FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Awesome Burgundy Lipsticks to Try

Happy Friday, everyone! This week's been really hectic for my blog and business, but busy means blessings! :D I've got so much exciting news from Beauty Brands and I'll be introducing Sephora Philippines to my readers too! February's going to be awesome! :D

To end your week on a lovely note, let me reveal my favorite Burgundy lipsticks. Thanks, Kat Joy for the question!

Hi Martha,

My mama is looking for a shade of Maroon lipstick, but I don't have any idea what shade to recommend to her. She wants to wear it on my graduation in March. I'm planning to buy one for her with my little savings. I hope you can recommend me some because I trust your recommendations. Thank you!

Kat Joy

Hi Kat Joy!

That's so sweet of you! Your mom's lucky to have a generous daughter like you. Oh, advanced happy Graduation too!

I tried looking up 'maroon lipsticks', but seems like it more popularly known as Burgundy; here are some of my faves that fit the bill; they aren't a lot, but they're awesome, I guarantee. :D

- A true Burgundy lippie that flatters most skin tones; it's the kind of dark red that's very wearable.

- L'Oreal Color Riche is my favorite drugstore lipstick brand and if your budget is below 500, grab Pure Garnet!

- Does your mom want something moisturizing? Try Ultimate Suede in this Berry-Burgundy shade called Backstage.

MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick

- My most favorite Viva Glam lipstick is this, the one by RuPaul. It's a matte burgundy with a hint of orange, perfect for most Asian and Filipina skin tones.

That's all. Readers, do you have any Burgundy lipstick suggestions? Let's help out Kat Joy! :D

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24 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My super savvy to-go burgundy lippie is fierce red by ever bilena though it's always out of stock.

  2. The MAC lipstick looks stunning on you Ms.Martha! :)

  3. I love burgundy lipstick.. And I can finally pull off a dark lipsticks nowadays because of miss martha's tips about make ups.. My friends are so jealous on how I can find a perfect match of lipsticks without a doubt.. Thank you so much miss Martha

  4. Is the Cherry of Sleek burgundy? LOL I'm not sure though. For me they are all red haha!

  5. Thank you ma'am for answering my question.Its burgundy pala(★^O^★) I listed your recommendations, check them out soon. I'm sure my Mama would love this.
    Sorry for I will not be able to comment always on your blog because I am so busy at school, job fair and will focus on exams. But I will make time to read your post as soon as I can. God Bless ma'am*˙︶˙*)ノ

  6. Try Nichido's matte lipstick in Temptation.

  7. I love a burgundy for the lips, the color really stands out and it looks awesome too. It really does suit you x

  8. Check out NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen. Great staying power and it's super pigmented (:

    1. Hello and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing; yes, I agree, NYX's Soft Matte lip creams are the bomb! :D

  9. Check out NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen. Great staying power and it's super pigmented (:

  10. Check out NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen. Good staying power and super pigmented (:

  11. i like Happy Skin Hot Stuff and L'Oreal Pure Garnet, ang ganda ng shade. :)

  12. The Happy Skin lippie in Hot Stuff looks really hot on you! :)

  13. That color is my mother's favorite, too! I just forgot what were the names of the shades but she has one from Nichido and another from Revlon. Ang sweet and thoughtful naman ni Kat!

  14. Haven't tried shades like this but this one totally brightens up the face. Ang ganda!

  15. Love the burgundy color, I already voted you on instagram wishing you to win. I`m a fan of yours. Good Luck :)

  16. I prefer my Burgundy lipsticks matte. It looks so much classier, and *ehem* more expensive in a matte finish. :) Definitely going to check out L'Oreal's and Happy Skin's.

    Also, about the Nuffnang voting, is it okay to vote multiple times on the same platform? Or will they only count one vote per person?

  17. These shades look so classy Ms. Martha! Loving Hot Stuff on you--so fierce. Advanced happy graduation to Kat Joy! :)

  18. i just currently discovered kissproof in #11 (c/o bunso) it is matte and very affordable too..

  19. Love all the shades especially the Happy Skin one. :) I don't have any of that but I would really save up to buy them. I love reds/burgundy

  20. Burgundy's coming back was the most popular color when I was in college. Using Fashion 21 and Revlon, the one with Nikki Taylor as model at that time, which was used by most of my classmates.


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