Ofra Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Ofra Lipsticks in 202, 205, Fuchsia, and Amethyst.

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There's the HD powder, HD blush, HD mascara, and HD eyeliner-but have you heard of the HD lipstick? That's what I'm introducing to you today! These HD lipsticks are brought to you by Ofra, an international makeup brand that has been around for 20 years. Ofra boasts of makeup products in various colors and textures that look incredible under natural lighting or even in the camera-yep, I've proven that these claims are true when I've started using these lippies!


Soft, rich, and luxurious, these high impact lipsticks deliver intense moisture and color in one swipe. Formulated with Castor Oil, Caprylic-Capric Triglyceride, and Petrolatum to give a smooth, satin finish and has Titanium Dioxide that acts as a natural sunscreen. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help soothe and heal the lips naturally. The entire range only comes in a satin formulation.

Ofra said that their products suit even those with sensitive skin so if you have this skin type and you're looking for more options, might as well go and check Ofra!

Swatches after the break and more about this nice yet affordable lipstick range after the cut!

The lipsticks, to be honest, are not at all aesthetically pleasing-just go back to the close- up shot of the lippies and you'll notice that they look rough and a tad bit messy overall. The packaging, as with all professional makeup brands, is ho-hum, but on the brighter side, what's inside is actually good!


205 Magenta Pink

- Magenta Pink is a bright Barbie Pink shade with a blue undertone.

This happy color is a wonderful weekend shade because it reminds me of eating ice cream while watching people pass by, strolling in the park, and catching up with friends over a cup of latte after a hearty lunch. It adds a touch of happiness to a plain weekend outfit and looks pretty good on all skin tones because it's blue- based!

202 Brick Red

- A true bright red.

This shade is a good dupe to Nars' Jungle Red lipstick: same hue and same brightness, although this one is satin and Nars is matte. I'd like to call this the Friday Night shade because it's enough to transform your corporate look into a 'Let's partay!' look (Cueing in Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"). On the other hand, this classic Red will also come handy on days when you're having a dull moment because of its energizing tone.


- A pale cotton candy pink shade.

With Amethyst, Ofra has proven that they have one of the nicest, non- chalky pale pink lipsticks around town--look, no flaking and crusty lip surface! Regarding the color, I envision Amethyst as a nice fall shade too: just pair it with a berry- hued outfit and a blushing makeup look.


- A berry shade with a violet underone

Make way for this MAC Rebel dupe! If you're a morena and looking for a new, wonderful vampy shade to add to your collection this holiday season, I would suggest this shade! However, it's really far from Fuchsia so I don't know why they called is as such. Nonetheless, it's a pretty hue!

These lippies yield medium to heavy coverage and they look flawlessly smooth and even on the lips. Whether under natural or artificial lighting, in person or in the camera (check out my photos!), finish is HD indeed! Consistency feels absolutely light on the lips and is non-drying, and all the lippies have this staining effect so even when they come off, they will leave a hint of color on your lips. Honestly, I haven't given these lippies a thought when I first got them, but glad I did because turned out that they're fabulous finds waiting to be noticed-I even think that they can pass off as MAC's satin lipsticks! One con is the range doesn't offer a variety of finishes, but nonetheless, I love how useful and perfect these lippies are in both daily and pro settings!


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  1. Love ofra lippies! I have the 202 and 205 and they may be two of my favorites in my collection of lippies.

  2. Brick Red is super nice... super liked it... I'll definitely get one!

  3. When I saw the close up photos of the lippies, I thought you used it na or something kasi nga it's not smooth. Then it was like that na pala. :/ Good thing that the colors look good and the staying power is not that bad. It's kinda cheap din naman. But I hope they fix the bad appearance soon. If not, buyers would definitely not buy them if they don't know about the brand

  4. Becomingsleek: They look so nice and the quality is so good, no? :)

    Abegaill: agree with that. Product Presentation/Appearance is one of the buyer's main considerations, you know. :)

    Melanie: Go girl! :D

  5. Ayan na naman napapabili na naman ako!im contemplating betweem thid and avon plum lipstick.


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