FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How I Sanitize My Makeup

Having studied in UP Diliman, I spent most of my days around frat and sorority groups, and I've had my fair share of being recruited too. Whatever tempting benefit they offered, I was firm with my decision that no, I will never join these groups. I really couldn't justify the reason why applicants should be beaten to a pulp or worse, beaten to death during initiation. If you call this a family, why would you beat up or kill your brothers and sisters?

For the record, I do not intend to generalize. I know a lot of people who are frat and sorority members (some of them are my closest friends even), and they're doing just fine in their chosen groups-they also told me once that their initiation is not as brutal as some think--BUT there are some egoistic groups out there that don't value life at all, and I can't believe that they're existing and given the permission to operate!

A life wasted on a paddle. A life that could have changed the future for the better. My heart goes out to the recent victim of hazing in DLSU-CSB. I pray that justice will be served to very soon.

Whew! That was pretty heavy. I don't want to end your week with a sad news so I digress-let's go back to our regular programming!

In today's FMF, I shall share with everyone how I sanitize my makeup. Question is from Cathy:

Hi Martha! 
I just want to ask how you clean/sanitize your makeup? Looking forward to your tips! 
All the best,


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Hey Cathy!

Thanks for this question because you just reminded me that I have to sanitize my makeups asap! I have way too many makeups so I sanitize them per batch (lip products, powders/eyeshadow, brushes) because if I sanitize all at the same time, it will take me two straight days, non-stop!

How do I sanitize my makeup? I'll be sharing them with you after the cut. :)

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- For most of my makeups, I only use isopropyl alcohol with moisturizers so the texture of my makeup won't become too dry. I transfer alcohol onto an atomizer bottle and spray away on lipsticks and lip gloss applicators, while on lip balm, I use an antibacterial wet wipe-I don't know how lip balm will react to alcohol (especially the natural ones) so I use a wet wipe instead.

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- For powders and blush, I use an antibacterial wet wipe as well because I don't like how their textures turn out once sprayed with alcohol. For eyeshadows, however, I spray alcohol on them as it will be too tedious if I use the wet wipe technique!


- I always make it a point to wash my brushes every week (my favorite brush soap is Clean Brush Shampoo) because unlike makeups, they don't have preservatives that will inhibit the growth of bacteria. If I don't have much time, I use J and C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush.


- FYI, I have a collection of false eyelashes. Even if I don't use them often, I love having a couple so I'm ready whenever I need 'em! For my natural, thin falsies, I dilute alcohol in water to neutralize the former and I spray it directly on the curved part that hits my lids. For thicker falsies, I spray alcohol straight on them.

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- I only use a regular shampoo and body wash to clean my sponges. With eyelash curlers, I use an antibacterial wet wipe too on the body and rubber pad.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks so much for the tips! This post reminded me to clean my brushes asap :P

    xo, Pau

  2. Thank you so much for these tips, reminding me also to sanitize my makeups especially my brushes! :)

  3. I never have thought that you should clean your makeup but I do clean my tools and everything this is something new I have learned thanks for sharing ^_^

  4. I use wet wipes too in cleaning my makeups.

  5. i didnt know that you can sanitize powders too! great tip ms martha will do that from now on!

  6. Never knew anything about these tips except for the brushes. haha This really helps :))

  7. Because it's tedious to clean all the makeups, I just don't clean them at all! I prevent further contamination instead, by using spatula to carryout the product or I don't double dip my brush. Sounds very OC but practical actually ;)

  8. I use alcohol in an atomizer bottle then spray it on almost anything then wipe it with tissue. I do this everyweek. Thanks for the other tips!

  9. I also can't completely comprehend the essence of hazing in fraternities--their reason/s for doing such act is too shallow and twisted for me.It's madness, they punish (or whatever they call it)someone who wants to join the group for the sake of the so-called "exclusivity," and then call themselves family. Tsk,tsk.

    Anyway, regarding the fanmail- I love the tips Miss Martha, these are all new to me:) I'll do it asap.Have a great weekend to you and to all the beauty junkees:)

  10. Oohh.. Didn't think about that wet wipe technique! Honestly, i really don't clean my makeup because in my head, "im the only one who uses these, so there's no chance of transferring bacteria"
    I only clean my makeup tools with soap and conditioner.. But i'll definitely start cleaning my makeup as they're not that tedious naman pala

  11. I tried to sanitize lipstick with wipes... Do they ever leave fibers? I don't like using them because they tend to leave a lot of fibers..

  12. I also use wipes and alcohol for my makeup. For brushes, olive oil plus antibacterial dishwasher liquid, cheaper and very effective!

  13. I only use wet wipes when cleaning make up cosmetics! But thanks for the info thene!

  14. I agree with what you said about the frat and sororities, but I personally think that if you know to yourself that your body cannot handle the pressure because you're sickly or whatever, You shouldn't join because before joining you should have at least a little knowledge about what's bound to happen.


    Thank you for this!! :) i've been cleaning my make-up brushes by washing them with detergent and it was super sticky after :( and I saw somewhere that you can also clean it by vinegar? hmm what do you think about that? have you tried it?

    isopropyl Alcohols are really helpful talaga, I use it rin whenever my compact powders/blushes ay sira and durog then viola buo ulit hehe :)

  15. Tellie: Hey there! I use the premium ones like Nivea-this particular brand does not leave lints on my lippies!

    Kim: I understand, but the point is, why should this be considered important in initiations? There are definitely non-violent ways out there that are worth considering!

    Anyway, Nope, haven't tried vinegar and I wouldn't dare because of the smell! :p

    Dio: I find that on some synthetic bristles, olive oil leaves a tough residue so I don't use it na. Instead, I use j&c super clean solutions because it has peppermint oil that loosens up hardened liquid residues on the bristles. :)

    Eddielli: welcome! :)

    Anne22: we carry bacteria too so it's important to sanitize makeup once in a while. :)

    Jen: thanks for your insight. :)

    Marielle: I agree with the spatula thing, but not practical for someone like me who's always busy. :p

    Betsy: glad to have imparted something useful to you today via this post! :)

    Majorie, Pau, Sincere, and Carmela: Welcome! :)


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