Pixy UV Whitening Two-Way Cake Perfect Fit in Tropical Beige Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Pixy UV Whitening Two- Way Cake Perfect Fit in Tropical Beige.

Price: P275.00
Bought From: Watsons, Podium, Ortigas
Available in: All Watsons and SM Department stores


Saving money truly has its benefits! One time, I ran out of my favorite powder foundation and I could not afford to shell out 1k+ for it just because I had to pay some bills, but since I needed one badly, I took a desperate trip to the drugstore and hoped to find something that would be a real good alternative, and found Pixy UV Whitening Two-Way Cake Perfect Fit. Originally, I wanted the Pixy powder foundation that promises 8-hour coverage or the one with a matte finish, but bummer, I had no shade match in both variants and I found it odd too that the Whitening line has the shade that fits Morenas! :p

Anyway, this powder foundation is THE BOMB! It's only P275.00, but dang, baby, this one has really good quality and coverage despite the price! I am thankful for that cash- strapped moment because it led me to this awesome find! :D


This powder promises to protect skin with SPF 15 and whiten in at the same time. Claims to be long- lasting and is formulated with Squalene Oil to prevent dryness. Locally, it comes in 4 shades: Natural White, Yellow Beige, Natural Beige and Tropical Beige.


More about this potential drugstore superstar after the cut! :D

This powder foundation comes in a slim yet long compact that feels pretty sturdy, surprisingly-I haven't dropped it ever though so I dunno if the powder is pressed well in the pan! 

Tropical Beige is a medium dark beige shade with an Olive undertone. Texture is semi- creamy and coverage is light to medium-it's creamy enough for me to achieve an even and good coverage in a snap, yet it's a little dry, which makes it suitable for my oily skin. What I don't like about it is it reeks of a fragrance that reminds me of cheap cosmetics.

The sponge is awesome! It doesn't crumble, doesn't have a rubbery smell, and effectively distributes the product and smooths out patchy areas!


Bare face

Payoff of this product is not at all powdery! It's surprisingly skin- like and the pigments just melt effortlessly onto the skin a few seconds after application. It's quite pigmented that if you have very light skin discolorations, you can just wear this product on its own. I love how it gives my skin that smooth texture too!

This product gives me a slight white cast due to SPF 15-it also didn't say that the SPF in it is Broad Spectrum (meaning it can block off all types of UV rays) so you will need to wear it with another sunscreen. Other than these issues, I'm very happy with the overall performance and payoff of this product. Staying power is great too: It always takes me 4- 5 hours before I retouch my face. Sometimes, I use it to my workouts and even if it slightly fades after having a good sweat, it doesn't cake! Formula doesn't dry out my skin, but I don't think the Squalene Oil in it is enough to keep skin moisturized so I always use a moisturizer before this product.

I remember the time when I raved about Essence Fix 'N Matte Translucent Powder: a lot asked me about it and then they eventually purchased it, loved it, and preached about it-when it was my turn to restock, it was literally nowhere to be found as it was always out of stock! Upon remembering that, I was almost tempted to keep this great product to myself (there are a ton of reviews out there anyway) and not add anymore to the rave and scarcity issues (lol), but it's just too damn good to not share with you guys! :D So yes, this is one helluva great powder foundation and I could not believe how affordable it is! I believe it will suit just about any skin type and I highly recommend it!


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  1. I haven't bought this product as there's no Pixy counter near us (still!). Everybody's been raving about Pixy already. The only Pixy products I have are one lipstick and an eyeshadow duo. I wanted to get more! This foundation is on top of my list. Same as with other people, they're off with the smell, but still, for its price, it's super worth it. Recently, I've been buying products that you're suggesting. :D Thank you. I'm happy with them.

  2. im not familiar with Pixi.. until one day it was became one of the BDJ box featured brand.. it was really quality wise and i love that its affordable.. the only sad part is the availability of the product.. =)

  3. Pixy cosmetics always has a great packaging. Super chic and fab. Ive tried their lipstick and its gorgeous This two way cake is awesome as well because it really lasts long on my face.

  4. Pixy cosmetics always a great packaging so chic and fab. I tried their lipstick and its gorgeous. This two cake has great quality as well because it lasts long on my face.

  5. Ohhhh, damn! That is one good coverage product. Sadly, I haven't paid that much attention to it and I just pass by this brand at the drugstore. It looks great on your since and you said that it melts through your skin, it definitely does! Well, you can tell from the pictures. I gotta try this!

  6. This post came in so timely! Now I'm torn between this and Ellana's powder foundation haha! It's not only you who's thankful for that cash strapped moment of yours but your readers as well, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this great find!!

  7. Ok pixy wait for me, I'm coming haha

  8. It's way too cheaper than the fanny serrano I just recently purchased. The ratings are still high, perhaps I will consider this after I finish my pan. I just hope that this will be available in the provinces also. I want to try the Pixy range.

  9. lol on the last paragraph

    Thank you for sharing! It's really great that all the shades that suit you suit me too, and I'm really thankful when you give a heads-up about shades being too light for you.

  10. Abegaill: Awww, that's so nice to hear! Whew, glad that my recommendations didn't disappoint! Anyway, back to this product, I swear, it's really good and I'll hoard three compacts tomorrow or if there's a refill for it, I'll get five of those haha!

    BrownOso: Haha, you're welcome! :)

    Teri: This foundation made me want to try all their products! :D

    Cath: Welcome! Both are great products, IMO. :)

    Majorie: Enjoy! ;)

    Julienne: welcome :)

    Hanna: Cool! You're a user too! :D

    Rhain: Hope they'll expand to more outlets soon! :D

  11. Another reason to regret kung bakit di pa ko tumitingin sa stall ng Pixy :( At first, honestly, naisip ko, hindi maganda yung mga products dito. But upon seeing this post, I kept on reading. I become interested. I want to try it. :) I might, as well, visit their store to see what shade would suit my skin tone. :D

  12. WOW, it's that good huh? I wonder if I have a shade match...

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  13. Doing some back-reading here! Looking for options and this one is now on my list. Thanks!


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