Nekkid Warm Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub and Nourishing Lip Balm Review

Here's a review on Nekkid Lip Scrub in Warm Vanilla Sugar and Nourishing Lip Balm.

Price: Lip Scrub- P200.00; Lip Balm- P200.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available via NEKKID BEAUTY'S Official website


"How many of you here scrub their lips on a weekly basis?" I brought up this question in a quaint get- together over lattes and frappucinos with friends, and the answers I got were a raised eyebrow and a "Huh?" Seems like it's not a common thing for a lot of people and it seems like everyone's forgetting that the lips have skin, too!

Exfoliating your lips have a couple of simple yet great (when you come to think of it) benefits. The ones that are on top of my head are: smoother and more even lipstick payoff, hygiene, less to zero dryness, and getting rid of some bacteria that may be hiding in between dead skin cells, waiting for you to bite your lips so they can enter your body, stress- free. Having said all these, you might want to rethink your exfoliating habits. ;)

So I'd like to ask everyone the same question: How many of you scrub their lips on a weekly basis? I do mine weekly or bi-weekly, or depending on the level of dryness I'm experiencing. Personally, I like using a cosmetic lip scrub because it makes the routine easier and currently, I'm using Nekkid Warm Vanilla Lip Scrub coupled with Nekkid Nourishing Lip Balm. This duo gives me smooth, healthy, kissable lips, and it doesn't cost a lot!


Nekkid's all- natural lip treatment products are made with nature's most potent moisturizing ingredients to give you lips that are worth kissing. These products, as well as the rest of Nekkid's bath and body range, are formulated without GMOs, Paraben, Triclosan, Sulfates, and Phthalates.

Warm Vanilla Sugar comes in a 25g, thick glass tub that promotes a steady temperature to help preserve the product's integrity. I wish it came with a spatula though!

Ingredients: Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Brown Sugar, Vitamin E Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil

Nourishing Lip Balm comes in a cute, slide on-slide off, tin can packaging-it's light, travel- friendly, and chic.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E, Melon Flavor

Your new pair of gorgeous lips starts here. Click READ MORE  for the rest of the review.


Sarah Happ The Lip Scrub is THE lip scrub to beat for me. I have tried it in Beauty Bar one time and I loved everything about it, from the packaging, texture, ease of usage, and scent. It contains the perfect size of granules to remove every dead skin on your lips, from the big ones to the small ones, and the hanging ones to the stubborn ones. It's just so expensif!

Going back to Nekkid's Lip Scrub, I wish it were the perfect dupe of Sarah Happ's-it was, but only with the scent and posh packaging, not the texture and ease of usage. This product has big sugar granules that tend to slide away from my lips when I'm rubbing it on, and I have to gather the granules back to my lips after a while to complete my exfoliation routine every single time. It's quite tedious, honestly. 

On the brighter side, this product has a nourishing, softening base that protects lips from over scrubbing and lifts away stubborn dead skin. In my opinion, this product is comparable to GoNaturals Lip Scrub, but the nice thing about Nekkid's version is you know what it's made of and it's more accessible than GoNaturals.

Beauty on a budget? Check out my DIY Lip Scrub Tutorial.

Nourishing Lip Balm is a lovely lip balm with a mouthwatering Melon scent. It has a pretty hard surface though due to Beeswax so this product is best kept under room temperature so you can use it easily anytime-if this lip balm is kept in a cold area, it tends to harden and you have to dig through it to get it off!

I love using this product as a lip treatment for night time because it gives me super soft and super smooth lips the next day, lips that don't need any lip balm despite this hot, drying weather! It yields a slight glossy finish and it feels light and is tolerable on the lips despite the high Beeswax content.

Overall, this is a nice, affordable, accessible lip care duo that delivers and is priced just right. The lip scrub okay, but it can still be improved. On the other hand, I'm pretty happy with the lip balm!


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Aww i love vanilla! But im so frugal right now i use baking soda for exfoliating my face , whiten teeth and scrub lips.

  2. I need a lip scrub in my life. Would love to try this one from Nekkid. Have you tried their tomato serum? I want to know other opinion before buying it sana. Thanks!

  3. I've been reading a lot of reviews but this one is different. So timing, been looking for lip scrubs a little over 2 weeks . I even asked recommendations from other beauty bloggers and told me to try the ellana minerals lip scrub product . I might consider this nekkid. I hate my cracked, dry lips. Even if I am only using lipglosses but still the dead skin comes out pa din

  4. Great review.Di pala siiya ganun ka mahal =)

  5. after reading this post i also saw post from ms sabs blog and she wrote about her labor experience..

    i would really love to try the lip scrub!

