Riri Loves MAC Lipstick in Riri Woo and Talk The Talk Review

Here's a review on Riri Loves Mac Lipstick in RiRi Woo and Talk The Talk.

Price: P1,100.00/each
Bought From: MAC, SM Aura
Other Locations: Limited Edition. You can still try MAC Online, CCO Outlets, and other legit online sellers


When RiRi Loves MAC was launched here, I prepared a chant before going to the mall and it goes like this: "No buy mode. No buy mode. No buy mode." Feeling confident with that mantra, I wandered around SM Aura and suddenly found myself right in front of the MAC store and there was RiRi's collection, calling out to me and singin' "Take A Bow." "No buy mode. No buy mode. No buy mode", I said. I peeked at the lipstick counter and saw RiRi Woo and Talk The Talk and I was like" Bajeezas. Why do you have to make super awesome colors, MAC?!" So my No Buy Mode chat went like:

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To cut to the chase, my mantra failed, but I was in a state of Nirvana for I now have the famed colors from RiRi's collection. I was also very lucky because these two were the very last stocks left. It was for me, and that's the reason why I was there right before it went sold out. (Oh yeah I'm justifying LOL!)


Damdamdiram-damdamdiramram. What else can I say about the packaging aside from gorgeous? I like it so much because it's in Rose Gold, it looks pretty classy, and I can spot it easily in the sea of lip products I own. RiRi Loves MAC is limited edition, unfortunately, but I hope you can still find someone or some store that sells it!

Anyway! Click READ MORE for the swatches and my review!


Riri's signature was carved all over the lipstick. 


Riri Woo is a bright red shade with a hint of orange. Texture is not totally Retro Matte, but not as satin-y initially as MAC's regular matte lipstick.

Thought you guys will appreciate a comparison pic because the first time you see RiRi Woo, you'll wonder and say "How is it so special?" 'Ere goes: Russian Red is a tad darker and seems a truer red, while Ruby Woo is richer (in person) and the orange undertone is more prominent. Riri Woo is like a mash-up of the two: It has the glowing redness of Russian Red and the vintage orangey hue of Ruby Woo-I could even see a hint of pink in there.

There are some gals who dislike the strong and serious appeal of Russian Red, and the vampy 'femme fatale' aura of Ruby Woo so RiRi Woo is the perfect in-between shade. How I wish MAC will make this permanent because by far, it's their red lipstick shade that looks absolutely stunning on warm skin tones.


Talk The Talk is a deep burgundy shade with a hint of wine.

This color is sooo Fall! It's like a combination of MAC's Rebel and Diva lipsticks. It takes a lot of guts to pull off this shade though and thankfully, I have guts. :D

My only problem with it is, it's very draggy and finish is very patchy. After 30 minutes of wearing it, I could see solid, burgundy lines on my bottom lip. :/ Best way to apply it is by using a lip brush-exfoliating your lips and prepping it with lip balm will also help big time. Oh, RiRi Woo is a lil' drying too.

Despite the cons I've mentioned, I'm still in love with these lippies. I'm wearing Talk The Talk tonight in my Halloween Date Night with the BF!


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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Talk the Talk is also the perfect shade if you'd like to play vampire this Halloween!

  2. I saw my boss wearing the Talk that talk shade and it looks so classy..

  3. woooooooow ms m! now i know why you failed to "NOT buy anything" hahaha.. i love love love the MAC RIRI WOO on your lips plus the packaging of the Riri Loves Mac Lippie is SUPERB! hay it looks like my WnW in PURTY PERSIMMON when applied heavier on lips.. so gorgeous shade i could agree!

  4. Ms. M is 'Talk That Talk' the lipstick you were wearing during the Sample Room event? I love my RiRi Woo but that 'Talk that Talk' shade looks so beautiful on you :) <3

  5. I was able to purchase Riri Woo but the texture is just so unforgiving so I just use my lipglass over it. I wasn't able to get Talk that Talk though. :( *cry*

  6. Ms M.. I have the same problem, it was very chalky.. I still can't find the trick to keep it lines-free...And its only at the bottom-lip. :| What kind of LipBalm do you use to prep? Thanks!

