April 2015 Favorites

We can go on and on about how frakkin' H-O-T it is nowadays, but that's just the way it is. We can't stop summer from coming and the temperature from rising, but we can always adapt and most especially, protect ourselves from the risks that come with the season (I'm talking about heat stroke, acne, clogged skin, and sun damage).

My game plan for this season is to overhaul the products I use and use ONLY the ones that belong to the following categories: gel, emulsion, watery, sheer, invisible, light, oil- free. This plan has been working great for me so far: minimal to zero breakouts, super fresh- looking skin, and zero clogged pores.

And these are the game changers in my summer skin care routine-I also included my favorite makeup finds for last month in this favorites list. Sharing with everyone why these babies became my favorites for April 2015 after the break. ;)


I just realized, the bottle is facing against us lol. :p

Anyway! This unique sunscreen by Benefit Cosmetics has an oil- free formula and silky-matte finish, and it is TRULY invisible on the skin. It yields SPF 45 PA+++, but it just comes off as an invisible primer on the skin. Its slightly "oily" texture makes it a good alternative to moisturizer as well. I'm digging this sunscreen!


This super refreshing line is very suitable for this hot weather and oily and combination/oily skin types. This range has been quite good to my skin so far and I gotta love its freshening, hydrating effect to the skin!

Call me fancy, but this pricey water will be a life staple for me now because it's so useful in alleviating skin irritations! It's not called "Miracle Water" for nothing!


This fluffy, light foundation by Covergirl provides decent coverage without the foundation feel. I found myself wearing it often last month and I think that will go on until this summer ends!

Oh, I finally found a multitasking concealer that covers both my dark circles and face spots really well. Also, this is the lightest cream concealer I have ever used in terms of the feel and I love it!

A new favorite lippie shade of mine from Happy Skin. Hold My Hand is such an easy-to-wear color and I like the way it makes my skin look blushing and healthy.

That's all for my beauty favorites last month. Care to share yours? :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Covergirl ready set gorgeous foundie is my favorite also☺ and I love it. One of the products that truly worth the hype! I really want to try the miracle water(avene) someday! Your april favorite products are awesome��

  2. Etude house's collagen line sounds promising!! ;)

  3. Ms M, Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl ba gamit mo sa event ng Oppo? Ang flawless nun!

  4. I will include the Covergirl foundatin on my list of choices. I still have to finish my Max Factor foundie. That one is suited for oily skin naman, diba?

  5. I like the moistfull line too! I'm using the whole line and it's one of the reasons why I prefer to be makeup free recently. :) My skin is radiant and well moisturized. I think Avene is the most raved product nowadays. I'm so curious to try the miracle water too! I've tried that COvergirl foundation too and I agree that it's light on the skin, perfect for this season. :) And lastly, who doesn't like happy skin lippies? I think I can any shade a favorite of mine every month. Haha. Super nice list!

  6. Etude House Moistful line is really nice! I'm also thinking of getting a facial mist though I'm still not convinced if it really has an effect. Hmmm... might check out Avene since you mentioned it. :)

  7. My faves at this time of the year are: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick, White Super Fresh and Loreal Miss Manga. Any lipstick or gloss will do and so with the blush. (^-^)

    I think I should do more research on collagen products since you've been blogging about it a lot Miss Martha. Prolly it would do my skin good too! =)

  8. Ahhh revlon colorburst balm stain in crush, maybelline mousse foundation, careline cheeks stain. Haha ano man ang season ganyan pa din make up ko. Im quite surprised miss m na you ise drugstore makeup ha (covergirl). I think thid is relaly refreshibg

  9. Avene Eau Thermale is one of my staples.

  10. i didnt know that EH will be included for this month (favorite)

  11. Well, you've got a nice taste with beauty essentials huh. :) I am eyeing for that Shiseido Concealer but I know it's kinda pricey. I don't really have a fave beauty product this summer since my skin is breaking out so I have to take a break too. I'm more on yhe organic beaity products now and I'm trying out some home remedies to lighten my acne scars. Sometimes our skin has to take a break from theses products no matter how much they do wonders for our skin.

  12. I swatched the two new lippies from Hay Skin the other day and they looked really similar on my skin :( Except that one, bride to be, is pinker. And I find it very different from my usual bold colors so I didn't get them :(

  13. Thanks for sharing your faves, girls! :D


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