Benefit Cosmetics Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm in Lolli Balm, Bene Balm, Cha Cha Balm, and Posie Balm.

Price: P1,000.00 each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in the following Benefit Cosmetics branches: Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Mall, Rustan's Makati, SM MOA, Trinoma Mall.


Sometimes, I feel that I already have a ton of lip balms to last me a lifetime, but when I saw Benefit's new Hydrating Tinted Lip Balms, I thought to myself: "Hey, I could accommodate four more!" LOL. Truly, I say, a Beauty Blogger can never have enough makeup! :D

Benefit's Lip and Cheek Tint's are one of the greatest (I'm a fan that's why I'm saying this) tints in the world and it's just fitting to have a whole new range inspired by this classic-I like it when brands expand their classics because you'll never go wrong with them!


This new product is an ultra moisturizing lip balm made with Sodium Hyaluronate and Mango Butter to condition and soothe lips. Designed to be sheer yet buildable, you can layer it on to get a considerable color coverage or swipe on top of Benefit's Lip and Cheek tints for a glossy tint. It comes in four variants: Bene Balm, Cha Cha Balm, Posie Balm, and Lolli Balm.

Benefit has never failed us again in the 'Cute Packaging' department-hands down, these are the cutest lip balms I've seen to date! They can even pass off as fat, neon pen highlighters, but in playful packaging! :D

 Lip balms when opened.

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L-R: Cha Cha Balm, Bene Balm, Posie Balm, and Lolli Balm

These lip balms have sheer to medium coverage and a melting texture: they feel so plush, so soothing, and are so spreadable, but I wouldn't dare leave them inside a car parked under the sun (or anywhere hot and humid) because I'm pretty sure they will melt. Consistency is more than a lip balm: it's almost like lip butter and is very comparable to The Body Shop's Lip Butters, but this one is in a more handy and sanitary packaging, and is a lot less thicker. The lip balms' fragrance is inspired by their respective Lip and Cheek Tint counterparts, and Bene Balm is my favorite! 

However, as good as they are, I just feel that they're a little pricey for a lip balm.


Bene Balm

- a rose tinted lip balm

 Bene Balm is a Rose Red shade that gives you that slightly bitten stain.

Cha Cha Balm

- a mango tinted lip balm

Cha Cha Balm is the lightest among the four and methinks its color will come out more on fairer skin tones, although I do like the way it blurs out my lip lines!

 Lolli Balm

- a candy orchid shade

My second favorite, next to Bene Balm! This pale pink-orchid shade looks so nice on warm skin tones-I'm also a fan of its Lip and Cheek Tint counterpart, Lollitint!

Posie Balm

- a pale pink tinted lip balm

This milky pink shade gives you that spring- time vibe-Posie Tint has never looked good on my skin tone, but this one did, surprisingly!

These lip balms have pretty good staying power due to their emollient, semi- thick consistency- of course you still need to reapply it during wear, but it's not the type that evaporates or fades away after a few minutes. I've been using these (especially Bene Balm) for two days in a row now and they really do keep my puckers moist and soft the entire day, and I like that they leave the right amount of stain for that 'barely there' look. Other than the price, I think these lip balms are pretty great because they deliver!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yep, cha cha balm looks good on you! :)

  2. Aww.. Looking at your picture, I thought it was a lipstick. It's tinted lip balm pala. That's very opaque for a tint ha. and just wow, it's expensive. Mango Butter? That's sounds delicious... Bene balm -> you remind me of Sarah Lahbati. I like the Cha cha balm.

  3. I love the packaging as well. But it's kinda pricey nga for a tinted lip balm. And the shades are almost the same. I think the red one would have a reddish color. But that's just for me ah. But it looks opaque which is good.

  4. been waiting for this review!!! yeah expensive for a balm but it looks great on you! which do you prefer by the way? the benefit tints or these balms?

  5. I'm not really an expert with Lipsticks, but I love the shades of Benefit Cosmetics!:) They look great on you too!

  6. I <3 Bene Balm! I Amp up the staying power of the lip color by wearing Benetint under it. Also, I wear it under high beam on cheeks for a healthy, dewy glow.

  7. You're rocking the Posie Balm nicely. Personally, I'm not inclined to grab one of these. Nanghihinayang kasi ako sa price. Tinted lip balm for 1k? Eh de MAC sheer lipstick na lang. This was the one Benefit product line I didn't really get, but I'm still a fan of the tints. They're lovely. --Matromao

  8. Hi Martha :) May I ask what your top brand is for make up? Based on your archive benefit is one of those na madami kang variety.


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