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Here's a review on Benefit Lollitint.

Price: P1,700.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Benefit Greenbelt 5, Rustan's Makati, Shangri-La Mall, Trinoma Mall, SM Mall of Asia


"Lollipop, Lollipop, Lolli-Lolli-Lollipop!" Do you know that song? LOL, Just had to sing that because of this lollipop- tinted lip and cheek tint from Benefit called Lollitint, the newest candy to join their best- selling tint range.


Lollitint is described by Benefit as a 'candy orchid lip and cheek tint', which I believe is patterned after this year's official color, Radiant Orchid.

 For my detailed review on Benefit's Lip and Cheek Tints, kindly refer to these: Benetint, Chacha Tint, Posietint. For the swatches, click READ MORE.

Lollitint has a milky texture, just like Chacha Tint and Posietint. Color is an orchid shade with a pink undertone.


 I find that Lollitint appears differently on the lips and cheeks. On the lips, it's a milky pink shade with a hint of lavender.

Now on the cheeks, it appears as a bright, petal pink shade. I actually like that it yields two different kinds of color payoff because it's like I got a blush and lipstick in one product. And I love that it gives off that super fresh and pigmented bright pink glow to my cheeks! Lollitint's shade is pretty unique because it gives you variety from the usual rose and red- colored lip and cheek tints out there. Methinks this is the for-warm-skin counterpart of Posietint so if you have the same skin tone as mine, you now know what to try! This is now my second favorite lip and cheek tint from Benefit, next to Chacha Tint!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's always so cool to see reviews of new products. I don't have any lip and cheek tints from Benefit, but I have heard good things about them. I might go for Cha Cha Tint instead of Lollitint though as I use a pink blush already.

  2. I'm a Posietint girl myself, but Lollitint looks so cute. Couldn't use a color like that on my lips though as it doesn't flatter my teeth. :(

  3. You're so pretty! ^_^
    but this tint is a bit pricey for me hehe.

  4. I once used a lip and cheek tint before.Honestly I don't liked it that much kc di ko sya mai apply ng maayos
    sa cheeks ko.Or was it because I didn't know how to use it lang.haha

  5. super wearable colors... perfect for the summer where you can't be bothered to put on loads of makeup... sunscreen plus lollitint is all you need to look put together...

  6. super wearable colors... perfect for the summer where you can't be bothered to put on loads of makeup... sunscreen plus lollitint is all you need to look put together...

  7. I was having doubts about this but thanks for making a helpful review! Actually digging it now :)

  8. I love the color! And I love everything about benefit cosmetics except their price, too pricey.. :( You looked really pretty Ms. Martha! The colors suits you well :)

  9. you look so pretty Ms.M :) it really looks so naturally on you. i think this product is really perfect for this summer.

  10. I'm scared to try that shade because it looks so lavender. Looks good on you, though!

  11. Kat: Chacha tint is one of the best benefit tints, imo. :)

    Ela: It comes off pink though, so no need to worry! :)

    Aiko: Thank you! :D

    Dark Matte: Welcome! :)

    Aegeanne: Thanks! :D

    Elsie: maybe the latter. Just remember to apply gradually and blend well. :)

    Cat: Yup! Love how this tint makes me look pretty on the beach! :)

    Nainai: Thanks! :D

    Matromao: Thought that it will make my teeth look yellowish, but it didn't! :)


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