Sulfate- Free Shampoos and Conditioners to Try

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To prevent my hair from drying out further, I alternate regular hair cleansers with sulfate- free ones, then do intensive conditioning at the end of each week, preferably Saturday. As we all know, sulfates are great cleansers, but they just leave your locks dry and brittle. Sulfate- free cleansers help me retain that much needed scalp oil to condition my hair, the natural way. Here are some great sulfate- free shampoos and conditioners I've tried and I'll be glad to share 'em with you after the jump!

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Shampoo and Conditioner

Snoe's famed Hair Heroes line is just one of the nicest sulfate- free hair cleansers around, not to mention they're packed with wonder ingredients such as Argan Oil, Emu Oil, Acai, Avocado Oil, and Macadamia Nut Oil to name a few. Each variant is almost P500.00 only and the conditioners can double as hair masks too. Invisible Wonder, despite its sulfate- free formulation, still produces a good amount of suds so you still get that fresh and clean feeling sans the drying SLS and SLES!

L'oreal Ever Pure

No budget for Kerastase? Then check out L'oreal's Ever Pure line. It's proudly sulfate- free, but just like Snoe's Invisible Wonder, the shampoo produces lots of bubbles as well, which is due to its coconut oil- derived foaming agent. There's a complimenting sulfate- free hair mask too.

If you're on a budget, there's still a sulfate- free shampoo and conditioner that's right for you and that's Human Heart Nature. It contains Coconut Oil and comes in three sizes: 50ml, 100ml, and 500ml. The smallest size is around P45.00 only while the biggest is around P320.00. The conditioner is my favorite because it's so rich and really softens my locks.

Absynthe Bath and Beauty Hair Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair Goddess excels in many ways because it's a clarifying, nourishing, and softening product. Both products contain Argan and Emu oil. The conditioner is a great detangler while the shampoo doubles as a body wash as well!

Chroma Captive is Kerastase's range that specifically cares for color- treated hair. It's devoid of SLS and SLES because fyi, both ingredients diminish the life and vibrance of hair color. What's more is, it can also prolong color vibrance for up to 40 days.

My Amazing Blow-Dry Secret

My newest hair care range to date. Aside from being SLS- free, this trio speeds up my hair's drying and blow-drying time. Amazing is really the right word to describe this product! :)

Got your own favorite sulfate- free shampoos and conditioners? Share 'em with us! We'd love to know!

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  2. Thank a lot for sharing these! Now there's more options to try for my hair than the usuals that you can see in the grocery. :3

    Btw, I'm intrigued with the Human Nature Moisturizing Conditioner since it soften your hair. Does it really come in a Vanilla scent? (I'm a sucker for vanilla-scented stuff <3 ) and is it okay with colored-hair?

  3. I'm using Hair Goddess Shampoo and conditioner right now and I love how it smells. Actually I won it in a giveaway 1 shampoo and 2 conditioners I'm using it more than a month now and I'm planning to purchase it soon!

    Now the "The Amazing Blow Dry Secret" Is that the one they use in "blo" blow dry bar. Because we recently we went there and I love how my hair feels after they blow dry it. I have a thick and wavy hair and it took them just like 20 mins to blow dry it and my hair really looks good. (Pangcommercial LOL) How much are those? Is that all sold together or I can buy per piece?

    Thanks for this post will try the other products you mentioned ^^

  4. Yna: Cool! Thanks for sharing your experience. The conditioner is my favorite. :) You can buy the my amazing blow dry secret products as a set and it'll come out much cheaper. You can find them in Beauty Bar, strip manila, and tokyo posh boutiques. :)

    Lei: Hi there! Yes, because it's sulfate- free. :)

  5. Where do you buy the L'oreal shampoo?

  6. Hi, is all your products okay with bleached, colored hair? Thank you :)

  7. I wish you indicated where we can buy those products as for me Im using Loreal EverPure but I can only get it in Landmark Makati.

  8. Pro Naturals is my favorite, makes my hair look so healthy !!


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