  6. after reading this post i also saw post from ms sabs blog and she wrote about her labor experience..

    i would really love to try the lip scrub!

  7. I have read your DIY lipscrub tutorial where you used sugar, honey and petroleum jelly. My lips are allergic to petroleum jelly, i can use petroleum jelly on all parts of my body except the lips. I think i'm allergic to lip products with beeswax as the main ingredient. The safest DIY lipscrub that works for me is brown sugar and olive oil. And my cheapest lipscrub is after brushing my teeth, i scrub my lips gently using my toothbrush with soft bristles. But if i could use nekkid beauty lipscrub and lipbalm, i think i will use the lipbalm only at night so i will have soft lips in the morning. I am not a fan of lip products on a tub requires the use of spatula.

  8. Thanks for the honest review on the lip scrub. I honestly forget to scrub my lips everytime i plan to. Only for those times when i have super dry lips.. :D
    Will brushing your lips with toothbrush while you brush your teeth count? Hehe

  9. I havent tried this product yet but it seems very useful for my lips. Dry kasi kadalasan lips ko eh at minsan hassle na kapag maglilipstick.. Gusto ko ito itry kasi based on your review it is natural, it delivers and affordable =)

  10. I am currently using ellana's lip scrub and i have the same concern about its granules. Nevertheless, it's a good try :) would definitely try nekkid's lip scrub sometime

  11. i use my toothbrush in exfoliating my lips or i do my own scrub - pure honey and sugar. pero true, regular sugar are quiet tedious to use on the lips, you really have to work it in. pag masyado naman madami ung sugar mas lalong kumakalat but its inexpensive so ok lang. That lip balm looks intriguing. I might try that after i finish my burts bees lip balm - is it better ba than the regular burts bees balm?

  12. I bought a lip scrub before but I am still guilty in neglecting to scrub my lips on a regular basis. Will try to add this in my weekly routine again.

  13. Definitely need this. And it's cheap too. My lips get dry from using MAC lippies. I'll probably get this sometime.

  14. The only lip scrub I have tried is from the Ellana minerals. Have you tried it too? :) If yes, how is Nekkid's compared to Ellana. I actually love Ellana. It really scrubs off dead skin on my lips, which I can really see when I wipe it off with tissue. They have relatively the same price. :) I would love to try that Nekkid scrubs too. Looks effective for an affordable price. :)

  15. Hi, have you tried Zenutrients' lip scrub already? It's affordable as well. (Php 234)
    I've been planning to buy it, but I'm not sure yet because there's not a lot of reviews on it online. Would love to hear you review it. :)

  16. Honestly, the reviews for the Nekkid's Body Butter and Scent have already convinced me to try. I just wish the brand had more visibility. (Kiosk man lang sana!) Nothing still beats getting to smell the product up close and being able to sample from the testers. That's still the surefire way to convince me to shell out cash for a beauty product.

  17. Thank you for this review... I have super dry lips and I've never scrub

  18. Update: i actually used cure to exfoliate my lips amd it was oh so great

  19. Miz Eloise: Hey, that's cool! However, I can't stand the taste of Baking Soda. :p

    Flarelina: You're welcome and welcome to my blog. Glad that you learned something new from me. :)

    Matromao: Nekkid's still pretty new and given that fact and the cost and requirements of putting up a stall/store, I don't think they'll be visible, physically, soon. :) Well who knows? They could be another success story like Snoe. :)

    Maikah: Hi Maikah! Thanks for bringing that up. I'll see if I can get my hands on it. If I do, I'll definitely review it. :)

    Abegaill: Nope, haven't tried Elllana's yet, Sorry. :)

    Myunixie: You'll love it! :)

    Jaja: Good question on the lip balm, Both are lovable in their own ways: Nekkid's great on hot days due to its thinner texture and Burt's Bees, on cold days because of its thicker texture. I'll always be a Burt's Bees user, but for now, I'm fond of Nekkid!

    Danielle: True! have you tried The Lip Scrub by Sarah Happ? It's amazing. I gotta find the right moment to purchase it haha!

    Merii: Exactly the same reason why I need Lip Scrubs in my life haha!

    Flexxy: You can order from Nekkid's official website. I've provided the link in the post. :)

    Jhake: Olive OIl is a great alternative to petroleum jelly most especially if you really dislike using synthetic products. Thanks for bringing that up. ;)

    Rhain: Her baby's so cute! :)

    Almaira: Yup, and it's proudly Pinoy too. :)

    Elsie: Maybe you should give this a shot. It's inexpensive and pretty much gets the job done. ;)

    Patricia: Hello and welcome to my blog! Nope, haven't tried the Tomato Serum yet. I'll review it when I do. ;)


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