Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Powder Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Powder.

Price: P425.00
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Other Locations: Holika Holika, SM Fairview


I'm a lover of Translucent Powders, but I gotta admit that sometimes, they can make your skin feel rough and too dry, as if you've used flour to set your makeup. Not nice! This is why Oil Queen Cotton Powder will always be a memorable Holika Holika product to me because by far, it's the smoothest translucent powder that gives you skin that feels really soft, like a cotton. Oh, if Holika Holika has a branch near me, I'd gladly make this powder as one of my staples!


Oil Queen Cotton is Holika Holika's makeup range for oily skin types and features a primer and pressed powder along with this product-this line is one of Holika Holika's best- sellers. This product-according to reseller website-contains Calamine, Glacial Water, Cotton Extract, and Green Tea Extract, and is free from Paraben, Ethanol, Talc, Mineral Oil, and Vaseline (or Petroleum Jelly).

This product comes in a cute, small jar that's perfect for traveling and comes with a powder puff in case you forgot to bring your powder brush.

More about this cottony soft powder after the break!

This powder has a dry yet soft texture and a baby powder scent that instantly brings back some of my fondest childhood memories. It's a low- dusting powder that doesn't shoot up your nostrils and choke you. It yields a semi- translucent finish.


One layer of Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Powder

This powder sets liquid makeup very well and its soft texture gives my makeup that 'soft focus' finish, and it blurs the appearance of enlarged pores to boot. The only con of this powder is it tends to sit on top of the skin if not blended very well.

It has amazing oil control. With this powder, my makeup stays like this, fresh and matte for at least 3 hours! I also like that it doesn't emphasize dryness, thanks to the softness of the powder, but I would still recommend those with dry skin to moisturize prior to using this product. It does not project a white cast in photos that's why I use it to events slated at night time and my skin just feels really, really smooth and plush when I have this powder on!

Now I want to buy Oil Queen Cotton Primer and the pressed version of this product for my bag. If you have oily skin, you will LOVE this powder and its oil control. Similarly, you will also love this if you're looking for a setting powder that will give your skin a smooth and soft look and feel.


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. love it...nice make-up. any trick on how to hide pores? I admire how you put on your make-up, is seems your poreless. Wish I can do just the same...

  2. Packaging looks cute! I remember having same kind of powder from Etude House. After having breakouts with that, I never used powder since then. But good thing this is perfect for oily skin like me! SM Fairview is far from my place though. :)

  3. Cool~ But is it still available? I heard that they launched a new line similar to this. It's called the Sweet Cotton line :)

  4. I didn't know that it is a loose powder pala. Thanks for your review. Now, I want to grab one for myself. <3

  5. I have been staying away from this kind of powder because of the cast and dryness, but since you recommend this, i believe I should give this a try.

  6. Super cute ng packaging! especially the logo. :) This is the product for me! I'm oily and I want a powder that would keep me from shining literally. :) I want to try the primer too! Affordable pa

  7. Which is better this or the innisfree loose powder? Oh and your last snap, super cute! Very doll-like coz of the eyes :)

    From Manila with Love

  8. this is way cheaper than my MK translucent powder! and if this one has great oil control then im sold! i want one!

  9. There is Holika Holika in SM Fairview? Only there? Is it available in other SM branches? Been meaning to look at their skincare.

  10. Simplyme: Primer is my secret! :)

    Rhain: It does! But the store is soooo far :(

    CJ: Thank you! :) I like both! Can't choose, but if I have to, it would be Innisfree because it has no tendency to look cakey. :)

    Newbee: If you have oily skin, give it a shot! :D

    Sincere: Oh! Sorry to hear about your breakout. :/ Which Etude House powder is this?

  11. They have counters in SM Cubao, SM Manila, SM Makati and SM Mall of Asia department store beauty section. The Sweet Cotton Line is the replacement of the Oil Queen Line. The Sweet Cotton Mousse Starter and Pore Cover BB are nice :)


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