for students. Another option would be Mineral Makeup. There are drugstore products that have mineral makeup lines such as Maybelline and Covergirl, so please check 'em out. :)

Here's my list of affordable makeup concealers that work so nice, you couldn't believe they're very affordable. However, L.A., since you are quite sensitive to concealers, please test them first. :)

Click READ MORE for the list.

This very emollient concealer blends easily and covers up circles gently, and comes in a very handy packaging.

If you're looking for an opaque concealer that will really disguise dark circles, but won't hurt your wallet, this is it. I also love that I get two shades in this product for merely 300 pesos.

- This is one of the first concealers that I fell in love with. It's very soft, easy to blend, and covers well but naturally. Texture is kinda' similar to M.A.C Studio Sculpt Concealer. I got mine for around P300.00+ only from the U.S. when NYX wasn't available here yet.  

- A light but opaque liquid concealer with a long-wearing, semi- matte finish. It comes in a lot of shades too!

There you go, L.A. Hope you liked this post!

To cap off our FMF for today, I just want to share this nice message from one of my readers named Bianca:

Hi Ms. Martha!  

Thank you for answering my question regarding contouring. ;).
Anyway, share ko lang po na I am a housewife and have a 2 year old son.So  
basically, I usually stay at home taking care of my son, and reading your  
blog is really entertaining and makes me forget how I miss going out. So  
now what I do is I read your blog through my phone while watching my son  
play. :) thank you so much for keeping me updated on the latest beauty  
products. God bless you more! Thank you for sharing your blessings to us  
readers. :) 


 Thanks too, Bianca! Hope to see you soon, and have a great weekend, everyone! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow so affordable! But if you were to choose Ms. M, would it be Etude House Surprise Concealer or nyx? I'm torn between them. Pls help me decide. Hehe thanks!

  2. Great post Ms. M! I tried a concealer from Etude House before but it came in a stick form instead.. It covers decently but it clings to dry areas so I didn't repurchase. i mostly used it for my undereyes and it worked okay. Still can't replace my favorite concealer , L.A. Girl Pro Conceal. Hands down the best drugstore concealer out there! xx

  3. I needed this post 'cause I'm looking for cheap yet opaque concealers !

  4. Hello Ate Martha! L.A here! Thanks for answering on my mail. This suggestion are very helpful. Now, I probably can buy a new concealer that I think will not irritate my skin and very affordable. I'll try this one of this product soon. :) Thankyou so much Ate! ♥

  5. Thanks for this post ms m =) the first concealer i have tried is from revlon in medium, i love it and it is love at first use, now im still in hunt of local concealers that could fit into my budget =) and im blessded to try ELF concealer and so far im loving it =)

  6. Yun oh! the question i've been dying to ask haha. Thanks! Now i know the best and cheap concealers out there.

    Thanks! :)

  7. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer also deserves to be on this list. Works like a charm! Very affordable too :)

  8. Angel: I'll try that next! :)

    Tellie: Among the four, I'd recommend Etude House. :)

    Ravene: Finally, right? Welcome! :)

    LA: You're welcome sweetie. :)

    Rhain: Great for you! :) I want to try Revlon's Photoready concealer next. :)

    Jemimah: Heard a lot of good stuff about that too, but sadly, it's always oos! :D

    MJ: I would say etude house. :) very opaque! :)


Thank you for your comments!