  7. My golly! Just when I told myself that I don't want to see any Mac talk that talk photo over the net because I don't have budget for now! So hard to commit! Haha. I cannot deny the fact that I'm starting to love dark shade lippies! xx

  8. Riri woo is perfect for everyday <3

  9. Riri woo is perfect for everyday <3

  10. Hahaha. I love iiit! Especially your "No Buy Mode" chant. Panalo! I feel the same way every time I saw a makeup! Ü MAC Talk The Talk looks good on you ate. Just like your were seducing someone through your lips! Jkk. Hahaha =)))

  11. I love the justification! Haha. True, pag last piece na lang, it's a sign na sayo na sya. That's my justification din lagi. Hihi.. I love the Talk that Talk shade, very madame-ish.. :)

  12. I am already in love with the existing Riri Woo and now this! I love this packaging... I expected the Retro Matte finish to be drying for me (coz I got dry lips!) so I always use a bit (just a lil bit) of lip balm before putting it on. Solves my prob! Now I hope Santa will send me this new one during Christmas Eve. :) Also the Talk The Talk looks so vampy and sexy. Kering keri mo sis!

  13. Talk the talk is superb!! I love the shade, pigmentation and texture. Looks good on you!

  14. The packaging is great! Rose gold is so into trend talaga. The red lipstick suits your skin. Cute rin nung red wine lipstick. I've also noticed that mac lippies can make your lips dry and crack talaga.

  15. I got Riri Woo, and I am totally regretting it! Wish I bought Talk the Talk instead. :( Riri woo is such a close shade to Ruby Woo IMO, that you can't really tell the difference between the two. At least for me ha? :P Darn it! Really wish I bought Talk the Talk instead! Seeing you wearing it makes me seriously tempted to buy one for myself! Don’t know if its available in Mac stores though, but I have seen some floating around online, which brings me to my question: Where do you recommend buying Mac products? Personally, I've been buying mine at Mac stores, but I noticed that a lot of people have been buying theirs in online shops. I'm just wondering why they do that. I mean, sometimes there's only like 50 pesos difference when you but it online, so why not buy it directly from the store na lang diba? At least you're sure that it's authentic! What's your take on this? Am I missing something out here? Should I buy Mac online na din? :)

  16. I used to use the Talk the talk type of shade when I was younger. Sadly, it would be a bit awkward to use it in my line of work. However, I love the Riri Woo. I am a bit on the morena side and I really don't go well much with any Red Shade unless it has an orange undertone... it is so perfect. Most of my lipsticks are of the nude, broownish color. Its kinda hard me to pick the right shade especially if I couldn't try it on..
    The packaging reminds me of a bullet :D An expensive bullet :D

  17. Waaaa I want Talk the Talk! I don't own any deep red yet, and it looks really pretty on your morena skin, so I'm guessing this will probably look good on me too..hehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  18. Talk the talk is definitely MY color.

    I already have Ruby Woo, so I'll pass on Riri Woo. Thankful I'm not a sucker for pretty packaging.

  19. Thanks for commenting, girls! :D

    Ella_Monique: EEK! Sorry for the date reply. Thanks for the kind words. People do that because I think they' think price difference is huge between the mac stores and online shops when in fact, it's just minimal. They also go to online shops for limited edition mac items. Lanelle Boutique sells authentic MAC stuff and she's one of the trusted ones on Instagram. :) I buy MAC online, but I go for the unavailable items and to be sure that i'm getting the legit stuff. :)

    Anj: Hello there and welcome to my blog! For this particular lipstick, I use Burt's Bees because it's matte and compliments the finish of the lipstick. :)

    Yette: Yes, that's it. :D

  20. The packaging is girly, but the colors inside are punk. That's Rihanna right there, a makeup collab that fits the artist's personality perfectly. :)



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