Beauty Bulletin: Killer Eyes, Precious Lips

Hey! Our friends from Max Factor, L'Oreal, and Eye Of Horus have some beautiful news for us today. Take a look!

Eye Of Horus is an eye makeup brand that's known for their excellent, caring, waterproof products; would you like to sport superb- looking arches? Then check out these products: Brow Define for precise definition, Dual Brow Pencil for coverage and hold, and don't forget grooming with the Precise Tweezers; click on the names of the products to be redirected to their respective reviews.

For more information about these products, visit EYE OF HORUS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Catch everyone's gaze with this killer eye trio from Max Factor; new Velvet Volume False Lash Mascara, a mascara that's made to satisfy women who yearn for volume, but dislike the stiff, artificial feeling from volumizing mascaras; it gives you full, soft lashes in three steps: volumize with the Lavish  Volume Bristle, separate with the wand's evenly- spaced bristles, and provides a soft touch with a base of glycerin and natural beeswax.

Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner enhances eyes perfectly with its paddle- shaped brush that allow you to create multiple looks with one applicator, smudge- resistant, intense black formula, and flow through system that ensures every drop is used. It is available in the shade Black and retails at P595.00.

Give color to your peepers with Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kits. This innovative product features three complementary eyeshadow shades in a satin, shimmery finish and a brow powder to seal your look. It comes in the combinations Gleaming Perception (Neutrals) and Defiant Smoke (Grays) and retails at P695.00.

Visit MAX FACTOR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

Pink is a staple lip color for Filipinas and L'Oreal proudly introduces a range of seasonal Pinks that will match each and every Filipina skin tone. L'Oreal Color Riche Velvet Pinks is a collection of celebrity- inspired pinks to give you a summer- worthy, pretty pout. Each retails at P400.00 and is now available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores. Visit L'OREAL PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love to try this L'Oreal lipsticks, I think those lipsticks are on sale at 50% off today til May 15.

    1. Yep just saw it in ad today super nice!

  2. I can't wait for your swatches of those pink lippies Ms. M (no pressure lol!)

  3. I definitely want to have killer eyes. Will check out the Eye of Horus line. Happy Friday Ms. Martha

  4. I have 2 shades of this Newest Collection of L'oreal (L'oreal Riche Collection Star Velvet Pink) I just bought it today at Landmark because it is 50% off until sunday May 15,2016...

  5. Yeay for Eye Of Horus' new products! I actually found this brand because of this blog and I really am enjoying their liners the most.

  6. The listicks are on sale Ms. M :) 50% off!!! Waahh! 😍😍😍 until May 15 lang ata.

  7. I hope you can share swatches of the pink lipstick of l'oreal:) I believe whats best shade on you will be perfect on me too.hihi

  8. I got Nymphea already from velvet pink collection and Lincoln Rose from color rich moisture matte. 2 lippies at the price of one! So ladies come to the L'Oreal Great Lipstick Sale featuring their Color Rich Moisture Matte and Velvet Pink Collection. Until May 15 only.❤️❤️❤️

  9. Killer eyes? Yes! When Im not feeling lazy I like primping up my eyes too so I need good eyeliner and eye makeup. Im actually looking for another brand that is easy to apply like this Max Factor you featured -- I stay away from liquid liners because I cant seem to perfect the lines.

  10. I saw on another post of yours that Eye of Horus is sold in Snoe beauty stores.. Hmm might check that out one of these days sa SM Hyper Pasig branch

  11. I saw the 50% off sale of L'oreal in their velvet and moisture matte collection, but was not able to buy any due to the limited color of lippies left. In the celebrity-inspired pinks, I liked Liya the most followed by J.LO :)

  12. The new Eye Of Horus line is interesting. Kilay game is strong! I would love to see a separate post about it. :-)


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