Tory Burch Introduces a Makeup Range, Tory Burch Beauty

Whenever I enter a Tory Burch boutique, it's like I'm entering my dream closet: Orange panels lined with gold metal trims, carpeted floor, shoes placed neatly beside each other, a huge accessory dresser in the middle, bags and leather goods on display, and chic clothes assorted by style and color. The only thing lacking was a cosmetics boudoir and hey, good news because that's just what they have added to the local Tory Burch boutiques this month!

What's a women's brand without cosmetics, right? In an effort to cater to the fashion and beauty needs of women, Tory Burch expands to color cosmetics with the new Tory Burch Beauty Line.

Co- created with Estēe Lauder, Tory Burch Beauty is a small line of luxurious cosmetics for the body, lips, and complexion.

Tory started out with a single lip color called Pas De Tout, a pinkish nude, her signature lip color. That proved very successful so she decided to expand the line into not two, not five, but a dozen lip color shades that marks the introduction of Tory Burch's Lip Color Collection.

I'm sure you're all excited for the swatches! Don't delay! Click READ MORE now! :D

I've swatched the lippies on the cardboard-I'm just missing Ramble On Rose here. :D The names of the shades are pretty significant to Tory as they're all elements of her childhood-take for example, Swizzle, a red-plum cocktail, which is a favorite family drink, Tomboy, an ode to Tory's childhood identity, and Pas De Tout, which is part of the 'she loves me she loves me not' flower pulling game, is a phrase that is often said by her father. 

Top to Bottom: Just Like Heaven, Knock On Wood, Tomboy, and Saucy

Tory Burch's Lip Color Collection are all sheer, buildable colors with trails of the key notes in Tory Burch EDT: Cassis, Grapefruit, and Mandarin. Encased in a tube adorned with orange and gold fretwork, this product is truly a work of art!

These are the colors that caught my attention:

Swizzle. I was really drawn to this color because it's something that I don't own yet and I'm liking the red-rose-plum mix.

Scoundrel is beautiful pink-red shade, but I figured that I have way too much reds already!

Me in Swizzle and Liz in Pretty Baby.

Here are the other products in Tory Burch's makeup collection: Lip and Cheek Tint, Bronzer, and retractable bronzing brush. The bronzer has a super luxe look and feel!

Tory Burch EDT comes in a solid perfume compact variant that doubles as an accessory!

I got Swizzle and Marj got Saucy! :D

Tory Burch Lip Color Collection is now available in Rustan's and Tory Burch boutiques, and retails at P1,650.00. Let me know what you think about Tory's makeup products!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Finally, make ups from Tory Burch! I'm wondering when they'll produce one, and now they do. :) I love their packaging the most. It's so classy and shimmery. It's perfect for a formal event. :) Love the shades too.

  2. Woah!! I love the shades Scoundrel, Swizzle, Pas de Tout, Saucy and Tomboy. How about the longevity? Matagal po ba siya sa lips? Bagay sa inyo yung Scoundrel. Actually, bagay po sa inyo ang mga red. Sa mga dati ninyong posts sa lip products na may red shade, yung red shade lagi yung pinakabagay sa inyo. :)

  3. Does the Pretty Baby shade looks like an MLBB shade on Liz? I can't really tell due to the camera's flash.

    Anyway, I love love love the packaging. Mukang kalevels ng YSL and Tom Ford. :)

  4. very classy, great shades & packaging, a must have!! would like to have just like heaven, pretty baby & pasdu tout :)

  5. You know what, I can actually see the Estee Lauder touch in the packaging and the collection of colors. Andun yung pagka-playfull/creative with the packaging, but there's still the classic gold barrel. Then the shades, which I find very pretty and wearable, are not amiss in Estee Lauder brands. I get a similar impression with Bobbi Brown lipstick shades (at least, their more basic shades from before the lip wardrobe campaign).

    Looking forward to swatching. :) --Matromao

  6. I have doubts when a brand particularly centered about fashion releases a cosmetic line. But I think they have something to offer since it's co-created with Estēe Lauder. I like how their packaging feels very Estēe Lauder. The stories behind the names of the lipstick shades are adorbs too. I'm totally digging the color "Swizzle"! :)

  7. Scoundrel reallly looks good on you! Its alright na marami kang red shades! For me it is the best and perfect shade morena or mestiza! :)

  8. Abegaill: Yup! The packaging is actually enough to make me buy the product! :D

    Jona: Thanks! I'm reviewing the lipstick this week. :D

    Eddielli: True that, but I'm more into exploring other shades nowadays. :D

    Cath and Matromao: Me too! The packaging is the reason why I adore this brand and Estēe Lauder in general. :)

    Juvy: Great picks!

    Shary: Yep, same level as Tom For, but without the ridiculous pricing haha! Pretty Baby is a nude-peach, but her skin tone made it look like an MLBB shade. :)


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