Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks in 04 Review

Here's a review on Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks in 04.

Price: P590.00
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Canmake's Glow Fleur Cheeks is, hands down, one of the CUTEST blushes that has ever graced the planet. Another huge, huge plus is it looks quite luxe despite its affordable price and powder texture is quite nice. Let's check out this cutie!


Glow Fleur Cheeks is part of the Kawaii Spring/Summer 2014 collection. It's a blush and highlighter in one and comes in four shades.

It couldn't get any more Kawaii than this. The blush is so graphic, and it really reminds me of Summer and that it's super nice to be a girl! :D

Each Glow Fleur Cheek blush comes in an ornate plastic compact. Thanks to the curvy sides, the compact looked a lil' bit extraordinary. The brush that goes with it is super soft and it did not shed during the first wash-I even read that the girls at are raving about this brush. Well for one, I think it is because it's cute, the bristles are in the color white which makes it easier for you to gauge if it's time to rinse it or not, and it's REALLY soft. However, I find it a bit small to blend the blush properly onto my skin.

More about this subtle blush after the cut!

Basically, you get five colors in one compact. You can use them individually, although I think that's gonna require some effort. Now if you swirl the colors together, you get a light peach shade with a teeny weeny hint of pink. Pigmentation is light to medium, and finish is matte with a hint of glow. The shimmer is almost unnoticeable and I noticed that it discreetly brightens up the color. I like that I don't see chunks of shimmer on my skin. Texture of the powder is very smooth and fine, there is very minimal fall out, and it's quite easy to blend. I like using my Suesh Blush Brush on this product.


Three layers of the blush

I like that this product doesn't look too powdery on my cheeks-in fact, it's so subtle that it's almost one with my skin tone that's why I use it to highlight my nose line, chin, and forehead too. However, I just find the intensity too subtle for my liking and the shade a lil' light for my skin tone-I have to layer it for at least three times for the color to appear. Teens will love this product because it's very foolproof and oh-so-natural, and even women who love sporting the au naturel look. Staying power is pretty good as it lasts a good 4 hours on my cheeks before I retouch. It's affordable, cute, tote-able, and quality is pretty good so I would recommend it to those who are looking for a very subtle and very wallet- friendly blush and highlighter in one. I just wish they'd add more warm skin- friendly shades.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooh this blush is sooo cute! I would love to have this blush just for the cute design and packaging.

  2. it's so cute! Nakakahinayang sirain..haha! I got their powder blush and the brush is really soft..i love this floral blush though..i love natural looks.. :)

  3. The packaging is indeee cute, but I find it a little too pink for my liking, not to mention that pink doesn't flatter my cheeks in general. Maybe if there's a more peachy variant of this blush, I might try this one..

  4. I much prefer sleek packaging to cute ones, but blush inside would make an excellent highlighter. I don't think I'd use it alone though, because it's too light. With another, similarly shaded blush? Perfect.

  5. one of the cutest blush i have seen. :) Luvit. <3

  6. Kat: LOL! Same! :D

    Leilani: :)

    Matromao: Thanks for sharing. This one is very compact, IMO. :)

    Jesselle: Hi! I believe they have a peachy one. :) Just check it out in Canmake Glorietta :)

    RM: Oh I know what you mean! :D

  7. I just bought this but in Pink! I love that I can mix it up or use one side for a different look. I love it!


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