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Here's a review on Pink Sugar Dual Finish Face Powder.

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Filipinos (or anyone who's living in a tropical country for that matter) can never outgrow Face Powder; I'd like to believe it's every Filipina's go- to face base because it's light, feathery, totally tropical weather- friendly. I'd also like to think that Johnson and Johnson's classic face powder is the ideal tropical country face powder because dang, nothing can beat the lightness of that thing and it just makes you look and feel fresh, literally.

Pink Sugar Dual Finish Face Powder captures the lightness of J and J that every Filipina has come to love, but with a more grown- up look, feel, and finish. More than providing a double finish, this powder works as a regular face powder, setting powder, and blotting powder as well!


Made with Photochromatic pigments, Pink Sugar's face powder promises to yield lightweight yet long- lasting coverage. Infused with Ginseng and other antioxidants to protect the skin. It comes in 5 shades.

The packaging is sleek, slim, and chic; it's black (great!) touched by the logo in Hot Pink to give it a classy kick of color. You gotta get hold of this product to feel that the packaging's pretty nice for an affordable makeup product!

This is the secret to the powder's dual finish: ultraelectromagnetic, supercalifragilistic, mechanical sponge. Just kidding! It's just a double- sided sponge with a flocked side (for light coverage) and rubbery side (for heavy coverage). I first encountered this kind of sponge with Make Up For Ever and I liked it because it's pretty useful! My only qualm with this sponge is it's too slim and small, it slips off my hands. :p

I have the five shades with me. See them below:

Shell- the lightest shade. It's a fair Beige shade with a neutral undertone.

Natural Beige- Beige with an Olive undertone
Natural Ochre- light medium Beige with a yellow undertone
Medium Beige- medium beige with an Olive undertone
Cool Beige- medium dark beige with a Pink undertone

The shade selection is very warm skin tone- friendly, no doubt about that. However, undertone is primarily Olive and I find some shades to be too dark or too Pink on me; I wish Pink Sugar will change some to Yellow and make another shade fair- skinned friendly. 

For shade reference, I switch between Natural Ochre and Natural Beige.

Powder texture is fine, smooth, and has an airy feel. The overall feel of the powder on the skin actually reminds me of Revlon Naked Powder while its payoff is kinda' reminiscent of Make Up For Ever White Definition Powder Foundation. Finish is soft matte. Coverage is light to medium so if you have heavy skin discolorations, conceal accordingly or use it with a heavier base for better coverage.


Bare skin

Pink Sugar It's Awesome BB Cream with Pink Sugar Dual Finish Face Powder

If used as a setting powder, its lightly- tinted finish boosts the coverage of any liquid base without making it appear cakey; I also use it as a blotting powder during the day.

Pink Sugar Dual Finish Face Powder used on its own + Revlon Photoready Prime + Anti-Shine + Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer

If used on its own, it gives skin a fresh coverage that's perfect for any casual day. If you have rough skin, use the rubbery side for heavier coverage.

I love how versatile this powder is, although my issue with it is it doesn't control oil too well; it only takes two hours before my oilies begin to seep and show up on my T-Zone so I have to blot often, but strangely, its coverage persists. That said, if you have oily skin, always wear this product with a primer. Nonetheless, this is a face powder that every Filipina will like because of its versatility, how incredibly lightweight it is, and how it provides a 'just right' coverage, and finally, a brand with more options for warm skin tones!


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  1. i like it already! haha. it seems like it's a good product especially with it's affordable price. :)

  2. Two thumbs up for this product! I tried their blush ons after reading your review about them and it's pretty decent for the prize. And now this foundation? Just wow! I also feel your sentiments for yellow undertones because I tend to have that undetone too. But the price and the quality of this product is amazing!

  3. Whoa, another review of Pink Sugar products:D that makes me more excited to try mostly of their products. This face powder is one on my list, knowing that this is as light as J&J makes me smile. Up to know, I can't live without j&j. Hehe. Poor oil control of this face powder makes me sad though, but I don't mind to blot all day and I will just use primer.As you have said this is lightweight and still the covearage was good even you blot so I definitely want this. What I'm thinking right know, which shade will suit me? Hmmm.Thanks for the review:D
    Merry Christmas:)

  4. yay new product to me ms m.. and im glad that the quality is worth for the price =)

  5. I hope they could develop a primer for oily gals like me!

  6. Oohh! Pretty !
    They're really worth the price

  7. Sponge somewhat similar to Maxfactor :D Can it make dry pimples look patchy using this powder?

  8. New powder to try out! I'm so curious about the sponge. The finish looks pretty. I think I would love it and it would work for me. My shade can be shell or natural ochre.

  9. Hi what bb cream and powder shade did you use? Thanks!

  10. Hi what bb cream and powder shade did you use? Thanks!

  11. Hi what bb cream and powder shade did you use? Thanks! :)


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