Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow.

Price: P375.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Maybelline counters in leading department stores and drugstores


My eyeshadow of choice during Summer or on any lazy day? Cream Eyeshadows! These babies are quite underrated, but gaad, I can attest on how this product makes life easier for each and every gal who wants to cop a colorful look with no effort at all! Gals should be singing praises about this product. You just pick 'em up, smudge 'em on your lids and you're done for the day-that won't even take more than 3 minutes! They might seem a little daunting, but just give it a try and watch how these babies change the way you do eye makeup!

I'll show you how to work Cream Eyeshadows HERE!

Cream Eyeshadows are awesome because almost all brands offer them in long-wearing and waterproof formulas-so that means it's eyeshadow and eye primer in one, and they even double as bases for powder eyeshadows and as eye liners. The good ones, without a doubt, are made by premium brands, but props to Maybelline for coming up with a budget- friendly, but great cream shadows called Color Tattoo. They're so nice that you couldn't believe they're super affordable!


Color Tattoo is the latest offering of Maybelline in the eye makeup department. It boasts of its 24-hour no smudge, no cake, and non-smearing formula, ink technology that produces a super saturated color, and Cream-Gel texture for easier and efficient blending. I've got 8 colors and I believe this is everything we've got locally. (Feel free to correct me though!) It's also ophthalmologist- tested and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

 Swatching these gorgeous babies for you after the cut!

Tenacious Teal- bright teal shade with teal and silver shimmer
Barely Branded- cream champagne with silver shimmer
Audacious Asphalt- gunmetal gray with silver shimmer
Painted Purple- midtone violet with violet frosting
Gold Rush- true gold shade with gold shimmer
Edgy Emerald- sea green with green frosting
Bad To The Bronze- brown-bronze with silver frosting
Inked In Pink- muted pink with silver frosting

Texture is super smooth, emollient, and blendable, and consistency is somewhere in between cream and silicone. Product is unscented. The shadows have a uniform frost finish and pigmentation is medium to heavy. It also sets efficiently and doesn't feel heavy on the lids. 

By far, it's the only cream eyeshadow that lets me use two or three of the same kind all at once. Normally, you should use cream eyeshadow with powder eyeshadow, but the unique texture of Color Tattoo allows me to use two or three of it at the same time! Amazeballs.


Inked In Pink mixed with Bad To The Bronze

TIP: You can use your fingers in applying this product. If you want to mix two or three colors at the same time, a flat shader brush is a favorable tool.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is one of my fave shades because it's the kind of gold eyeshadow that I'm looking for and it somewhat turns sheer when applied on the lids-it's not strikingly and oddly gold, but still manages to give my eyes a warm, golden glow!

Tenacious Teal used as eyeliner

The 24-hour claim is not just marketing-it does stay intact the whole day with zero creasing and fading! Color Tattoo is a staple in my bag-specifically in my gym bag-because it glams me up easily whenever I have to attend an event right after working out. I have very oily lids and wore this for numerous times without an eye primer and it stayed put! I think every gal should have at least one pot of cream eyeshadow in her life and if you're finally convinced by my opening statement (lol), consider Color Tattoo because it truly does what it says and just look at the pot-it's quite huge! I just wish that there are more basic colors to choose from. Nevertheless, it gives you the bang for your buck!


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  1. Shirle Samonte LimApril 24, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    I wanna try these! Looks amazing!

  2. Love the teal :) so nice for our brown eyes! kala ko mag paint po talaga kayo nung unang tingin ko kala ko for real na canvas un pala face ang canvas:)

  3. i like Bad to the Bronze!!! I think I'm gonna get one! :)

  4. shirle: Go ahead! :D

    Issa: Goooo! :D

    Lei: Haha. Got you there! :D

  5. so lovely :)) i prefer cream or matte over the powder ones.


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