Majolica Majorca Brow Customize in BR660 Review

Here's a review on Majolica Majorca Brow Customize in BR660.

Price: Brow Customize Sword Cut- P295.00/Brow Customize Holder- P225.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Majolica Majorca counters in leading department stores

Pardon the dirty surface-I know, I have to go and look for a new white cloth for my light box! :p


Lemme guess. Some of you might have this in your beauty resolutions list: Fix/Shape/Groom my brows. Did I get it right? :D

It is no secret that the future of your brows lies in the hands of the brow aesthetician (or you), but to make its future a lil' brighter, you also need good products. My all- time favorite brow products are Benefit Brow Zings and MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme-they're both pricey, but here's a recent favorite of mine and the good news is, it's super budget- friendly!


Brow Sword Customize, folks, is one of Majolica Majorca's best- sellers. I believe there are two shades for this product.

Shiseido loves recycling and refills, thus you'd have to buy the entire thing separately.

The first part is the Brow Customize Holder. This set contains the spoolie and the body of the pencil-this is the also the recyclable set.

The second part is the product. This is the part that you throw away and replace with the pencil shade of your choice.

Just fit the spoolie and product in the ends of the body and voila, it's ready to go!

Click READ MORE for the full review and swatches on this awesome drugstore brow product!

The nice thing about this product is it's patterned after a sword (that's why it's called Sword Cut!). It has a chiseled tip that creates clean, slim lines and perfectly fits the natural curves of your brows. I don't know why the Japanese has this affinity with the sword though (Proof? Shu Uemura has a Sword Pencil for the brows too)-could be a cultural thing, I guess. Speaking of swords, my brother loves 'em and he has a collection here at home. :D

BR660 is a nutty dark brown shade, a shade that fits almost all Filipinas because most of us have naturally black-brown and dark brown hair. It's a cream pencil, but a hardened type of cream and you don't get residues on your hair strands, and payoff is matte. I also like that it's quite easy to use. Pigmentation is very good, but controllable: You can go from light to heavy which means you can use it to fill in gaps, map your brows, or shade the whole thing, although texture is a little hard and could be a little dragging for your follicles and skin. If you've noticed, the product is exposed to air and doesn't come with any cap at all so it tends to become even harder and drier after a while. How do you solve it? I propose three ways:

1. Run the pencil on a lighted candle or lit up lighter for about two seconds to soften the tip. Let it cool down for ten seconds or touch it carefully to check if it's ready to use.
2. Warm it up on the back of your hand by rubbing it on for a couple of times until the tip softens up
3. Grab a sheet of wet tissue and rub the pencil on it until the color transfers.


Bare brow

Brow Customize used to map brows

Brow Customize used to shade brow.

It's waterproof and doesn't budge even with sweat and sebum yet you can brush, spread, and even it out after application. You can remove it easily with cleansing oil/emulsion/cream.

Overall, this is a very, very nice product because quality is very good, doesn't look unnatural, affordable, and is very efficient because it already comes with its own spoolie. You can bring it anywhere for quick touch-ups since it's very compact. Just be sure to warm it up before usage so you won't apply too much pressure on your skin and hair strands.


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have this and you're right it's awesome. I used to use the grey one from Etude House but that thing is always out of stock.

    Glad I found this pencil.

  2. Looks and sounds like a nice product! No wonder MM's famous for their different types of brow fixes! What I use is the one from ELF, I love it because it's super affordable and does its job! I would love to try something like this though once I hit pan with ELF's! Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha! xx

  3. Yes you're so right! That's one of my makeup resolutions this year. I need to learn how to groom my own eyebrows wahh. I feel bad having to pay for brow grooming specialists because they're not cheap. Thank goodness my cousin is an aspiring MUA and she always grooms my thick brows for free bwahaha. I already have something like this Sword Cut pencil and it really takes quite a while to finish. Thanks for the review! The technique you shown looks really useful, will try to apply it as you did!

  4. This is currently my brow kit and it is very easy to shape your brows with this. I agree with your review ms. M. Since brows can make or break our look we should define it very good and majolica's brow set kit are very good yet affordable.

  5. I have this love and hate relationship with Shiseido's refills/recycling idea. Haha! Pero sabagay, it helps mother earth and it'll only hurt your pocket on your first purchase when you have to buy a case and the product itself. Anyway, do you think this is okay with sensitive skin? Ive noticed that brow powder gives me pimples. :(

  6. One of my must haves :D I really wanted to try majolica's brow products.
    I had been practicing a lot with my brows lately since they are a bit uneven and unbalanced and I think I am making an improvement already..even people at work are!
    A product that would make my life easier is definitely in my list.

  7. awesome glad i saw these post of yours Ms. Martha :) i'm really having a difficult time shaping my eyebrows with the use of pencil cause i always sharpen it first before using. Will surely put these on my list ^_^

  8. I do love the MM Brow Colorist so I'll give this one a chance.

  9. I do love the MM Brow Colorist so I'll give this one a chance. xo, Nikki P.

  10. I have yet to try anything from Majomajo, but this may be the first one I try. I love brow products and this looks to be a great one!

  11. Brow products are my fave so I love this review. :) I am on the look out for a good eyebrow pencil since my physician's formula pencil bid goodbye already. This looks promising and it's affordable!

  12. I love this! But why do they have it separate? I have very thin eyebrows (as in thin!) you think it will not be too obvious that I use this if ever?

  13. Hi martha, I would like to ask if this won't budge even if I go swimming? really need your help!pretty please ♥ what do you recommend na eyebrow product that would surely stay on my brows...

  14. Rae: Just bought a back up! :D

    Febmin: Haven't worn it to swimming yet, but to the gym yes, pretty much resists water, but don't rub it though. :D

    Roxanne: The Japanese really love making refillable products. :) Nope it won't as long as you apply gradually and blend. :)

    Ravene: Yup! You'll like it. One of my best finds last year. :)

    Becomingsleek: High five! Brow products love here. I think you'll love this. :)

    GirlbehindglasseS: I love that stuff too! :D

    Blissful makeup junkee: Hi and welcome to my blog! Glad you liked it. This is automatic so I think this will surely suit your preference. :)

    Rizza: This one is cream, but it's the dry type-not the one that will clog pores. Best to do is test it first. :)

    Winnie: Yay! Good job! It's okay if your brows are not super symmetrical though because in truth, they're really not. :D

    Allyzon: True that ! :D Hope you can try it. :)

    Kat C: Cool! Wish I know someone who'll do my brows for free too haha. :D Glad you learned something from this post! :)

    Jemimah: I use this and the lash brow colorist to get really nice brows without having to spend a fortune-I alternate it with Brow Zings and MAC FLuidline. :)


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