Happy Skin's Summer Collection!

 One of the fastest- growing homegrown beauty brands, Happy Skin, wows us this season with their sizzling summer collection. Happy Skin took us all to a lovely island hopping afternoon in the city, in the gorgeous Gramercy Residences, where we all reveled in fun, conversations, laughter, cocktails, and of course, makeup!

 The Island Hopping (or should I say, Product Hopping) activity introduced us to their newest products that we should all look forward to. Love the sand, shell, and beach paraphernalia-makes me look forward more to my beach trip this April! :D

Ready to go Island Hopping? Then click READ MORE now! :)

 With all that makeup, it's just fitting for Happy Skin to release a makeup remover. The new Make A Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Cleanser removes makeup and revitalizes skin at the same time. Micellar Water is from France and it's treasured for its micelle molecules that are proven powerful in trapping dirt and oil. Retails at P599.00.

 With Model-turned-Doctor Anna Palabyab-Rufino. :)

 The next island is all about sight- seeing. Here's Maggie Wilson- Consunji, Beauty Queen-turned-Makeup Artist talking about the new eye and brow pencils from Happy Skin.

 Eye Love View combines a marker and a pencil so you can achieve natural or dramatic coverage for your brows that can last up to 24 hours-all with just one product. Retails at P799.00.

 Eye Am Here To Stay is a gel pencil that's gentle, pigmented, supremely waterproof, and contains Argan Oil to care for your eyelids. It comes in three shades: Chic Brown, Peppermint, and Black and retails at P799.00 as well.

 This next Island is the most colorful in my opinion because it features the new and limited edition shades of Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies, and new shades of Get Cheeky With Me Blush!

 The new shades of their best- selling lippie are as follows: The Morning After, Sunset Kiss, and Summer Crush. The three are sold individually (P549.00/each) and as a set-it's better to get the set because it's P1,249.00 only and you get to save almost P400.00. The three shades are basic and very wearable so no penny will be wasted!

 The new lippies have their very own complimenting Get Cheeky With Me blushes too!

 Last island was hosted by the fab Lourd Ramos. He introduced us to the new Feeling Sculptacular Contouring and Highlighting Kit!

 Feeling Sculptacular combines two, universal matte powders for contouring and highlighting so you can put your bronze on or define your facial structure in one go. It also comes with a handy cheat sheet, which is so perfect for newbies! Retails at P1,199.00

As always, it was a fun day because I was with these crazy, beautiful girls! :D

Happy Skin's Summer Collection is now available in select Plains 'N Prints and Beauty Bar stores. Just visit HAPPY SKIN on Facebook for more information about these products! Btw, I'm in love with the Sunset Kiss lippie! :D

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The lippies are a must have! It's super cute even from just the packaging!

  2. So wanting that contour kit!!!

  3. i'm so happy that Filipino brands are stepping up! if i had unlimited cash, i would buy all of Happy Skin's products... i love their very vibrant packaging... and i'm only hearing good things about the products... would love to try them out once their available where i am...

  4. I can't wait to get my hands on them! Thanks Martha :)

  5. Awww... the contour and highlight kit is soooo cute! The blushes are lovely din, I hope they'll be available in any beauty stores nationwide.

  6. Becomingsleek: Not only that, the colors are so gorgeous as well!

    Lipstickaddict: Welcome! :D And thanks for visiting too!

    Majorie: Or better yet, hope they'll have their own store soon! :D

    Pau: Me too!

    Cat: I would suggest the lippies for your first Happy Skin product, if you do spot them. Quality's really superb. :)

  7. i love the shades of their lippies!! all i can say is the packaging of their product is so kawaii..


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