FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Is Mineral Makeup Bad For Oily Skin?

Hey girls! It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! I won't keep this long because I know that most of you will do a lot of stuff today in preparation for tomorrow so I just wish that you will all have a fun and romantic Valentine's! :D 

Now onto our fan mail fridays for today by Sarah. :)

Dear Martha, 
Ever since I was in high schook, my face has been plagued with “mild” acne and the horror that is oily skin. 
I read an article on your blog about the best everyday foundations for semi- oily skin under P1,000.00 and your last entry was about the Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation. I just bought the pressed version a week ago, but your blog post said that it might aggravate my skin type. Should I give my foundation away? Also, do you have any advice on which cheap foundations I can use? I try to stay away from Parabens and super luxury items as best as I can hahaha. 
Thanks! I love your blog and the OOTDs! More power! 
- Sarah

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Hey Sarah!

Thanks for writing! Ellana's loose powder foundation is good-in fact, I still use it up to this day and I just repurchased it a month back because it's my cheaper alternative to my favorite yet pricey Shiseido powder foundation-it has real good coverage plus it's affordable. What's not to love?

However, this powder can exacerbate oiliness because one, it has a mineralized base to give skin that glowing effect, but unfortunately, effect looks more oily than dewy sometimes. Two, it has zero oil control and lastly, it has a creamy texture that can make sebum feel 'thicker'. 

I still keep and use this powder anyhow because again, I love the coverage and I don't break out from it too. My advise to you is just set your Ellana foundation with a mattifying powder to make it last longer-that's what I do.

Now let me single out this very interesting question that you've posed: In general, is Mineral Makeup good or bad for oily skin? Click READ MORE for my answer.

According to sources I've read, Mineral Makeup is not bad for oily skin, but it isn't good for it either. Due to its creamy texture and the absence of talc (a great oil absorber) and silicone (a 'makeup glue') in such makeups, it may just worsen oiliness, become cakey, and pool in pores, turning oily skin into a creamy disaster especially when the weather is humid. I believe Mineral Makeup is best for those with normal skin types since its formula is devoid of the usual chemical ingredients that effectively moisturize skin, prolong makeup wear time, and control oil--yeah, it's "natural", "pure", and great for sensitive skin, but it doesn't offer the convenience one gets from classic makeups. If you have mildly oily or dry skin too, I think Mineral Makeup would be tolerable for you.

As for your question concerning foundation, without Paraben and is inexpensive. It's like you're asking me to pick Apples from an Orange tree. LOL! Seriously, almost all affordable makeup brands have Paraben because it is an inexpensive preservative-this is one of the reasons why such brands can sell their products cheap. 

If you really need me to come up with something, I'd say the best candidates for this specific foundation you're looking for are Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, Virginia Olsen, The Balm, and Inglot-the last two brands are not that affordable though, but they're the best ones that I could think of right now.

Here's a list I wrote before called Best Everyday Foundation For Oily Skin. I hope you find this list handy!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yeah mineral makeups usually doesn't last longer compared to those are not. I have this mineral foundation once from Avon I think. Ended up wasting it coz it really doesn't suits my oily skin, :(

    Though I love them for lesser breakouts, atleast for me :)

  2. Thanks again for the tips Ms. M. I too have an oily skin and I have not really found the best foundation for my skin. Its just that I have no time to try products and of course budget constraints as well so I just use what's available in the market or make use of the samples given to me or from beauty box subscription. But it doesn't mean I don't want to look good. I just make it a habit to look in a mirror and blot blot blot or retouch retouch retouch, lol. However, it tiring sometimes. But I know someday I will find the right make up for me. :)

  3. I've read somewhere that mineral make up DOES NOT expire. It's a rather crazy claim, but I don't care much. I love Ellana minerals so much that I get through them in just months of use!

  4. Oh my God! Thank you for that! You are a real life-saver! Thank you for the advice! Will definitely try a setting powder soon! Yay! :)

  5. Thank you for clearing that up! I've always thought that there's something wrong with my face because I always end up being super oily after a few hours whenever I use this. I'll use a setting powder na lang. :)

  6. Thanks for the help and tips!! we have the same problem thats why i am really interested about this topic. Most mineral makeup offers protection from UV rays of the sun thats why its good for oily skin type and it will not clog your pores. The only thing i hate is sometimes they contain parabens and it can be dry to our skin.

  7. I didn't know mineral makeup isn't that good for oily skin. I always thought it was because most are in powder form. Haha! Thanks for this post!

  8. I love Ellana minerals too even though I have oily skin. Maybe it depends on the unique composition of face that elicits different reactions to mineral makeups. :)

  9. if you want light coverage you can use mineral makeup.. though it is messy and hard to control it was still my fave..

    i love mineral e/s and powder of MK they can level to MAC =)

    i tried ellana too (samples) and they were awesome! i love their mineral blush -- love!

  10. The only mineral foundation I have tried is Bare Escentuals. Its a bit pricey. But it was good. Held up quite well on my oily skin. I will definitely try Ellana as Ms Martha compared it to Shiseido. Love Shiseido powder but hate the price.

  11. Christine: I tried Bare Escentuals too, but it's not good. Sorry BE!

    Let me know how you like ellana's mineral powder foundation. :)

    Rhain: Glad that mineral makeup worked for you. :)

    Abegaill: That's true. Body chemistry is a factor too. :)

    Aviva: Welcome. :)

    Kleah: You're welcome. Hmmm..Mineral Makeup isn't supposed to contain Parabens. If yours does, then it's not MMU-it's just regular makeup. :p

    Deedee: Welcome! Glad this post has helped you out. :)

    Sarah: You're welcome! :)

    Newbee: Some even said that you can sleep on mmu! Hmmm....nah! :D

    Simplyme: My HOW TO segment will help you in your journey in beauty. :)

    Sincere: At least that's the great thing about MMU-it is less likely to put you at risk of breaking out. ;)

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